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Astro-Jumeaux de Astro-Databank

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Né/e le Juillet 18 avec ascendant Cancer

1.Dietz, Muriel E., 18 Juil. 1930, 05:31, Montréal, QU (CAN)
Canadian astrologer; joined AFA in December 1978. Dietz died 10/11/1979 in [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
2.Dvonch, Frederick R., 18 Juil. 1912, 03:45, Chicago, IL (US)
American astrologer, joined AFA in December 1964. Dvonch died 11/18/1976; [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
3.Facchetti, Giacinto, 18 Juil. 1942, 04:30, Treviglio, Italy
Italian soccer player. [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
4.Maria Antonia, Electress of Saxony, 18 Juil. 1724, 03:30, Munich, GER
German composer, singer, harpsichordist and patron, known particularly for her [...] (Ascendant Cancer)

Né/e le Juillet 18

5.Aldridge, Sheila, 18 Juil. 1956, 13:30, Spruce Pine, NC (US)
American singer fbest known for her performances on the Lawrence Welk Show. [...] (Ascendant Scorpion)
6.Alexandre, Prince of Belgium, 18 Juil. 1942, 06:30, Brussels, BEL
Belgian royalty, the son of King Leopold III and Queen Liliane who had married [...] (Ascendant Lion)
7.Anysio, Victoria, 18 Juil. 1994, 01:48, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Brazilian noted family, daughter of politician Zelia Cardosa and husband Chico [...] (Ascendant Taureau)
8.Balla, Giacomo, 18 Juil. 1871, 12:00, Turin, ITALY
Italian architect, builder, painter and interior designer. A leading futurist, [...] (Ascendant Balance)
9.Bartali, Gino, 18 Juil. 1914, 11:00, Bagno a Ripoli, Italy
Italian cyclist, nicknamed “Gino the Pious“ because of his strong religious [...] (Ascendant Balance)
10.Bond, Edward, 18 Juil. 1934, 20:30, London, ENG (UK)
English playwright, theatre director, poet, theorist and screenwriter. He is [...] (Ascendant Capricorne)
11.Boscolo, Enore, 18 Juil. 1929, 01:00, Udine, ITALY
Italian soccer player. [...] (Ascendant Gémeau)
12.Branson, Richard, 18 Juil. 1950, 07:00, Blackheath, ENG (UK)
British entrepreneur who is the founder of Virgin Records and, by 1994, was the [...] (Ascendant Lion)
13.Brolin, James, 18 Juil. 1940, 11:10, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American actor; the handsome 6’4“ actor made his mark as an actor in the TV [...] (Ascendant Balance)
14.Brunetière, Ferdinand, 18 Juil. 1849, 16:00, Toulon, FR
French writer and critic. Brunetiere critical ability, wide learning and [...] (Ascendant Sagittaire)
15.Button, Dick, 18 Juil. 1929, 15:34, Engelwood NJ, USA
American ice skating champion, the winner of Gold Medals in 1948 and 1952. A [...] (Ascendant Scorpion)
16.Cals, Joseph Maria, 18 Juil. 1914, 10:30, Roermond, NETH
Dutch politician. He served as Prime Minister of the Netherlands from April 14, [...] (Ascendant Balance)
17.Corbière, Tristan, 18 Juil. 1845, 18:00, Ploujean, FR
French symbolist and surrealistic poet and novelist. Suffering from ill health, [...] (Ascendant Sagittaire)
18.Di Bella, Luigi, 18 Juil. 1912, 06:00, Linguaglossa, Italy
Italian physician living in Modena who developed a new therapy for cancer [...] (Ascendant Lion)
19.Diesel, Vin, 18 Juil. 1967, 14:30, New York, NY (US)
American actor who came to Steven Spielberg’s attention when Spielberg saw [...] (Ascendant Scorpion)
20.Dix, Richard, 18 Juil. 1895, 21:50, St. Paul MN, USA
American actor; durable cowboy star from 1921, the image of a rugged macho [...] (Ascendant Poissons)
21.Erlewine, Michael, 18 Juil. 1941, 17:03, Lancaster PA, USA
American astrologer and co-founder of Matrix with his brother Stephen in 1977. [...] (Ascendant Sagittaire)
22.Faggin, Leandro, 18 Juil. 1933, 09:40, Padua, Italy
Italian cyclist, the winner of a gold medal at the Melbourne Olympics 1956. He [...] (Ascendant Vierge)
23.Faldo, Nick, 18 Juil. 1957, 15:00, Welwyn Garden City, ENG (UK)
