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Personal Daily Horoscope of Wednesday, 20 September 2017
for Aleksandra Jaworska, born 18 May 1993
New Moon 

A positive approach

Today you will be able to project yourself with vigor and energy and to impress others with the force of your personality. Your general feeling of well-being enables you to get a lot of work done, if you choose, or to have a very good time just being yourself, if that is what you want. Your approach to your environment is positive and active. Instead of waiting for someone else to initiate action, you do it yourself. You take control of whatever situation you are involved in and make it work the way you want it to. Of course, you may encounter opposition, but if you handle it diplomatically, you should be able to win people over to your side. Above all with this influence, you will want to be uncompromisingly yourself. You don't want to play games with people, and you demand that other people be honest with you as well.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Sun conjunction Ascendant,  , exact at 08:31   
activity period from 19 September 2017 until 21 September 2017
Other transits occurring today
Venus square Mercury, exact at 07:37 (L)
Sun trine Sun, exact at 04:37 (L)
Sun in 1st house, from 08:31  (L)
Moon square MC, exact at 00:37 (L)
New Moon in 12th house, exact at 01:30 (L)
Moon trine Sun, exact at 01:44 (L)
Moon conjunction Ascendant, exact at 02:01 (L)
Moon in 1st house, from 02:01  (L)
Moon trine Mercury, exact at 07:03 (L)
Moon conjunction Jupiter, exact at 15:14 (L)
Important long-term influences     (overview)
"Creative changes" (Uranus sextile MC) (L)
"A test of endurance " (Chiron square MC) (L)
"Mutual reinforcement" (Saturn trine Moon) (L)
"Self-defense" (Mars in 12th house) (L)
"Self-inquiry" (Sun in 12th house) (L)
"Strong personality" (Sun in 1st house) (L)
"Making things clear" (Mercury in 12th house) (L)
"Easy company" (Venus in 11th house) (L)
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