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Astro-Twins from Astro-Databank

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Born on March 16 with ascendant Gemini

1.Aubry, Nahla, 16 Mar 2008, 10:17, Los Angeles CA, USA
American child of noted parents, she is the daughter of actress Halle Berry and [...] (Ascendant Gemini)
2.Moynihan, Daniel, 16 Mar 1927, 09:46, Tulsa, OK (US)
American senator, ambassador, author and educator. Moynihan rose from the [...] (Ascendant Gemini)

Born on March 16

3.Alcott, Anna, 16 Mar 1831, 23:00, Germantown (Philadelphia County), PA (US)
American noted family, daughter of Amos Bronson Alcott, sister of Louisa May [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
4.Alibert, Francois Paul, 16 Mar 1873, 18:00, Carcassonne, FR
French poet and journalist. He died 23 June 1953 [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
5.Becattini, Fosco, 16 Mar 1925, 13:00, Sestri Levante, Italy
Italian soccer player [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
6.Bertolucci, Bernardo, 16 Mar 1941, 19:25, Parma, ITALY
Italian director, one of the most accomplished of his generation. A poet as a [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
7.Boehm, Karl Heinz, 16 Mar 1928, 18:45, Darmstadt, Germany
German actor and noted family member, the son of conductor Karl Boehm. His [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
8.Bonaparte, Napoléon IV, 16 Mar 1856, 03:15, Paris, FR
French noted family, the son of Napoleon III, Prince Imperial. He was [...] (Ascendant Capricorn)
9.Bonheur, Rosa, 16 Mar 1822, 20:00, Bordeaux, FR
French artist famed by 1853 for her paintings of animals, which exhibited [...] (Ascendant Libra)
10.Cayce, Hugh Lynn, 16 Mar 1907, 15:15, Bowling Green, KY (US)
American noted family, the son of Edgar and Gertrude Cayce and an author of a [...] (Ascendant Leo)
11.Churchill, Geraldine, 16 Mar 1888, 09:30, Waco, TX (US)
American astrologer, active for more than 30 years, teaching horary at the [...] (Ascendant Taurus)
12.Codegone, Cesare, 16 Mar 1904, 16:20, Novara, ITALY
Italian civil engineer and author, he wrote “Fisica Tecnica“, five volumes [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
13.Corbelli, Guido, 16 Mar 1913, 01:00, Sassuolo, ITALY
Italian soccer player. He died in 1995. [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
14.Daumal, Rene, 16 Mar 1908, 17:51, Boulzicourt, France
French writer, His unfinished fantasy; “Mount Analogue“ was published with a [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
15.De France, Henry, 16 Mar 1872, 17:00, Abbeville, France
French dowser; author of “The Elements of Dowsing“ 1971, [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
16.Durand, Oscar Ramirez, 16 Mar 1953, 21:00, Arequipa, PERU
Commonly known as Comrade Feliciano, HE was one of the leaders of the Shining [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
17.Ford, Jack, 16 Mar 1952, 01:40, Washington, DC (US)
American noted family, second son of Elizabeth and Gerald Ford; age 22 when his [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
18.Gavet, Simon, 16 Mar 1937, 20:20, Champigny sur Marne, FR
French cabaret director. [...] (Ascendant Libra)
19.Gilg, Youri, 16 Mar 1970, 13:19, Le Mans, FR
French alpine skier (freeride, mogul skiing) of Polish descent, he participated [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
20.Groven, Sigmund, 16 Mar 1946, 06:45, Notodden, NOR
Norwegian musician, considered one of the world’s leading classical harmonica [...] (Ascendant Pisces)
21.Harmel, Pierre, 16 Mar 1911, 19:00, Uccle, Belgium
Belgian eminent politician, the Secretary of State and former Foreign [...] (Ascendant Libra)
22.Horton, Edward Everett, 16 Mar 1886, 00:20, Brooklyn (Kings County), NY (US)
American character actor. He had a long career in film, theater, radio, [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
23.Hugo, Valentine, 16 Mar 1887, 16:00, Boulogne sur Mer, FR
French surrealist painter, studied painting in Paris, and in 1919 married [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
24.Huppert, Isabelle, 16 Mar 1953, 02:40, Paris, FR
French actress of stage, television and film, who debuted in “Faustine et le [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
25.Irvine, Robert Scott, 16 Mar 1906, 16:45, Edinburgh, SCOT (UK)
Scottish artist, painter. [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
26.Kamihara, Ben, 16 Mar 1925, 20:10, Yakima WA, USA
American artist, exhibited at the Whitney Museum of Art in New York City, [...] (Ascendant Libra)
27.Kendall, Donald McIntosh, 16 Mar 1921, 07:00, Sequim, WA (US)
American business executive. He served as CEO of PepsiCo from 1971 to [...] (Ascendant Aries)
28.Klemmer, Grover, 16 Mar 1921, 18:57, San Francisco, CA (US)
American track & field champion. In 1941, he set the world record for the 400 [...] (Ascendant Libra)
