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Personal Daily Horoscope of Monday, 27 April 2015
for Mark Thatcher [Adb], born 15 August 1953
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The need for reconciliation ***
Valid during many months: Under this influence you will probably come to scrutinize family matters in more detail. You are likely to become aware that childhood experiences continue to influence your present relationships with parents and other family members. Some event could trigger feelings of helplessness, shame or humiliation that stem from childhood. You should now pay attention to feelings which are buried in your unconscious which nevertheless continue to powerfully influence your present need for emotional security.

If problems with one of your parents made you decide to break off all contact at some point, you will now have to confront the deeper causes of this conflict. You may sense the need for reconciliation, recognizing that keeping your distance will not solve the problem. The relationship with our parents reflects the relation between the masculine and feminine parts within our own psyche. We can only create a stable and secure inner basis that will help us to cope with the outside world if we can achieve an inner state of harmony between these influences within us.

You will waste a considerable amount of precious physical and mental energy if you are unable to rid yourself of the feelings of guilt and resentment associated with painful past events. You desperately need this energy to cope with present circumstances so that you can live in a way which truly reflects your unique abilities and character. For this reason it is important that you try to rid yourself of such feelings, or at the very least to become more conscious of their existence so that your behavior is less determined by them.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Chiron opposition MC, ChironOppositionMed.Coeli,
activity period beginning of April 2015 until beginning of January 2017
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