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Personal Daily Horoscope of Wednesday, 20 September 2017
for John Taylor [Adb], born 21 September 1952
New Moon 

Dynamic questions

Valid during many months: This quality of time brings with it critical, challenging and uncomfortable questions. Are the rejections in the course of one's life, the scars on one's soul necessary? Is there such a thing as meaningless suffering? Does practically everyone have to deal with neuroses and other psychological damage, or have we just been talked into believing it? Are our dealings really governed mainly by anxiety and compulsion, and if so, to what extent can they be influenced by our reason?

Basically these questions have to do with the examination of pain and suffering within oneself or others. Everyone must carry out such an analysis, as life itself confronts us again and again with these problems. During this time, one is not so interested in the individual questions. Rather, one tends to look at the subject as a whole as a challenge to one's intellect. Perhaps one could sort out the invalid, meaningless questions and find valid answers to the real questions. However, this is not the right way to get a grip on the matter.

Dealing with questions about the cause and meaning of personal pain and deep-seated injuries must not be allowed to take the form of an intellectual game - especially when one is dealing with other people. This would be like a doctor taking a tissue sample "just out of interest"; he would certainly meet with a spirited refusal as his "interest" in no way justifies the pain and the invasion of our integrity. Doing this to oneself is one thing - doing this to someone else is to be strictly avoided.

Getting a grip on old psychological wounds is just as difficult with dynamic questions as with serious reflection. If your understanding rebels against these things, this is only natural and occasionally even necessary. You should ask these questions of yourself, as others could well be hurt or made unsure of themselves by them.

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