British golfer, 6’ 3“ winner of five major tournaments: the British Open, 1987, [...] (Ascendant Scorpion)
24.Finucane, Anne, 18 Juil. 1952, 08:55, Boston, MA (US)
American business executive, she is the Northeast president and director of [...] (Ascendant Vierge)
25.Forbes, Steve, 18 Juil. 1947, 01:35, Morristown (Morris County), NJ (US)
American publishing executive who announced his first presidential candidacy in [...] (Ascendant Taureau)
26.Galante, Gisèle, 18 Juil. 1956, 13:15, Neuilly sur Seine, FR
French noted family, the daughter of expatriate actress Olivia de Havilland and [...] (Ascendant Balance)
27.Genet, Camille Gabrielle, 18 Juil. 1888, 18:00, Lyon, FR
Mother of French writer Jean Genet, born 19 December 1910, an illegitimate [...] (Ascendant Capricorne)
28.Glenn, John, 18 Juil. 1921, 16:00, Cambridge, OH (US)
American astronaut, one of the original seven astronauts and the first American [...] (Ascendant Sagittaire)
29.Gorresio, Vittorio, 18 Juil. 1910, 15:00, Modena, Italy
Italian journalist a correspondent of La Stampa. He died in 1983. [...] (Ascendant Scorpion)
30.Gradmann, Robert, 18 Juil. 1865, 19:00, Lauffen/Neckar, GER
German priest, geographer, botanist and country watchers. He died 16 September [...] (Ascendant Capricorne)
31.Huch, Ricarda, 18 Juil. 1864, 14:00, Braunschweig, GER
Pioneering German intellectual. Trained as a historian, and the author of many [...] (Ascendant Scorpion)
32.Jaime de Mora y Aragon, 18 Juil. 1925, 15:05, Madrid, SPAIN
Spanish aristocracy, nicknamed Fabiolo in Italy. The older brother of Queen [...] (Ascendant Scorpion)
33.Kaltschmidt, Anna, 18 Juil. 1910, 11:00, Heidelberg, GER
German homicide victim, shot to death by her sweetheart, August Lilli, [...] (Ascendant Balance)
34.Kazak, Eddie, 18 Juil. 1920, 18:00, Steubenville, OH (US)
American baseball player, a right-handed third baseman who played for the St. [...] (Ascendant Sagittaire)
35.Kreisler, Georg, 18 Juil. 1922, 06:00, Vienna, AUS
Austrian-American Viennese-language cabarettist, satirist, composer, and [...] (Ascendant Lion)
36.Kröncke, Karsten, 18 Juil. 1943, 17:03, Hamburg, GER
German astrologer and advocate of the Hamburg School of [...] (Ascendant Scorpion)
37.Labatut, Andre, 18 Juil. 1891, 07:51, Bordeaux, France
French champion foil fencer who competed in the Antwerp Olympics in [...] (Ascendant Vierge)
38.Laurence, Margaret, 18 Juil. 1926, 19:30, Neepawa, MB (CAN)
Canadian novelist and short story writer, one of the major figures in Canadian [...] (Ascendant Capricorne)
39.Layton, Jack, 18 Juil. 1950, 13:30, Montréal, QU (CAN)
Canadian politician, leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada. He earned [...] (Ascendant Balance)
40.Leclerc, Therese, 18 Juil. 1903, 22:51, Fosse, France
French noted family, the wife of Philippe Leclerc, a military hero of WW II, [...] (Ascendant Bélier)
41.Lorentz, Hendrik Antoon, 18 Juil. 1853, 13:00, Arnhem, Netherlands
Dutch physicist, a Nobel Prize winner in 1902. Lorentz died 2/04/1928 [...] (Ascendant Balance)
42.Marshall, Hal, 18 Juil. 1930, 12:00, Manhattan, NY (US)
American Los Angeles promoter. [...] (Ascendant Balance)
43.McIntyre, Dianne, 18 Juil. 1946, 21:25, Cleveland OH, USA
American dancer and choreographer. Educated at the Ohio State University in [...] (Ascendant Verseau)
44.Mendels, Josepha, 18 Juil. 1902, 12:40, Groningen, Netherlands
Dutch teacher, journalist and Paris correspondent for Dutch papers. During WW [...] (Ascendant Balance)
45.Mogey, Richard, 18 Juil. 1943, 07:23, Stamford CT, USA
American executive director of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles that was [...] (Ascendant Lion)
46.Moretti, Marino, 18 Juil. 1885, 06:30, Cesenatico, ITALY
Italian poet and author. After a failed attempt at an acting career, he began [...] (Ascendant Lion)
47.Murray, Therese, 18 Juil. 1946, 01:25, Brookline, MA (US)
American politician, first woman President of the Massachusetts State Senate. [...] (Ascendant Taureau)