29.Kline, Gibson H., 16 Mar 1934, 07:00, Leesburg, VA (US)
American astrologer, joined AFA 7/1969. He died on August 31, [...] (Ascendant Aries)
30.Knight, JZ, 16 Mar 1946, 00:02, Dexter NM, USA
American psychic, the “channel“ through which Ramtha speaks, a 35,000 [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
31.Knight, J. Z., 16 Mar 1946, 00:02, Roswell, NM (US)
American mystic teacher and author, known for claiming to be channel of a [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
32.Labrousse, Camille, 16 Mar 1895, 23:59:59, Barbezieux, FR
French economic historian. In the 1930s, he established himself with his [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
33.Lalaounis, Jean, 16 Mar 1926, 14:30, Pau, FR
French boxer. [...] (Ascendant Leo)
34.Lanz, Markus, 16 Mar 1969, 07:33, Bruneck, ITALY
Lanz works in Germany as a television presenter. Since 2008 Lanz has worked for [...] (Ascendant Aries)
35.Leggett, Anthony, 16 Mar 1938, 21:55, East London, England
British psychic and columnist with a weekly page in the “National [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
36.Lewis, Jerry (1926), 16 Mar 1926, 12:15, Newark, NJ (US)
American comedian, director, writer, actor, producer and TV host. A successful [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
37.Lorphelin, Marine, 16 Mar 1993, 00:45, Mâcon, FR
French beauty queen crowned Miss France 2013 on 8 December 2012. She was the [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
38.Madison, James, 16 Mar 1751, 23:59, Port Conway VA, USA
American politician whose contribution to both the philosophy and details of [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
39.Mengele, Josef, 16 Mar 1911, 11:45, Günzburg, GER
German physician and member of the Nazi party who was known as the “Angel of [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
40.Meyer, Arthur Woldemar, 16 Mar 1885, 02:30, Wiesbaden, GER
German surgeon, one of the first to successfully carry out surgical embolectomy [...] (Ascendant Capricorn)
41.Morton, Thomas G., 16 Mar 1947, 18:00, Conservatoria, Brazil
Brazilian psychokinetic, capable of many feats similar to Uri Geller and more, [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
42.Nicora, Attilio, 16 Mar 1937, 00:15, Varese, Italy
Italian ecclesiastic, a Roman Catholic Cardinal ordained into the priesthood in [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
43.Nixon, Pat, 16 Mar 1912, 23:50, Ely, NV (US)
American First Lady, wife of the 36th U.S. President, Richard M. Nixon. She [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
44.Nova, Lou, 16 Mar 1915, 06:00, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American boxer and actor. He died on 29 September 1991. [...] (Ascendant Pisces)
45.Ohm, Georg, 16 Mar 1789, 03:00, Erlangen, GER
German physicist who discovered the law, named after him, which states that the [...] (Ascendant Capricorn)
46.Oscar Ramirez, 16 Mar 1953, 21:00, Arequipa, PERU
Oscar Ramirez, commonly known as Comrade Feliciano, was one of the leaders of [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
47.Patti, Guesch, 16 Mar 1946, 04:30, Neuilly sur Seine, FR
French singer. She first started her career at dancing at age nine when she [...] (Ascendant Capricorn)
48.Pittman, Tom, 16 Mar 1932, 14:45, Phoenix, AZ (US)
American actor who died aged 26, described by the Los Angeles Times as “one of [...] (Ascendant Leo)
49.Prudhomme, Sully, 16 Mar 1839, 04:00, Paris, France
French writer, the first recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature on [...] (Ascendant Capricorn)
50.Reed, Candie, 16 Mar 1947, 08:07, Baltimore MD, USA
American artist, known for her impressionistic landscapes. The images from her [...] (Ascendant Taurus)
51.Renick, Rick, 16 Mar 1944, 05:30, London (Madison County), OH (US)
American baseball player, a right-handed infielder and outfielder who played [...] (Ascendant Aquarius)
52.Richet, Alfred, 16 Mar 1816, 03:00, Dijon, France
French surgeon and a member of the Academie Des Sciences. He died in [...] (Ascendant Capricorn)
53.Schmidt, Curt, 16 Mar 1970, 00:43, Miles City MT, USA
American baseball player, a pitcher for the Montreal Expos. Schmidt was [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
54.Schmidt, Jacques, 16 Mar 1933, 23:45, Briancon, France
French costume designer for stage plays and films throughout the world. [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
55.Sladky, James, 16 Mar 1947, 01:07, Bridgeport CT, USA
American ice skater, won the championship for Ice Dance with partner Judy [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
56.Soudant, Hubert, 16 Mar 1946, 05:00, Maastricht, Netherlands
Dutch orchestra conductor, winner of the Grand Prix de disque for a recording [...] (Ascendant Capricorn)
57.Spina, Roberto, 16 Mar 1932, 19:15, Rome, Italy
Italian boxer. [...] (Ascendant Libra) Astro-Twins 0%

