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Love Horoscope of Friday, 24 November 2017
for Michael Karpuska, born 14 February 1973

A little flirt

The Moon stands where your Venus was at birth during these hours. This stimulates your sense of beauty and your love life. As it does this, the Moon takes no consideration of the hour of day, your normal routine, or your schedule - it simply cuts in and stimulates your libido. You do not necessarily need to have sex now. Instead, you will probably prefer a little flirt because you desire to sense your attractiveness and have it confirmed. If you have a partner and cannot be with her right now, you will feel an impulse to connect with or send her a message. You might also find something that you would like to give your partner as a gift. You want to make someone else happy and also experience your own happiness in the process.
The partner references are set for a relationship with a woman.  Explanation

Transit selected for today (by user):
Moon conjunction Venus,  , exact at 15:49   
activity period from 24 November 2017 until 25 November 2017
Transit selected for today (by the computer):
Mercury in 10th house,  
Other transits occurring today
Moon in 12th house, from 01:07  
Moon sextile Neptune, exact at 05:58 
Moon trine Saturn, exact at 18:43 
Moon sextile Chiron, exact at 19:33 
Important long-term influences     (overview)
"Emotional intensity" (Pluto opposition Moon)
"Accepting yourself" (Neptune conjunction Ascendant)
"Using personal space" (Uranus sextile Sun)
"The bird in the hand" (Venus in 8th house)
"Thirst for adventure" (Sun in 9th house)
"Food for thought" (Mercury sextile Sun)
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