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Wijzig gegevens van 'Cesare Pinarello [Adb]'

Astro-Tweelingen uit de Astro-Databank

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Geboren op 5 oktober 1932

1.Burke, Yvonne, 5 okt 1932, 23:00, Los Angeles CA, USA
American politician, California’s most prominent black and female political [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
2.Lamparski, Richard, 5 okt 1932, 02:24, Grosse Pointe MI, USA
American publisher of a series of books called, “What Ever Happened [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
3.Parr, Margaret H., 5 okt 1932, 08:37, New York, NY (US)
American astrologer; joined AFA in May 1977. Parr died 3/11/1984, Sarasota, [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
4.Pinarello, Cesare, 5 okt 1932, 03:30, Treviso, Italy
Italian cyclist, an Olympic champion at Helsinki in 1952 and at Melbourne in [...] (Ascendant Maagd)
5.Techter, David, 5 okt 1932, 10:24, Morristown NJ, USA
American parapsychologist and museum worker in charge of fossil vertebrae at [...] (Ascendant Boogschutter)

Geboren op 5 oktober met ascendant Maagd

6.Buono, Angelo A., 5 okt 1934, 04:09, Rochester NY, USA
American homicide who, as the owner of an auto upholstery shop and a prostitute [...] (Ascendant Maagd)
7.Hall, Charles Maurice, 5 okt 1924, 03:55, Honolulu, HI (US)
American military, major general. [...] (Ascendant Maagd)
8.Lafontaine, August, 5 okt 1758, 04:00, Braunschweig, GER
German novelist, the most popular in his lifetime, his works surpassing by far [...] (Ascendant Maagd)
9.Morgan, Robert Burren, 5 okt 1925, 05:00, Lillington, NC (US)
American lawyer, Democratic U.S. Senator from the state of North Carolina from [...] (Ascendant Maagd)

