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Love Horoscope of Saturday, 30 July 2016
for Carmen, born 12 July 1938

Sober and pragmatic

Valid during many months: You see everything very clearly and are not afraid to look truth in the face now. This also brings more clarity to your interpersonal relations.

If there were problems recently, you now have the ability to soberly analyze and find pragmatic solutions for them. It is possible that you do not feel your emotions as strongly as before or that you no longer allow them to unnerve you. This may make you seem more cool and calculating, but this may be a good thing if you normally tend to be driven by your feelings.

You also have an easier time in finding the right words. You are well prepared for any clarifying conversations. And if you should feel like approaching someone and declaring your love for him, you could also find the right words for this. However, you may find that your sense of romance is somewhat lacking right now. You can compensate for this to some extent by choosing a suitable situation or a location with the right atmosphere for making your declaration.
The partner references are set for a relationship with a man.  Explanation

Transit selected for today (by user):
Saturn trine Mercury,  ,
activity period mid-December 2015 until end of September 2016
Transit selected for today (by the computer):
Venus in 8th house,  
Other transits occurring today
Moon trine MC, exact at 11:49 
Moon sextile Venus, exact at 14:38 
Moon trine Jupiter, exact at 19:45 
Moon opposition Ascendant, exact at 21:56 
Moon in 7th house, from 21:56  
Important long-term influences     (overview)
"Mars square Venus" (Mars square Venus)
"Call to freedom" (Uranus square Moon)
"Take a risk before things get precarious" (Uranus square Mars)
"Mars trine Pluto" (Mars trine Pluto)
"Mars in House 11" (Mars in 11th house)
"Mercury in House 8" (Mercury in 8th house)
"In the mood for love" (Sun in 7th house)
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