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Personal Daily Horoscope of Tuesday, 25 April 2017
for Iain Banks [Adb], born 16 February 1954


Weak, transient effect: Tonight you are very sensitive emotionally, but the impressions you receive through your sensitivity may not be very accurate. You have vague feelings about the circumstances and people around you, and you may feel very confused, because you aren't sure whether you are being realistic or unduly suspicious and fearful. Misunderstandings with others are very likely, because you tend to feel that others have unfairly criticized or hurt you, although they have done nothing of the sort. Or you may feel that someone dislikes you for the flimsiest reasons. The reason is that this influence activates your subconscious complexes, which take over your moods and perceptions. Instead of reacting to the reality of what you see, you react automatically to the subconscious process set off by what you see.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Moon opposition Neptune,  , exact at 19:25   
activity period from 25 April 2017 until 26 April 2017
Other transits occurring today, only for subscribers 
Uranus square Chiron, exact at 15:27 (L)
Mercury sextile Sun, exact at 06:24 (L)
Mercury opposition MC, exact at 22:51 (L)
Mercury in 3rd house, from 22:51  (L)
Moon sextile Jupiter, exact at 03:59 (L)
Moon trine Ascendant, exact at 04:57 (L)
Moon square Uranus, exact at 09:13 (L)
Moon trine Pluto, exact at 15:48 (L)
Moon square Chiron, exact at 18:03 (L)
Moon opposition MC, exact at 20:24 (L)
Moon in 4th house, from 20:24  (L)
Moon sextile Sun, exact at 21:02 (L)
Important long-term influences, only for subscribers 
"Small explosions" (Uranus square Chiron) (L)
"Recognition" (Saturn sextile Sun) (L)
"Higher dimensions" (Uranus opposition Neptune) (L)
"An opportunity" (Jupiter trine Jupiter) (L)
"Speaking your mind" (Mercury sextile Sun) (L)
"Cautious action" (Saturn sextile MC) (L)
"Personal desires" (Mercury opposition MC) (L)
"Self-assertive energies" (Mars in 5th house) (L)
"Efforts with friends" (Jupiter sextile Ascendant) (L)
"A frantic pace" (Mercury in 3rd house) (L)
"Intellectual withdrawal" (Mercury in 4th house) (L)
"The pleasures of life" (Venus in 3rd house) (L)
"Slightly out of focus" (Mercury opposition Neptune) (L)
"An inward glimpse" (Sun in 4th house) (L)
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