My Astro data

The page "My Astro Data" shows you a list of all the Astro data you have currently stored in your profile.

The topmost data entry is highlighted and in most cases it is useful to put your own personal horoscope data in this place. For many services of our website this horoscope will be chosen as default if no other entry has been specifically chosen. This allows you easy one-click access to such commonly used services as your daily report, personal chart, etc.

You can click on the name of any Astro data entry in your list to get a selection of free charts and reports available to you.

Other functions you may use on this page:

  1. Adding new Astro data
    This link takes you to a page where you can enter new birth data and add them to your Astro data list. The horoscope data will automatically be saved and appended at the end of your list.
  2. Editing Astro data
    To edit any Astro data entry, simply click on the "Edit" link at the end of the row. This takes you to a page where you can modify all the properties of that item.
  3. To top
    By clicking on any of the upward arrows next to a particular Astro data entry, you can move it to the top of the list. This is your default entry from now on, and is used for all services of the website as long as you do not choose a different one of your Astro data.
  4. Deleting Astro data
    In order to delete any number of Astro data from your list, click the respective checkbox in the column "Mark for deletion" next to the entry. Once you have selected all the entries you wish to delete, click on the button marked "delete" at the bottom of the column.