Career and Vocation

  • Last year at around this time I was unemployed and had no idea what kind of career to pursue, one that would help me to fulfill my potential, be rewarding, and make a difference in the world. I've read all of Liz Greene's books and have such respect for her that I decided to try the Career and Vocation horoscope. It was very accurate and illuminating, and pointed towards various fields that I would probably find suitable. Based largely on the suggestions in this horoscope I researched a field I had never heard of, and then enrolled in a Master's degree program to become qualified in that field.
    I'm now in my second semester in that program. I am certain that this is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I never knew that this wonderful field even existed...and then HAD I known, I probably would have disregarded it because after all, someone like ME could never do THAT. Thank you so much!
    Mrs. M.,12-feb-2013
  • Career and Vocation is the greatest personal gain I have ever experienced. Until now, nothing has described me so well,and it expressed things, which I would have never admitted to myself, so it was a confirmation to me which I needed to convince myself of my special path and the particular circumstances. That, what my self- confidence was lacking, was given to me through this text.Deep inside myself I could feel that evrything was true. THANK YOU.
    Mrs. H.A.,25-mar-2008
  • I am very grateful to Liz Greene for the Career and Vocation Horoscope. It was a very profound interpretation of my horoscope and a real guide for my career. What is written in the horoscope is what I feel about my professional path.
    Ms. E.E., 26-sep-2006
  • My deepest thanks for the insightful reports: Career and Vocation and Psychological Horoscope Analysis. These reports, and your free daily horoscope have helped me experience a sense of the connection between my natal chart and my everyday life as no other astrological reading has ever done.
    Ms. L.V., 03-feb-2003
  • "I just got Liz Greene's Career and Vocation Horoscope, and I just can't stop smiling for two days. Her insight into human psyche and programmer's skill together create the most valuable thing one can get - the mirror, in which everything about one is reflected. If one is on the path or self-discovery and understands that Knowlegde of Self is the key to the Universe, than Liz is simply the keeper of the key and the programmer is a messenger. Everyone who is in doubt or unhappy about the state of their vocational achievements should definitely get one. It felt like Go Ahead from Heaven. Once again, many thanks to you all."
    Ms. K.O., 28-feb-2002
  • "A big "thank you" for compiling my horoscopes so quickly. The relationship horoscope covered things which horoscopes I'd previously ordered elsewhere simply left out, and your statements were surprisingly accurate.
    The vocation analysis was just as great. I particularly liked the language: clear, empathic and very informative. I also found the introductions in italics essential - they were phrased beautifully and touched on real life issues.
    Again, I'd like to praise the entire setup at Astrodienst: from the website, offers, ordering procedures and swift delivery, right down to the final result: my neatly bound horoscopes."
    Ms. S.M., 20-jan-2001
  • "I'd really like to congratulate you on the vocation report. In fact, I liked it so much that I will order one for my daughter this evening, knowing that it will help her to create a meaningful, fulfilled career for herself. Many thanks and all the best to all of you."
    Mr. H.K., 21-dec-2000
  • "I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the vocation analysis. It is so concise and poignant that I almost can't believe what a computer generated horoscope can achieve. My husband read it yesterday and found that it couldn't possibly apply to him or any of our friends. It will be a valued companion. If we are aware of all our qualities and appreciate them as the gifts they are, we can fully develop our potential in serving the purpose of our lives, aiming to bring out the best in ourselves. This is what I wish for myself and all of us."
    Ms. S.C. dec-2000
  • "The new vocation report by Liz Greene is sensationally good (yet again)! Please forward my compliment to Dr. Greene. Telling and profound - as we have come to expect after the personality report."
    Mr. H.S. 25-nov-2000