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Personal Daily Horoscope of Thursday, 24 July 2014
for John F. Kennedy [Adb], born 29 May 1917
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Letting go of feelings ***
Valid during many months: This is a challenging time which you will hardly be able to ignore. You will repeatedly be confronted by situations in which others - whether consciously or not - reawaken painful feelings which you had either forgotten you had, or were reluctant to admit to.

You now have the opportunity to recognize these feelings and to ease the pain they cause. They have probably been caused by events in your past such as an embarrassing situation or a painful rejection which you only felt able to deal with at the time by burying the pain you suffered. You may have been carrying this pain within you for so long that you have become unaware of its existence. Certain contacts could now reawaken such feelings, and even if the present situation is overtly positive, your reactions will remind you of those unpleasant events in the past. However, your present situation differs in that your emotional maturity can help you to better cope.

The only real danger is that you might close your mind to these new impulses. Watch out if you react in a blunt or dismissive way, or if you trample on your own feelings and those of others. Such situations give you the chance to change your behavior. This will help you to fulfill dreams which your fear of awakening old wounds prevented you from doing.

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