Geboren op 5 oktober

10.Abetti, Giorgio, 5 okt 1882, 16:00, Padova, ITALY
Italian astronomer and solar physicist; director of the Arcetri Observatory [...] (Ascendant Waterman)
11.Allen, Karen, 5 okt 1951, 10:11, Carollton IL, USA
American actress, a skinny, wide-eyed, raspy-voiced brunette leading lady of [...] (Ascendant Boogschutter)
12.Amiel, Denys, 5 okt 1884, 09:00, Villegailhenc, FR
French author, playwright and drama critic. He signed his first plays under the [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
13.Arthur, Chester A., 5 okt 1829, 06:08, Fairfield, VT (US)
American President of the US. 1881-85 after the death of James A. Garfield. [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
14.Bach, August Wilhelm, 5 okt 1796, 00:00, Berlin, GER
German composer and organist. He is unrelated to Johann Sebastian Bach. He [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
15.Balser, Ewald, 5 okt 1898, 01:30, Wuppertal, Germany
German actor in “Rembrandt,“ 1942 and “Erotica,“ 1949. He also directed [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
16.Barker, Clive, 5 okt 1952, 01:00, Liverpool, England
British artist and writer, the prolific author of short stories, plays, novels [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
17.Berrigan, Philip, 5 okt 1923, 00:45, Two Harbors MI, USA
American former Roman Catholic priest and antiwar activist. He, his brother [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
18.Blais, Marie-Claire, 5 okt 1939, 11:00, Québec, QU (CAN)
Canadian author, her books include “Mad Shadows“. [...] (Ascendant Boogschutter)
19.Brown, Peter, 5 okt 1935, 01:37, New York NY, USA
American actor in over 300 TV shows and 17 films since his debut in 1958. [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
20.Buonvino, Gino, 5 okt 1922, 18:00, Bari, ITALY
Italian boxer. [...] (Ascendant Ram)
21.Cassin, René, 5 okt 1887, 09:00, Bayonne, FR
French jurist; President of the U.N. Human Rights Commission 1946-1968 and [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
22.Chapman, Robert, 5 okt 1881, 07:20, Dalkeith, SCOT (UK)
R. W. (Robert) Chapman was a British scholar, book collector and editor of [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
23.Church, Pamela, 5 okt 1929, 11:32, Croydon, ENG (UK)
British athlete, the goalie for the Streatham Felines, a woman’s ice-hockey [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
24.Cole, Stephanie, 5 okt 1941, 12:00, Solihull, England
British actress who gained national attention in 1981 with the 30 episode TV [...] (Ascendant Boogschutter)
25.Conaway, Jeff, 5 okt 1950, 10:05, New York, NY (US)
American actor from age ten in the Broadway production of “All the Way Home.“ [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
26.Conn, David, 5 okt 1950, 14:25, Bronx, NY (US)
American attorney, the lead prosecutor of both Menendez boys, Eric and Lyle, [...] (Ascendant Waterman)
27.Connolly, Brian, 5 okt 1945, 23:20, Glasgow, Scotland
Scottish musician, a platinum blond guitar player in the band “Sweet,“ popular [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
28.Cornevin, Charles, 5 okt 1846, 00:00, Bassigny, France
French scientist; a veterinarian. He and his colleagues, Doctors Arloing and [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
29.Crolet, Pierre, 5 okt 1926, 23:00, Clairvaux les Lacs, FR
French victim of an “accidental“ death on 7/26/1992, c. 6:00 AM, Annecy, [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
30.Cros, Yves, 5 okt 1923, 09:00, Aigues Vives, France
British field and track star and Olympic champion runner of the 400 m. hurdles [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
31.Curtis, Harry, 5 okt 1930, 10:05, Springfield OH, USA
American costume and stage designer. An actor in New York in 1955, he worked [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
32.Delabriere, Stephane, 5 okt 1969, 09:50, Le Havre, France
French serial killer. The eldest of five children, he was tortured by his [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
33.Delfino, Louis, 5 okt 1912, 01:00, Nice, FR
French fighter ace in World War II and a General in the French Air Force. He [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
34.Diderot, Denis, 5 okt 1713, 17:00, Langres, FR
French philosopher, art critic and writer. He was a prominent person during the [...] (Ascendant Vissen)
35.Dodge, Warren, 5 okt 1946, 15:18, Boston, MA (US)
American flight attendant, died along with 230 passengers on TWA Flight 800 [...] (Ascendant Waterman)
36.Duncan, Johnny, 5 okt 1938, 22:30, Dublin TX, USA
American country-western singer and songwriter who had his first top-ten hit in [...] (Ascendant Tweelingen)
37.Edschmid, Kasimir, 5 okt 1890, 15:45, Darmstadt, GER
German writer. Edschmid studied French language and literature at various [...] (Ascendant Waterman)
38.Egert, Barbara, 5 okt 1945, 07:20, Hoya, GER
German astrologer. After having completed her language studies, she was [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
39.Erskine, John, 5 okt 1879, 00:00, New York, NY (US)
American educator and author, pianist and composer. He was first an English [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
40.Foley, Laurence Michael, 5 okt 1942, 09:47, Boston MA, USA
American long time diplomat and worker for peace, Foley was killed on [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
41.Geldof, Bob, 5 okt 1951, 14:20, Dublin, IRE
Irish punk rock musician, lead vocalist and songwriter of “Boomtown Rats“ and [...] (Ascendant Boogschutter)
42.Geragos, Mark, 5 okt 1957, 05:00, Los Angeles CA, USA
