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Personal Daily Horoscope of Thursday, 8 December 2016
for King of Jordan Hussein [Adb], born 14 November 1935

Life and death

Valid during many months: The effects of this transit are likely to be very subtle and not easily observable on the external level. It will challenge materialistic beliefs with experiences which should awaken you to the subtler and more mystical aspects of existence. You will be called upon to challenge and possibly change your belief systems showing you that even later in life you cannot afford to become rigid or fixed in your understanding of life. You may encounter new philosophical or religious viewpoints that are quite different from what you have held before. And even though such a transit does not usually coincide with actual life and death issues - your own or other people’s -, the issue is likely to be raised, but on the level of life-understanding or philosophy.

These challenges should not represent an immediate crisis in your life. The circumstances accompanying transits such as this one do not force change. Rather you should view them as giving you an opportunity to change voluntarily. This in turn will make it much easier for you to face other such challenges later in life that may accompany other transits. These later challenges may not give the chance to change voluntarily. They may force it upon you. Would it not be so much better to make such changes now at your own pace and in your own time?

Transit selected for today (by user):
Pluto trine Neptune,  ,
activity period end of March 2015 until mid-November 2017
Every Thursday (until revoked) there is free access to all transits listed below.
Transit selected for today (by the computer):
Venus sextile Jupiter, exact at 15:10 (L)
Other transits occurring today
Sun square Neptune, exact at 04:07 (L)
Moon trine Pluto, exact at 07:40 (L)
Moon trine Jupiter, exact at 14:08 (L)
Moon opposition Venus, exact at 19:22 (L)
Moon square Moon, exact at 20:26 (L)
Moon opposition Ascendant, exact at 20:35 (L)
Moon in 7th house, from 20:35  (L)
Moon square MC, exact at 21:09 (L)
Important long-term influences     (overview)
"Fair weather" (Chiron trine Sun) (L)
"Intricate mental work" (Mercury sextile Mercury) (L)
"Self-assertive energies" (Mars in 5th house) (L)
"Intellectual withdrawal" (Mercury in 4th house) (L)
"Talking and listening" (Sun in 3rd house) (L)
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