Psychological Horoscope

  • "I've had many friends and the occasional professional read my horoscope throughout my life, and readings generally tended to follow a familiar pattern. Liz Greene's readings, however, caused me to weep with its stunning clarity and insight. It was more helpful than several trips to the shrink. So much more was articulated, and there were many fresh insights. It was an amazing reading and one I will continue to study in the weeks ahead."
    Joy, 31-oct-2011
  • "Reading this analysis was very liberating... It made me feel like I'm allowed to be who I am, even if my true self has a crazy burning need to be a flashy star! Thanks, Liz Greene!"
    Milo, 08-may-2011
  • "I just wanted to thank the Astrodienst team for providing such quality horoscope analyses. I have bought several in the past, including Liz Greene's Psychological Horoscope -- wow, I think that must be the best money I ever spent on anything. I firmly believe that Astrology is the one thing that has organised my life psychologically, and emotionally, and a bit part of that is due to Astrodienst.
    I really appreciate the hard work and high quality that Astrodienst provides for visitors and customers. Thank you so much!"
    Jess, 10-oct-2010
  • "I have always been interested in astrology but I have also laughed at all the different (sometimes completely opposed) events different horoscopes state for the same day. I had my birth chart done in my early twenties and it was something else than daily horoscopes, I found some very interesting things in there. Last March, I ordered the psychological horoscope here. Liz Greene's report brings individual birth chart to a brand new level. Never in my life had I found so stunningly true information about my background, my current situation. I certainly also didn't not expect to get what feels like warm-hearted, reliable, full of hope yet very rational advice on how to get the most of my potential and deal with my flaws. I was so shaken the first time I read some of the things about my family and childhood, I burst into cry. I recommend the psychological horoscope to people who want to go deeper and finally make peace with themselves, to the ones who want to avoid repeating old patterns, to the ones who want to understand their behavior and become better persons. "
    Karen, nov-11-2008
  • "Just a note to commend you and thank you for Liz Greene's Psychological Horoscope analysis. Terrific insights into my Self and invaluable to me personally. Can't thank you enough."
    Mr. M.C., mar-10-2005
  • "...I recently purchased the Psychological Horoscope and Transits package and found the work to be outstanding as well as touching me in places that have never before been considered nor understood, and as such have one important question with regards to the report."
    Mr. E.C., mar-09-2005
  • "I had a Psychological Horoscope done that was the most insightful and illuminating chart I have ever had done. It is extremely helpful to myself in charting my life progress in the areas of emotional, mental, spiritual and career. Every aspect charted was spot on accurate with the inner insights resonating with my own introspections of my life to date. I am 62 years old and have experienced much that I could compare and analyze with the helpful insights in the chart. The area explaining how the parents of a person influence the child, thus the adult were remarkable with their clarity and accuracy in my case. Both my parents and their influence upon myself was described as if the author actually knew them personally. I came to understand how I had been affected by their influence and through the years have been able to successfully chart my own course in life becoming my own unique person. This family aspect of a chart is of immense importance to all people, trying to understand how and why they think and behave the way that they do. Thank you for this useful tool of insight that I am sure is a great source of help to many."
    Mr. G.A., jan-25-2004
  • "The astro intelligence report is remarkably accurate in assessment of myself. Before I read this report, the study of astrology has been sort a past time. I did not really fully appreciate the study of it. Now, I am convinced that an accurate in depth study of one's personality through astrology is needed to fully understand how one interacts with the world. Thank you for an invaluable report."
    Ms. M.C.B., 28-feb-2001
  • "Today I received my - eagerly awaited - Psychological Horoscope Analysis. Much of it is completely accurate. Your analysis will serve as an important source of suggestions and support. I'm very happy to have made use of your offer."
    Ms. U.B., 25-jan-2001
  • My deepest thanks for the insightful reports: Career and Vocation and Psychological Horoscope Analysis. These reports, and your free daily horoscope have helped me experience a sense of the connection between my natal chart and my everyday life as no other astrological reading has ever done.
    Ms. L.V., 03-feb-2003
  • "I received my Psychological Horoscope Analysis yesterday. I was extremely pleased. There were some very deep revelations to me. There were some things I had never considered, but they touched something in me and will require some deep soul searching."
    Ms. L.L., 20-jan-2001
  • "Dear Ms. Greene, For years I have been looking for some inner answers. Have had charts done,physic reading, etc.When I received your Psychological Analysis I was overwelmed at the insight you gave me.I'm 68 now and I wish I had it sooner, or maybe I was not ready for it. I know I have a lot of work to do, but your chart has given me a handle now and I no longer have to let my wondering conscious mind interfere. In fact last night I made an agreement with me to join together with myself.It was the best nights sleep and insight I EVER HAD.... Thank you so much!"
    Mr. N.C., 29-oct-1999
  • "Today I received my Psychological Horoscope. I must tell you that you have analysed me and all my "light and dark sides" very well. Naturally, there is space for objections here and there, but since you had no knowledge whatsoever of my life situation up to this point, it wouldn't have been possible for you to take them into account in your work. I've known ASTRODIENST for many years now, and I have ordered a number of things from you, not only for myself, but also for friends and family. All of the reports, no matter which type, be it yearly, relationship or psychological analysis, enabled me to find out more about these people and therefore adapt to them much more easily."
    Mr. A.S., 10-jun-1998