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Personal Daily Horoscope of Thursday, 23 February 2017
for Marcel Henri Thielemans [Adb], born 13 May 1912

Intricate mental work

Your mind is quite clear now, and you are able to handle the details of intricate mental work. Work with figures and tasks that require close attention to detail should work out very well. The only thing to watch out for, however, is that you may not find such work interesting enough to want to do it. This is a matter of individual temperament. Some people get restless under this influence when confronted with any routine work, but others handle their routine much more effectively. Also your ability to keep track of details makes this a good time for any business negotiations or other similarly complicated discussions. A contract or deal that you agree upon today will undoubtedly work out quite well, and you will be quite sure that you included everything important in the agreement.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Mercury sextile Mercury,  , exact at 21:30   
activity period from 23 February 2017 until 24 February 2017
Every Thursday (until revoked) there is free access to all transits listed below.
Other transits occurring today
Saturn trine Mercury, exact at 15:13 (L)
Moon opposition Mars, exact at 00:42 (L)
Moon opposition Neptune, exact at 01:02 (L)
Moon trine Sun, exact at 02:33 (L)
Moon trine Saturn, exact at 04:39 (L)
Moon square Mercury, exact at 10:28 (L)
Moon square MC, exact at 11:51 (L)
Moon conjunction Uranus, exact at 23:47 (L)
Important long-term influences     (overview)
"Mental discipline" (Saturn trine Mercury) (L)
"Undesirable consequences" (Uranus square Neptune) (L)
"With a little discretion" (Uranus square Mars) (L)
"Building bridges" (Chiron sextile Saturn) (L)
"The best therapist" (Neptune conjunction Chiron) (L)
"Checking your attitudes" (Saturn trine MC) (L)
"In need of response" (Mercury in 7th house) (L)
"Beliefs and ideas" (Mars in 9th house) (L)
"A pleasure trip" (Venus in 9th house) (L)
"In the background" (Sun in 8th house) (L)
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