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Personal Daily Horoscope of Sunday, 31 August 2014
for Heath Tucker, born 23 November 1983
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A foggy day
Today you may feel inclined to keep a secret or hold back information in order to avoid a confrontation with someone. It is not good to do this, because it will only contribute to the fog of confusion and unclarity that surrounds you during this time. For the same reasons, avoid any form of misrepresentation or distortion of the truth, even if you think it might be politic to mislead someone. In every way you should strive to keep all your communication and thinking clear, lucid, factual and rooted in the real world. If you try to avoid confrontations by acting evasively under this influence, you will run up against even more demoralizing confrontations later. Also be careful in any kind of negotiations or business dealings today, because you could be the victim of misrepresentation, even if you are not the perpetrator.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Mercury square Neptune, MercurySquareNeptune, exact at 16:07 
activity period from 31 August 2014 until 1 September 2014
Other transits occurring today

Jupiter square Saturn, exact at 01:47 (L)
Important long-term influences     (overview)

"Something is wrong" (Jupiter square Saturn) (L)
"Enjoy the present" (Uranus opposition Venus) (L)
"Something new" (Mercury in 9th house) (L)
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