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Personal Daily Horoscope of Monday, 20 October 2014
for CIA Agent 4748 [Adb], born 11 March 1913
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Setting a future course ***
Valid during many months: Although this is a long-term influence it can be difficult to take advantage of. If more powerful influences overshadow it you may hardly notice its effects. As with other generally positive influences it requires a conscious effort to reap any benefits.

If in the past you have hurt or offended people in your immediate environment - particularly colleagues at work - you will now get an opportunity to make amends. The person concerned may attempt to bring up the matter again or somehow take revenge. If this happens try not to ignore the matter, or to interpret such behavior simply as being malice. Admit to your mistakes, even if they were unintentional or you felt that the other person was simply over-reacting, rather than inconsiderateness on your part. This will help you to avoid similar situations in the future.

Another possibility is that you feel that you have been hurt, ignored or made fun of in some way. You were probably angry and hurt at the time, but pretended to laugh along to avoid being considered an old grumbler. You may now be reminded of this situation by something similar threatening to happen again. Take this opportunity to react differently. Try to verbalize your feelings, even if it means having to admit that you are sensitive and vulnerable. This may cause a certain amount of consternation, but it will also allow others to see your more human side.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Chiron sextile Jupiter, Chiron(null)SextileJupiter,
activity period end of April 2013 until mid-January 2015
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Moon sextile Neptune, exact at 22:03 (L)
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