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Personal Daily Horoscope of Friday, 25 April 2014
for Gilbert Canova [Adb], born 17 December 1929
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Ample opportunities
Valid during many months: This influence arouses your sexual drives and makes you seek a physical relationship with another person, if you do not already have one. It favors an existing relationship, for both of you will be able to give and receive from each other and thereby gain gratification through the relationship. Entertainment and fun are two key themes of this time, which favors get-togethers and parties. You will get the greatest personal satisfaction from associating with others and having a good time. You will enjoy any activity much more if you can share it with others, for this is a very gregarious influence. This is a good time for artistic activity, as well as for getting together with others for artistic purposes. This influence should present you with ample opportunities to fulfill both needs.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Mars sextile Venus, Mars(null)SextileVenus, exact at 21:57 
activity period beginning of January 2014 until mid-June 2014
Other transits occurring today, for subscribers 

Mercury trine Neptune, exact at 03:43 (L)
Venus square Mars, exact at 05:59 (L)
Moon square Venus, exact at 06:42 (L)
Moon square Mars, exact at 20:46 (L)
Moon trine Pluto, exact at 17:12 (L)
Moon square Jupiter, exact at 01:03 (L)
Moon trine Moon, exact at 01:21 (L)
Moon sextile Chiron, exact at 02:07 (L)
Important long-term influences, for subscribers 

"Heightened intuition" (Neptune sextile MC)
"Attractive differences" (Uranus trine Venus) (L)
"Extrasensory perception" (Neptune sextile Mercury) (L)
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