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    3-Jun-2015, 14:36 UT/GMT
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Personal Daily Horoscope of Wednesday, 3 June 2015
for Louise Windsor [Adb], born 8 November 2003
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With a true spirit
Valid during several months: At its highest, this influence indicates an unusual degree of selflessness in love. In personal relationships, the need to care for someone else may mean that you will not get immediate gratification other than the pleasure of helping someone you love. If your relationship is basically sound, this influence will assure greater rewards of love and satisfaction later. Although this is a time for self-denial in love relationships, do not fall into the negative trap of playing martyr. Do not inflict on others, especially the ones you are helping, a constant awareness that you are "unselfishly" devoting yourself to them. This will undo your efforts and create trouble. If you cannot service with a true spirit of selfless devotion, do nothing.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Venus in 12th house, Venus 12, from 00:28    
activity period from 3 June 2015 until beginning of October 2015
Other transits occurring today, only for subscribers 

Moon conjunction Pluto, exact at 05:27 
Moon in 5th house, from 11:53  
Moon trine Ascendant, exact at 17:30 
Moon sextile Uranus, exact at 23:53 
Important long-term influences, only for subscribers 

"News from the psyche" (Pluto trine Moon)
"Personal power" (Pluto trine Jupiter)
"Corrective changes" (Uranus trine Pluto)
"Breaking the shell" (Pluto conjunction Chiron)
"Amorous thoughts" (Mercury opposition Venus)
"A matter of self-control" (Jupiter square Sun)
"Ambitions" (Mars in 10th house)
"Easy company" (Venus in 11th house)
"Business communication" (Mercury in 10th house)
"Profession and social standing" (Sun in 10th house)
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