Logging in to your registered user profile

If you already have one or more registered user profiles, you can log in by entering your e-mail address (for identification) and your astro.com password. Then click on the "login" button to get to your Astro data.

If you do not possess a registered user profile yet, you can use the link "Create a free registered user profile" to create one. Data you have stored in your guest profile are taken over to your registered profile.

There are many advantages to a registered user profile:
You can log in to your "My Astro" registered user profile from any computer, and use your stored horoscopes even when travelling.

Registered users can store up to 100 Astro data (birth dates), whereas users who only possess a guest profile can store but 4 sets of Astro data.

Moreover, as a registered user you have the possibility to choose high security access to your data.

If you already possess a registered user profile, but you are currently connected to your guest profile, you can also use this link.
In this case, please just enter the e-mail address and astro.com password of your registered user profile. The data of your guest profile will be transferred and added to your registered profile.