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Personal Daily Horoscope of Saturday, 18 November 2017
for Princess Zaria [Adb], born 18 June 2006
New Moon 

Enlarging your scope

In most areas of your life, you are able to act much more decisively than usual, especially in dealing with others. You know where you stand, and you ask others to let you know where they stand. And despite your self-assertiveness, you are able to create a balance in a group so that everyone benefits from working together and no one feels dissatisfied. Under this influence you will want to enlarge the scope of your activities somewhat. It will not be enough to express your energies as you have in the past. At this time you want to find new expressions, and you will look for people to share in this. For this reason you want to be with active people who have enough energy to go along with your plans. On the physical level, this is usually a period of good health.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Mars trine Ascendant,  , exact at 21:07   
activity period from 17 November 2017 until 20 November 2017
Other transits occurring today, only for subscribers 
Uranus trine Pluto, exact at 08:45 
Mercury opposition Ascendant, exact at 05:40 
Mercury in 7th house, from 05:40  
Moon trine Moon, exact at 00:45 
Moon trine Mercury, exact at 02:09 
Moon opposition Venus, exact at 05:11 
New Moon in 6th house, exact at 11:42 
Important long-term influences, only for subscribers 
"Corrective changes" (Uranus trine Pluto)
"Low energies" (Saturn opposition Sun)
"Insight and skill" (Jupiter square Mars)
"Enjoying repartee" (Mercury opposition Ascendant)
"Confinements" (Saturn conjunction Pluto)
"Self-assertive energies" (Mars in 5th house)
"Ending self-torture " (Chiron square Pluto)
"Don't overdo it!" (Jupiter square Chiron)
"Mental work" (Mercury in 6th house)
"In need of response" (Mercury in 7th house)
"Wonderful opportunities" (Jupiter conjunction Jupiter)
"Tacit agreements" (Venus in 6th house)
"Tasks and work" (Sun in 6th house)
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