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Personal Daily Horoscope of Wednesday, 1 October 2014
for David (1966) Cameron [Adb], born 9 October 1966
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An ambiguous day
For most people this is a good influence, a time when you will feel like being with another person and expressing your love. For lovers this can be quite an amorous time. You will have a strong feeling that by yourself you are not quite complete and that you need someone else to make you whole. This feeling is not born out of personal insecurity; it is a real need and desire to give and receive love. However, for some persons at some times, this influence can have a negative effect, almost the reverse of the above. It can make you overly self-involved, so wrapped up in yourself that you do not relate very successfully to others. Or you may demand more love than you are willing to give. But for this to occur there must be a predisposition to it in your nature.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Venus square MC, VenusSquareMed.Coeli, exact at 12:44 
activity period from 30 September 2014 until 2 October 2014
Other transits occurring today, only for subscribers 

Saturn conjunction Neptune, exact at 23:26 (L)
Mercury square Jupiter, exact at 03:40 (L)
Venus conjunction Ascendant, exact at 03:45 (L)
Venus sextile Jupiter, exact at 04:50 (L)
Venus in 1st house, from 03:45  (L)
Moon square Ascendant, exact at 08:24 (L)
Moon opposition MC, exact at 09:13 (L)
Moon square Venus, exact at 18:50 (L)
Moon in 4th house, from 09:13  (L)
Moon sextile Mercury, exact at 14:02 (L)
Moon trine Mars, exact at 01:53 (L)
First Quarter Moon, exact at 20:33 (L)
Important long-term influences, only for subscribers 

"Involuntary detachment" (Saturn conjunction Neptune) (L)
"Intellect and intuition" (Neptune trine Mercury) (L)
"Security vs. freedom" (Uranus opposition Sun) (L)
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