58.Terenzi, Tonhi, 16 Mar 1969, 22:45, Genova, Italy
Italian fencing master, the winner of a Bronze Medal in team sabres with [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
59.Tiller, Nadja Maria, 16 Mar 1929, 04:15, Vienna, Austria
Austrian beauty queen, model and actress, she was Miss Austria in 1949 and [...] (Ascendant Aquarius)
60.Titulescu, Nicolae, 16 Mar 1882, 08:30, Craiova, Romania
Romanian politician and diplomat; he headed up the League of Nations from [...] (Ascendant Taurus)
61.Van Halen, Wolfgang, 16 Mar 1991, 18:53, Santa Monica, CA (US)
American musician, the son of actress Valerie Bertinelli and rocker Eddie Van [...] (Ascendant Libra)
62.Van Tassel, Lucille, 16 Mar 1924, 01:00, Tacoma WA, USA
American psychic who, having been aware of her abilities from the age of five, [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
63.Varlin, 16 Mar 1900, 08:40, Zürich, SWTZ
Jewish Swiss painter. His position in Swiss art history of the 20th century is [...] (Ascendant Taurus)
64.von Galen, Clemens, 16 Mar 1878, 21:30, Dinklage, GER
German priest, a Roman Catholic Chaplain in 1904 and a Cardinal Archbishop in [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
65.von Kampf, Eugen, 16 Mar 1861, 12:00, Aachen, GER
German painter and a professor at the Art Academy in Dusseldorf. His brother is [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
66.Weiseman, Frederick Leonard, 16 Mar 1908, 16:45, Milwaukee, WI (US)
American military, major general, U.S. marine corps. [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
67.Woodkid (musician), 16 Mar 1983, 08:30, Tassin la Demi Lune, FR
French singer-songwriter, born to a jewish mother. He is also a neo folk [...] (Ascendant Taurus)
68.Woolery, Chuck, 16 Mar 1941, 16:30, Ashland KY, USA
American TV personality, a game show host who inaugurated the popular show [...] (Ascendant Virgo)