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Personal Daily Horoscope of Tuesday, 28 June 2016
for Boyd L. Jefferies [Adb], born 10 November 1930

Inner leadership

Valid during many months: This particularly favorable time will give you the chance to resolve any fears and uncertainties you suffer when dealing with others. If such feelings of inadequacy cause you to be overly defensive and suspicious, you will now find it much easier to place your trust in the flow of life. You will become calmer or more relaxed if you can allow important and inevitable events to occur without always needing to be in control of the situation. You don't need to have an excessive belief in fate, or to deny the existence of free will, to recognize that certain events and relationships have been necessary to help you to become the person you are today. Do not try to argue with fate, even if you feel responsible for a difficult private or professional situation. Try to let go of any self-doubts, and trust that your inner self only allows you to have experiences which are essential for your future development.

The theme of this influence is a process which will reconcile you with many things which have been the cause of pain and depression. Doors which have remained closed may suddenly open, revealing paths leading to new and healing experiences. Someone could now enter your life who reveals things which affect you deeply. Openness and trust can pave the way for experiences which could take your life in a new direction.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Pluto trine Chiron,  ,
activity period end of March 2015 until mid-November 2017
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