48.Norwich, Billy, 18 Juil. 1954, 20:50, Norwich CT, USA
American writer, a widely syndicated gossip columnist. [...] (Ascendant Verseau)
49.Odets, Clifford, 18 Juil. 1906, 13:00, Philadelphia, PA (US)
American playwright, actor, director and artist. A leading U.S. playwright in [...] (Ascendant Scorpion)
50.Olmos, Mico, 18 Juil. 1972, 15:27, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American noted family, the son of actor Edward James Olmos and his wife Kaija [...] (Ascendant Scorpion)
51.Pons, Bernard, 18 Juil. 1926, 08:00, Béziers, FR
French physician and politician. Married once, five [...] (Ascendant Lion)
52.Puorro, Stephanie, 18 Juil. 1947, 03:00, Somerville, MA (US)
American dancer. [...] (Ascendant Gémeau)
53.Richardson, Jerry, 18 Juil. 1936, 22:00, Spring Hope NC, USA
American sports team owner, the head of Richardson Sports of the NFL, head of [...] (Ascendant Poissons)
54.Robert-Michon, Mélina, 18 Juil. 1979, 20:15, Voiron, FR
French discus thrower. At the 2013 World Championships in Moscow, she won the [...] (Ascendant Capricorne)
55.Rota, Battista, 18 Juil. 1932, 20:00, Bergamo, ITALY
Italian soccer/football player. [...] (Ascendant Capricorne)
56.Sabbagh, Pierre Alain, 18 Juil. 1918, 01:30, Lannion, FR
A major personality in French television, as a journalist, producer and [...] (Ascendant Taureau)
57.Salvador, Henri, 18 Juil. 1917, 00:30, Cayenne, FRGU
French Caribbean singer. He began his musical career as a guitarist [...] (Ascendant Taureau)
58.Scruggs, Lauren, 18 Juil. 1988, 13:01, Redondo Beach, CA (US)
American fashion journalist and autobiographer. In Dallas, Texas, on 3 December [...] (Ascendant Balance)
59.Sierra, Jackson Kent, 18 Juil. 1988, 13:15, San Francisco CA, USA
American noted family member, the first child of San Francisco assemblywoman [...] (Ascendant Balance)
60.Skaggs, Ricky, 18 Juil. 1954, 08:10, Louisa, KY (US)
American Country-Western singer whose roots and sound are pure bluegrass, [...] (Ascendant Lion)
61.Skelton, Red, 18 Juil. 1913, 13:15, Vincennes, IN (US)
American film, nightclub and Emmy-award-winning TV comedian, world-known and [...] (Ascendant Scorpion)
62.Soleil, Germaine Lucie, 18 Juil. 1913, 15:00, Paris, France
French astrologer, well-known as Madame Soleil. She began her successful [...] (Ascendant Scorpion)
63.Stewart, Ian, 18 Juil. 1938, 01:50, Pittenweem, SCOT (UK)
Scottish-British musician and rock star, a behind-the-scenes founding member of [...] (Ascendant Gémeau)
64.Stuart, Carol Lee, 18 Juil. 1932, 02:27, Los Angeles CA, USA
American noted family, the daughter of actress Sue Carol and actor Nick Stuart. [...] (Ascendant Gémeau)
65.Swierzinski, Lothar, 18 Juil. 1922, 13:00, Gelsenkirchen, GER
German Nazi military. He was an Unterscharführer in the Waffen SS during World [...] (Ascendant Balance)
66.Thompson, Hunter S., 18 Juil. 1937, 22:00, Louisville, KY (US)
American author and journalist. Born to a middle class family, Thompson went [...] (Ascendant Bélier)
67.Titoff (humourist), 18 Juil. 1972, 15:00, Marseille, FR
French humourist (one-man-show) and actor, he wanted to become a football [...] (Ascendant Scorpion)
68.Toonder, Jan Gerhard, 18 Juil. 1914, 01:00, Rotterdam, NETH
Dutch astrologer, writer and poet. His book, “A Case for Astrology“ with A. [...] (Ascendant Gémeau)
69.Vinkenoog, Simon, 18 Juil. 1928, 08:53, Amsterdam, NETH
Dutch poet, writer, journalist, performer and editor. Simon was the only child [...] (Ascendant Vierge)
70.von Linden, Maria, 18 Juil. 1869, 15:30, Heidenheim an der Brenz (Baden-Württemberg), GER
German zoologist. In 1892 Maria von Linden was the first female student at [...] (Ascendant Scorpion)
71.Yanne, Jean, 18 Juil. 1933, 01:00, Les Lilas, FR
French actor, director, producer, comic and screenwriter. He made his screen [...] (Ascendant Taureau)
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