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Personal Daily Horoscope of Saturday, 28 March 2015
for Janine Balding [Adb], born 7 October 1967
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Excess energy ***
Valid during many months: During this time you should be careful and keep a tight rein on yourself - especially if you are of a spirited disposition anyway. On the one hand, you have increased the vitality at your disposal considerably - your willpower and ability to assert yourself are more pronounced than on other days, and physical needs will make themselves felt more strongly; on the other hand, however, there is also a definite tendency towards using this energy inappropriately, or aiming for a particularly unsuitable objective. In concrete terms, this means that although you assert yourself effectively and put great emphasis on achieving your wishes at this time, you could well proceed in an inconsiderate manner towards others or, above all, yourself.

If you are after some kind of "conquest", it is quite possible that under this influence you ignore warning signs and advance too directly and abruptly. In this way you could well receive a very clear rebuff, which would, in fact, have been totally unnecessary. Therefore do not allow yourself to be led by your present, particularly strong desires and needs into simply ignoring the slight restraint or rejection of others - the results could otherwise be unnecessarily painful.

During this time, there is also the danger that you scent competition or opposition where there is none - following the maxim "He that is not with me is against me". If you are too sensitive and quick-tempered, take every criticism personally and react in an offended manner, then there is an enemy around every corner, every conversation can turn into an argument in which you finally, without reason and probably without conscious intent, hurt others and will presumably be hurt yourself to the same extent. In your professional life this can lead to your showing yourself up for no reason at all, which you would regret later on. If you have a steady relationship, there could be, for the same reason, ugly jealous scenes which later prove to have been senseless and futile. So, try to be aware of these dangers when you are dealing with others and look for less harmful channels to release your excess energy.

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Chiron square Mars, ChironSquareMars, exact at 04:54 
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"Intellect and intuition" (Neptune trine Mercury) (L)
"Growth and optimism" (Jupiter sextile Sun) (L)
"Domestic strife" (Mars in 4th house) (L)
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