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Personal Daily Horoscope of Sunday, 26 June 2016
for Aleksandra Jaworska, born 18 May 1993

The art of persuasion

This influence puts you much more in touch with your own feelings and with the feelings of the people you encounter. You are able to sense others' moods and to shape your communications so that what you say fits in with their feelings. This ability is particularly useful when dealing with groups of people. This is an excellent time for talking to groups and trying to persuade them of your point of view. By the same token, you will listen unusually well to other people's problems. Others will sense your interest and may call on you to help them with their problems. But that will not bother you, because you are very concerned with experiencing emotional richness in your communications with others, especially by helping someone in this way.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Mercury sextile Moon,  , exact at 04:52   
activity period from 25 June 2016 until 26 June 2016
Other transits occurring today
Sun square Jupiter, exact at 01:15 (L)
Moon sextile Neptune, exact at 11:29 (L)
Moon sextile Uranus, exact at 13:15 (L)
Moon trine Pluto, exact at 16:49 (L)
Moon square MC, exact at 21:53 (L)
Moon sextile Sun, exact at 22:57 (L)
Moon opposition Ascendant, exact at 23:13 (L)
Moon in 7th house, from 23:13  (L)
Important long-term influences     (overview)
"Creative power" (Mars conjunction Pluto) (L)
"Something new" (Mercury in 9th house) (L)
"Artistic matters" (Venus in 10th house) (L)
"Profession and social standing" (Sun in 10th house) (L)
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