Child's Horoscope

  • "In 2003, I commissioned you to do a Child's Horoscope for my new born son Emmanuel and it is mind blowing accurate.he is now 4 years of age and everything is true what you said about him and it helps me to support all his talents and good virtues he has...Thank you so much!!Sincerely, S.I."
    Ms. S.I., 04-apr-2008
  • "I got the The Child's Horoscope for myself, and I am an adult... I've always been haunted by my childhood years and always felt so lost... I never had the chance to ask my biological parents for understanding to be healed....and Liz Greene did it for me..... I feel as if I could relax now and let things be...I can't say anymore. Honestly, it was too emotionally touching I cried. "
    Ms. E.C., 21-sep-06
  • "The Child's Horoscope for my daughter received just days ago was one of the greatest gifts I've ever given myself. Not only was the insight a blessing and the accuracy as to who she is amazing but I am in awe of how one can get such a document from a computer program. Artificial intelligence combined with your knowledge and brilliance are truly a great asset to the world. I wish I could order one of your Child's Horoscpoes for every child I know. Thank you for the gift, the ease of ordering and the price and quickness."
    Ms. N.G., 23-sep-2000