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Personal Daily Horoscope of Tuesday, 6 October 2015
for Mike Bloomberg [Adb], born 14 February 1942
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A clue ***
Valid during many months: During this time there could well be arguments in your circle of colleagues, friends or acquaintances. You are energetic, decisive, perhaps also a bit impatient and belligerent, and have little desire to take the sensitivities and weaknesses of others into account. Presumably there is no bad intention on your part - you just want to get things done. If you, however, with your thirst for action, think you can lightly overcome every objection and obstacle, you may well find that someone puts a spoke in your wheel and brings you back to earth. If this happens, you have probably, without conscious thought, just rejected or ignored someone, which is something you would find distinctly unpleasant were the same to happen to you.

Under this influence you should take care to consider the sore points of others. You can ignore your own sensitivities - even if this is inadvisable - but not those of others.

Fortunately, this quality of time shows no especially distinct effect, so that the damage remains minimal, even when you behave very thoughtlessly. Pay attention to the situations in which a certain resentment of you is noticeable and also be aware of what makes you impatient with people. As a rule, the facts of the case or the behavior of an associate, give you a clue to a very personal sensitivity of yours, which up to now you have, consciously or unconsciously, ignored. You should, however, admit to this and be understanding of similar traits in your fellow man.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Chiron sextile Mars, Chiron(null)SextileMars, exact at 12:47   
activity period mid-May 2014 until beginning of February 2016
Other transits occurring today, only for subscribers 

Moon conjunction Ascendant, exact at 01:32 (L)
Moon in 1st house, from 01:32  (L)
Moon sextile Uranus, exact at 01:35 (L)
Moon sextile Neptune, exact at 07:16 (L)
Moon conjunction Pluto, exact at 16:37 (L)
Moon opposition Venus, exact at 22:03 (L)
Important long-term influences, only for subscribers 

"Impending shortages" (Jupiter square Jupiter) (L)
"A fresh breeze" (Uranus sextile Moon) (L)
"A willingness to share" (Mars in 2nd house) (L)
"A frantic pace" (Mercury in 3rd house) (L)
"Lavish tastes" (Venus in 2nd house) (L)
"An inward glimpse" (Sun in 4th house) (L)
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