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Personal Daily Horoscope of Thursday, 10 July 2014
for Darry-Cowl [Adb], born 27 August 1925
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Valid during several weeks: When communicating or cooperating with others we often encounter certain unspoken differences, reservations or sensitivities. These do not seriously hinder the process but interfere insofar that one must be circuitous and considerate - a circumstance that one accepts but in fact cannot really understand. This applies to dealings with others and, it must be supposed, when others deal with us. This influence offers the possibility of either raising such issues in conversation with others or being made aware of them in oneself. It is especially important that this be dealt with in a delicate and sensitive manner by both parties. Without real empathy and readiness to understand, it will be impossible to gain much from this quality of time.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Mercury sextile Chiron, MercurySextileChiron, exact at 23:51 
activity period end of May 2014 until 12 July 2014
Every Thursday (until revoked) there is free access to all transits listed below.
Other transits occurring today

Jupiter trine MC, exact at 02:12 (L)
Moon square Uranus, exact at 18:06 (L)
Moon in 11th house, from 07:48  (L)
Moon trine Neptune, exact at 15:37 (L)
Important long-term influences     (overview)

"Boundless enthusiasm" (Jupiter trine MC) (L)
"Beyond personal glory" (Pluto conjunction Jupiter) (L)
"Altered goals" (Mars sextile Neptune) (L)
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