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Gémeos-Astrológicos do Astro-Databank

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Nasceu a Agosto 22, 1920

1.Bradbury, Ray, 22 Ago 1920, 16:50, Waukegan, IL (US)
American writer of sci-fi and fantasy, one of the best known and admired in the [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
2.Cooley, Denton Arthur, 22 Ago 1920, 04:30, Houston, TX (US)
American heart surgeon famous for performing the first implantation of a total [...] (Ascendente Leão)
3.Schnurre, Wolfdietrich, 22 Ago 1920, 12:00, Frankfurt am Main, GER
German writer, film/theater critic and journalist. He died on 9 June 1989 in [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)

Nasceu a Agosto 22 com ascendente Capricórnio

4.Pierantozzi, Emanuela, 22 Ago 1968, 17:10, Bologna, Italy
Italian female judo champ, winner of a Silver Medal at the Barcelona Olympics [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
5.Williams, Cindy, 22 Ago 1947, 16:35, Van Nuys, CA (US)
American actress who is most widely known for playing Shirley on the TV series [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)

Nasceu a Agosto 22

6.Allen, Chloe, 22 Ago 2008, 14:15, Los Angeles CA, USA
American child of noted parents, her dad is Byron Allen, the host of talk shows [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
7.Amos, Tori, 22 Ago 1963, 13:10, Newton, NC (US)
American singer-songwriter who helped revive the singer-songwriter traditions [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
8.Arnaud, Auguste, 22 Ago 1825, 07:00, La Rochelle, FR
French sculptor. Having failed to win an 1858 competition for a commission to [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
9.Baber, Alice, 22 Ago 1928, 03:40, Charleston IL, USA
American artist, her style was abstract expressionism. Her use of light and [...] (Ascendente Leão)
10.Bair, Charles Douglas, 22 Ago 1949, 04:05, Defiance Co OH, USA
American baseball pitcher, 6’ tall and 170 lb., made his debut on [...] (Ascendente Leão)
11.Bair, Doug, 22 Ago 1949, 04:05, Defiance OH, USA
American pro athlete, a baseball player and pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds and [...] (Ascendente Leão)
12.Bircher-Benner, Maximilian, 22 Ago 1867, 02:30, Aarau, SWTZ
Swiss physician and a pioneer in nutritional research. At his sanatorium in [...] (Ascendente Caranguejo)
13.Blackman, Honor, 22 Ago 1925, 06:00, Plaistow, ENG (UK)
British actress, starting with the TV series, “The Avengers,“ 12/22/1962, along [...] (Ascendente Leão)
14.Brown, Francisco Buarque, 22 Ago 1996, 16:52, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Brazilian noted family, the son of Helena Buarque (son of the Chico) and of [...] (Ascendente Aquário)
15.Carr, Gerald P., 22 Ago 1932, 09:30, Denver, CO (US)
American astronaut and pilot, the commander of Skylab 4 during the longest [...] (Ascendente Balança)
16.Cartier-Bresson, Henri, 22 Ago 1908, 14:51, Chanteloup, France
French master photographer; exhibited from 1934 with work regarded as one of [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
17.Chambers, Joe, 22 Ago 1942, 13:00, Forest MS, USA
American rock musician; one of 13 farm kids. Four of the boys formed a rock [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
18.Chiamparino, Scott, 22 Ago 1966, 12:52, San Mateo CA, USA
American pro baseball player. [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
19.Davis, Jeff, 22 Ago 1883, 22:24, Cincinnati, OH (US)
American hobo king, homeless, a wandering nomad who “rode the rails,“ traveling [...] (Ascendente Touro)
20.Debussy, Claude, 22 Ago 1862, 04:30, St. Germain, France
French composer and pianist. A musical genius, his works are as fresh and [...] (Ascendente Leão)
21.Deng Xiaoping, 22 Ago 1904, 20:30, Guang'an (Sichuan), CHINA
Chinese politician, a thrice purged Communist Party patriarch who impacted [...] (Ascendente Carneiro)
22.Deveny, Edwin, 22 Ago 1930, 07:00, Austin TX, USA
American pianist with powerful technique, clarity and range. A child prodigy, [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
23.Dignimont, Andre, 22 Ago 1891, 05:00, Paris, FR
French illustrator, painter and writer. He died 4 February 1965. [...] (Ascendente Leão)
24.Esposito, Giani, 22 Ago 1930, 04:15, Etterbeek, BEL
Belgian film actor of Italian descent. Married to French actress Pascale Petit [...] (Ascendente Leão)
25.Farrell, Margaux, 22 Ago 1990, 18:15, Bergen, NJ (US)
Olympic swimmer, she won a Bronze medal for the Women’s 4 × 200 metre freestyle [...] (Ascendente Aquário)
26.Feore, Colm, 22 Ago 1958, 00:24, Jamaica Plain, MA (US)
American-born Canadian actor. [...] (Ascendente Gémeos)
27.Filangieri, Gaetano, 22 Ago 1753, 13:30, Cercola, ITALY
Italian jurist and philosopher. The first two books of his great work, La [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
28.Fillmore, Charles, 22 Ago 1854, 04:00, St.Cloud, MN (US)
