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Personal Daily Horoscope of Monday, 26 September 2016
for Teresa Heinz Kerry [Adb], born 5 October 1938

Quiet tones

Valid during many months: You can now gain valuable insights into your private and professional life, particularly concerning their effect on your physical and emotional well-being. Try to remain alert, even if you don't feel particularly optimistic or energetic. Silently and almost unnoticed a solution to your problems could creep up on you. This gentle and harmonious influence will make you passive and less inclined to seek active solutions to any upcoming problems and challenges.

You are much more receptive to subtle influences which reveal a reality you were unable to perceive up until now. You may come to recognize that difficulties with colleagues, superiors or in relationhips arise when you react to their comments and criticisms in a preconditioned way. Rather than really listening to what they say, you may tend to withdraw into an emotional shell and to doggedly hold on to the opinion that they are only interested in proving that you are hopelessly inadequate, weak and therefore not lovable.

We all still harbor deep psychological pain and painstakingly patched up wounds which we suffered in childhood and adolescence. People we trusted may have disappointed or abandoned us, and the largely unconscious pain left behind continues to have a strong influence on our present-day behavior. You can now have the chance to grow out of obsolete patterns of behavior and to stop behaving like a hurt child. If you are able to do this you will soon find that others react differently, enabling you to resolve many intractable problems which seemed to be unavoidable in the past.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Neptune trine Chiron,  ,
activity period mid-April 2015 until beginning of February 2017
Other transits occurring today, only for subscribers 
Moon sextile Mercury, exact at 06:38 (L)
Moon sextile Sun, exact at 13:26 (L)
Moon trine Saturn, exact at 19:07 (L)
Moon square Uranus, exact at 23:22 (L)
Important long-term influences, only for subscribers 
"Recognition" (Saturn sextile Sun) (L)
"An educational opportunity" (Uranus sextile Jupiter) (L)
"Reality shock" (Chiron opposition Neptune) (L)
"Beliefs and ideas" (Mars in 9th house) (L)
"Playing pranks" (Mercury in 5th house) (L)
"Harmonious cooperation" (Venus in 7th house) (L)
"Tasks and work" (Sun in 6th house) (L)
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