Personal default setting for chart drawings

You can define a default setting for the way you would like to show your charts, including your preferred chart drawing style, options and additional objects. This default setting is saved in your profile and is used for all charts on Please follow these steps:

Define your personal default setting:

  1. Go to the "Extended chart selection" and choose your preferred chart method, options and additional objects.
  2. Click to show the chart.
  3. Now click the link "Save as default setting" (above the chart).

Changing your personal default setting:

  1. Create a new chart with your preferred options.
  2. Click to show the chart.
  3. Click the link to save the default setting again. The previous setting will be replaced by your new one.

Deleting your personal default setting:

  1. If you delete your personal default setting, all charts will be shown using the Astrodienst setting.
  2. You can find the delete button in the "Extended chart selection" as well as in your profile ("My Astro", View/change preferences and subscriptions").

Please note that the selection of too many additional factors may turn smaller chart drawings like the "Horoscope of the moment" illegible.