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Love Horoscope of Tuesday, 1 September 2015
for Michael Karpuska, born 14 February 1973
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Not a day of rest!
The Moon is located in a position that actually feels foreign to you during these hours, unless you happen to have other planets located here as well. If this is the case, you would experience even more inner conflict. If you try to ignore something because it does not suit you, someone will definitely come along who brings up exactly this topic. These are unpleasant hours. There is no way for you to simply get comfortable somewhere. Another person is certain to bother you. You may also annoy yourself because you suddenly realize that something is missing: a beverage, something to eat, an interesting book, a pillow, a blanket, or the telephone... Unsatisfied needs are causing you trouble right now. If your partner bothers you, then the two of you probably have very different needs – at least temporarily. You can talk about this and come to a better understanding of each other.

Transit selected for today (by user):
Moon square Moon, MoonSquareMoon, exact at 08:59   
active only on 1 September 2015
Transit selected for today (by the computer):

Sun opposition Mercury, exact at 00:41 
Other transits occurring today

Moon sextile Venus, exact at 00:03 
Moon sextile Saturn, exact at 02:23 
Moon conjunction Chiron, exact at 03:03 
Moon trine MC, exact at 12:48 
Moon opposition Uranus, exact at 17:25 
Moon sextile Sun, exact at 21:57 
Important long-term influences     (overview)

"Intuitive perception" (Neptune conjunction Mercury)
"Self-determination makes your life more free" (Uranus trine MC)
"A burden shared is a burden halved" (Chiron square MC)
"Healing old wounds" (Pluto square Chiron)
"Mars in House 6" (Mars in 6th house)
"Time for common sense" (Sun in 6th house)
"Venus trine Chiron" (Venus trine Chiron)
"Mercury in House 7" (Mercury in 7th house)
"Venus in House 6" (Venus in 6th house)
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