American attorney representing high profile clients. In 2003-2004, he [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
43.Gordon, Richard F., 5 okt 1929, 12:45, Seattle WA, USA
American astronaut who made two flights in space as an astronaut, logging 244 [...] (Ascendant Boogschutter)
44.Haddy, Anne, 5 okt 1930, 17:00, Quorn, Australia
Australian actress, star of the soap “Neighbors,“ from 1985. Two years later [...] (Ascendant Vissen)
45.Halphen, Eric, 5 okt 1959, 20:45, Clichy, France
French prosecuting attorney, the Examining Magistrate. In the [...] (Ascendant Tweelingen)
46.Havel, Václav, 5 okt 1936, 15:00, Prague, CZ
Czech nationalist, playwright and president, a thorn in the side of the [...] (Ascendant Waterman)
47.Keating, Caron, 5 okt 1962, 02:30, London, England
British television presenter and daughter of noted television personality [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
48.Kerry, Teresa Heinz, 5 okt 1938, 18:18, Lourenço Marques, MOZ
American philanthropist, wife of politicians Republican Senator John Heinz and [...] (Ascendant Ram)
49.Logan, Joshua, 5 okt 1908, 10:00, Texarkana TX, USA
American producer, director and author of many Broadway shows. He won a [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
50.Ludden, Allen, 5 okt 1917, 16:00, Mineral Point IA, USA
American game show host and TV executive. He was noted for his shows, [...] (Ascendant Vissen)
51.Lumière, Louis, 5 okt 1864, 01:00, Besançon, FR
French scientist and cinematographer. He worked with his brother Auguste to [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
52.MacRae, Heather, 5 okt 1946, 07:12, New York NY, USA
American singer, a Broadway and cabaret star known for her falsetto voice. The [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
53.Millan, Bruce, 5 okt 1927, 23:40, Dundee, SCOT (UK)
Scottish politician, a Member of Parliament who was returned at General [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
54.Miller, Steve, 5 okt 1943, 10:31, Milwaukee, WI (US)
American musician, guitarist, singer and leader of the Steve Miller Band. His [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
55.Mirallas, Kevin, 5 okt 1987, 15:55, Liège, BEL
Belgian footballer of Spanish descent who plays as a winger for Everton and the [...] (Ascendant Waterman)
56.Nityananda, 5 okt 1962, 09:00, Bombay, India
Indian holy man who was one of Muktananda’s two successors, the other being [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
57.Nocker, Hilde, 5 okt 1924, 23:30, Giessen, GER
German television presenter and moderator. She died 1 May 1996. [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
58.Pallone, Dave, 5 okt 1951, 06:51, Waltham, MA (US)
American National League umpire for ten years. Now openly gay, he wrote a [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
59.Partridge, David Birdie, 5 okt 1919, 22:30, Akron, OH (US)
American artist. [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
60.Pas, Theo Van der, 5 okt 1902, 22:00, The Hague, NETH
Dutch musician, pianist. [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
61.Pearce, Guy, 5 okt 1967, 16:15, Ely Cambridgeshire, England
British-Australian dancer, actor and writer. At the age of three and a half, [...] (Ascendant Waterman)
62.Peel, Carol A., 5 okt 1938, 20:03, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American professional astrologer and teacher at the Church of Light. She [...] (Ascendant Tweelingen)
63.Pickett, Brad, 5 okt 1962, 11:30, Norwood, MA (US)
American former actor, seen on the TV soaps “Knots Landing“ and “Family Medical [...] (Ascendant Boogschutter)
64.Pöllner, Otto, 5 okt 1864, 07:59, Melleck, GER
German astrologer and author of several astrological books between 1910 and [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
65.Roy, Patrick, 5 okt 1965, 11:07, Ste.Foy, QU (CAN)
Canadian professional athlete, a hockey player and goalie. He began his pro [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
66.Scripps, John P., 5 okt 1912, 18:30, Cleveland, OH (US)
American newspaper publisher and entrepreneur, the Chairman of the Board of the [...] (Ascendant Stier)
67.Sinclair, Titie, 5 okt 1893, 17:22, Amstelveen, NETH
Dutch nurse, a centenarian who lived to age 104. She married on 2/24/1921 to [...] (Ascendant Ram)
68.Smith, Adrian, 5 okt 1936, 05:30, Farmington, KY (US)
American basketball player. [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
69.Stein, Jock, 5 okt 1922, 17:50, Hamilton, SCOT (UK)
Jock Stein was a Scottish football player and manager. He became the first [...] (Ascendant Vissen)
70.Stevens, Mathew Don, 5 okt 1969, 15:00, Iowa City IA, USA
American career criminal, arrested for burglary and theft 7/25/1992. With a [...] (Ascendant Steenbok)
71.Sublet, Alessandra, 5 okt 1976, 14:30, Lyon, FR
French TV host and radio presenter, daughter of Joël Sublet, soccer player at [...] (Ascendant Steenbok)
72.Troppmann, Jean-Baptiste, 5 okt 1849, 11:00, Brunstatt, France
French homicidal homosexual sociopath. Favored by his mom and ill-treated by [...] (Ascendant Boogschutter)
73.Villani, Cedric, 5 okt 1973, 19:25, Brive La Gaillarde, France
French mathematician and winner of the Fiels medal in 2010. A Ph.D. in math, he [...] (Ascendant Stier)
74.Westbeech, George, 5 okt 1844, 17:10, Liverpool, ENG (UK)
British elephant hunter, ivory trader and pioneer traveller of the Zambezi [...] (Ascendant Ram)
75.Wikholm, Claire, 5 okt 1944, 17:25, Stockholm, Sweden
Swedish actress, a frequent guest in entertainment programs on [...] (Ascendant Stier)
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