Yearly Horoscope Analysis

  • "I have written before and sent my praises, and now I have more! At the end of 2000 my nephew gave me a Yearly Horoscope Analysis 2001, Psychological Horoscope Analysis, and a Relationship Horoscope. They have been unbelievably helpful! I still can refer to the yearly horoscope because some of the transits are still active. You have helped me see a greater depth working in my life, one that I can access .... which is a very good thing when there are 4 planets in my first house."
    Ms. J., 12-apr-2002
  • "My Yearly Analysis has been a constant companion, has been read time and again, has worked on my head as well as my guts. Thus, it has been by my side during this year, which at times did seem like never ending maelstrom deep down. Now, I have resurfaced and would like to continue to benefit from the support of a horoscope."
    Ms. K.R., 15-jan-98
  • "It has been a few years since I had the Psychological Horoscope by Liz Greene sent to me. My initial curiosity has since blossomed into an extensive interest in the subject matter.
    Mainly the Yearly Analysis has intensified this interest, particularly looking back upon the last few months. Only now, with hindsight, have I come to fully appreciate many of the issues touched upon in the Yearly Analysis.
    In some instances, I am taken aback with the comprehensive account of problems which have, indeed, shaped my past year."
    Ms. S.B., 29-sep-97