If you create a free registered user profile: Please choose a password which you can easily remember but which others will not be able to guess. A good way to find a password is to use the initials of a memorable sentence. For example: The sentence "My granny is called Louise" gives you the password: MgicL.
Please note that upper and lower case letters are distinct in passwords.

By entering your address information in the Astro Shop, our system creates such a registered profile for you. You will not have to re-enter your data for future orders again, as they remain stored on the server.
To protect the data in this profile from access by others, or from unauthorized changes, the password, which you can choose, is required.

Please do NOT use a password which you have already used for other security purposes, for example your email access or for online banking!

Should you ever forget your password, and provided that your e-mail address is valid, we can send you a link for setting a new password. Simply click on the respective link below the password input field.
See also "The information you give us"