American religious writer who founded Unity, a church within the New Thought [...] (Ascendente Leão)
29.Frohman, Daniel, 22 Ago 1851, 02:00, Sandusky OH, USA
American entrepreneur and showman. He was one of the great theatrical managers [...] (Ascendente Caranguejo)
30.Gomes, Harold, 22 Ago 1933, 07:52, Providence, RI (US)
American boxer. He won the world super featherweight title i 1959. [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
31.Habert, Philippe, 22 Ago 1958, 22:45, Neuilly sur Seine, FR
French husband of Claude Chirac, the daughter of the Prime Minister. After [...] (Ascendente Touro)
32.Harper, Valerie, 22 Ago 1939, 04:30, Suffern, NY (US)
American actress who became widely popular as the man-hungry worrywart on the [...] (Ascendente Leão)
33.Hebbelinck, Tina, 22 Ago 1976, 15:45, Halle, BEL
Belgian model, worked later as teacher. [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
34.Heltzer, Harry, 22 Ago 1911, 08:00, Cincinnati, OH (US)
American business executive. He was president, board chairman & ceo of [...] (Ascendente Balança)
35.Hoffmann, Peter, 22 Ago 1944, 08:30, Marienbad, CZ
German opera singer, a tenor. [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
36.Kalloniatis, Anthony, 22 Ago 1967, 22:38, Methuen MA, USA
American stand-up comic who goes by “ANT“ as his stage name, he is an, openly [...] (Ascendente Touro)
37.Kroft, Steve, 22 Ago 1945, 10:40, Kokomo IN, USA
American actor and host of the program, “60 Minutes.“ Kroft has been a [...] (Ascendente Balança)
38.Leroux, Robert, 22 Ago 1967, 03:15, Casablanca, Morocco
French athlete, an epee fencer, 2nd place winner in the 1995 World [...] (Ascendente Caranguejo)
39.Lynch, Debra, 22 Ago 1953, 03:49, Norfolk VA, USA
American psychic. [...] (Ascendente Leão)
40.MacLeary, Donald, 22 Ago 1937, 06:35, Glasgow, SCOT (UK)
Scottish dancer, a ballet master. He attended the Royal Ballet School, then [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
41.MacQueen, William, 22 Ago 1965, 14:53, Boston MA, USA
American actor known for his roles played in a wheel chair, in which he was [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
42.Martinet, Marcel, 22 Ago 1887, 05:30, Dijon, FR
French poet, novelist and playwright. Martinet, a Communist and pacifist, [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
43.Molitor, Paul, 22 Ago 1956, 03:23, St.Paul, MN (US)
American pro baseball player who was selected by the St. Louis Cardinals in a [...] (Ascendente Leão)
44.Moynahan, John, 22 Ago 2007, 11:46, Santa Monica, CA (US)
American child of noted parents, football star Tom Brady and actress Bridget [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
45.Parker, Dorothy, 22 Ago 1893, 21:50, West End NJ, USA
American humorist, one of the most famous for her exceptional wit and corrosive [...] (Ascendente Touro)
46.Pontecorvo, Bruno, 22 Ago 1913, 00:15, Pisa, Italy
Italian nuclear physicist who defected to Russia. [...] (Ascendente Gémeos)
47.Presle, Micheline, 22 Ago 1922, 13:15, Paris, FR
French stage/film/tv actress, onscreen 1939. [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
48.Prive, Julie, 22 Ago 1976, 02:11, Fitchburg, MA (US)
American lottery winner whose winnings were controversial and ended up in a [...] (Ascendente Caranguejo)
49.Roux, Aline, 22 Ago 1935, 10:00, Brest, France
French dancer, a member of Waehner’s Contemporary Ballet in 1960 after [...] (Ascendente Balança)
50.Russert, Luke, 22 Ago 1985, 19:11, Washington, DC (US)
American member of noted family, his dad was well-known news personality, Tim [...] (Ascendente Aquário)
51.Schwarzkopf, Norman Jr., 22 Ago 1934, 04:45, Trenton, NJ (US)
American career military man who was known as “Stormin’ Norman“ while Commander [...] (Ascendente Leão)
52.Stockhausen, Karlheinz, 22 Ago 1928, 03:00, Kerpen, GER
German composer and pianist whose career has generated excitement and [...] (Ascendente Leão)
53.Stokowski, Leopold S., 22 Ago 1950, 20:50, New York NY, USA
American noted family, the son of Leopold Stokowski and Gloria [...] (Ascendente Peixes)
54.Taylor, Pat, 22 Ago 1937, 06:18, Wilmington, NC (US)
American sociopath, a woman who left a tornado of destruction in her lifetime [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
55.Vanderbilt, Cornelia, 22 Ago 1900, 20:00, Asheville NC, USA
American heiress and member of noted family, an early American dynasty that [...] (Ascendente Peixes)
56.Warrington, Amanda, 22 Ago 1968, 10:56, Boston MA, USA
American sportswoman; this champion horsewoman died December 28, 1997 in [...] (Ascendente Balança)
57.White, L. Robert, 22 Ago 1938, 07:59, Portsmouth, OH (US)
American college and pro football player, a running back with the Houston [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
58.Yeats, Michael, 22 Ago 1921, 06:15, Thame, ENG (UK)
Irish barrister and Fianna Fáil politician. His father was the poet W. B. [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
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