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Love Horoscope of Saturday, 7 May 2016
for Carmen, born 12 July 1938

Paths to freedom

Valid during many months: You sense that you are actually an entirely free person and have the opportunity to change your relationship at any moment.

Perhaps you encounter someone who suddenly makes it possible for you to leave the tried and true behind and take entirely new paths. It actually is not necessary to have someone else's help in accomplishing this, but such a person can speed up or facilitate the process – or sometimes even indirectly force it to happen.

If you are dreaming of freedom and do not dare to live your own independent life, you will now repeatedly receive impulses to do it anyway. You are haunted by the thought of an autonomous life, which is a good thing. Your personal development requires certain liberties, and you should not allow anyone to dictate what you may and may not do.

You can also fall in love and gain a new feeling for life during this phase. Everything is more exciting, more thrilling, and more intense.

Transit selected for today (by user):
Pluto trine Uranus, Pluto(null)TrineUranus,
activity period end of January 2016 until beginning of December 2017
Transit selected for today (by the computer):
Sun conjunction Uranus, exact at 01:42 
Other transits occurring today
Moon sextile Mars, exact at 02:21 
Moon trine Moon, exact at 02:28 
Moon square Venus, exact at 10:14 
Moon sextile Pluto, exact at 11:37 
Moon square Jupiter, exact at 15:01 
Important long-term influences     (overview)
"Minor irritations" (Chiron sextile Moon)
"Using your experiences" (Chiron trine Mars)
"Mars in House 11" (Mars in 11th house)
"Mercury in House 4" (Mercury in 4th house)
"Mercury sextile Sun" (Mercury sextile Sun)
"Venus in House 4" (Venus in 4th house)
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