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Geboren op 5 april met ascendant Waterman

1.Ayari, Soheil, 5 apr 1970, 03:45, Aix les Bains, FR
French-Iranian race car driver who won the French Formula Ford championship of [...] (Ascendant Waterman)
2.Broche, Félix, 5 apr 1905, 03:06, Marseille, FR
French military officer in World War II, awarded the title of ’Compagnon de la [...] (Ascendant Waterman)
3.Buhan, Jean, 5 apr 1912, 04:00, Bordeaux, FR
French champion fencer, champion in 1948 olympics. [...] (Ascendant Waterman)
4.Couchepin, Pascal, 5 apr 1942, 04:25, Martigny, SWTZ
Swiss politician, the President of Switzerland in 2003 and [...] (Ascendant Waterman)
5.Dujardin, Félix, 5 apr 1801, 03:00, Tours, FR
French biologist known for his research of protozoans and other invertebrates. [...] (Ascendant Waterman)
6.Erber, Ursula, 5 apr 1934, 03:45, München, GER
German actress. [...] (Ascendant Waterman)
7.Jelaawitz, Fanny, 5 apr 1906, 04:30, Oslo, NOR
Norwegian Jewish sales assistant and victim of the Holocaust. Her parents were [...] (Ascendant Waterman)
8.Leka, Crown Prince of Albania, 5 apr 1939, 03:30, Tirana, ALB
Albanian royalty, the only son of King Zog I of the Albanians and his queen [...] (Ascendant Waterman)
9.Pittaud de Forges, Auguste, 5 apr 1803, 04:00, Paris, FR
French playwright who began his career under the pseudonym Deforges or [...] (Ascendant Waterman)
10.Tschandin, Louis, 5 apr 1942, 07:00, Rammersmatt, France
French homicide; shot his mistress and her lover to death on 5/08/1983, Colmar, [...] (Ascendant Waterman)

Geboren op 5 april

11.Abbamonte, Mary Francis, 5 apr 1946, 14:44, Montclair, NJ (US)
American astrologer, a member of ISAR in Stamford, CT. Mary Francis is [...] (Ascendant Maagd)
12.Ammelrooy, Willeke van, 5 apr 1944, 06:30, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dutch actress, well known and popular. [...] (Ascendant Vissen)
13.Asher, Jane, 5 apr 1946, 22:00, London, ENG (UK)
British actress, cook, writer and businesswoman. Asher made her acting debut [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
14.Baer, Morley, 5 apr 1916, 19:00, Toledo OH, USA
American photographer and author of photography books. A fan of Edward Weston’s [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
15.Banks, Tony L., 5 apr 1973, 22:48, National City, CA (US)
American football player, winner of the highly contested starting quarterback [...] (Ascendant Boogschutter)
16.Bertin, Eddy, 5 apr 1979, 22:45, Nantes, FR
French horse racing jockey, twin brother of Régis, also a jockey. [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
17.Bertin, Régis, 5 apr 1979, 23:05, Nantes, FR
French horse racing jockey, twin brother of Eddy, also a [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
18.Bloch, Robert Albert, 5 apr 1917, 21:20, Chicago IL, USA
American writer of science and weird fiction, a scenarist and copy-writer. He [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
19.Bonneton, Valérie, 5 apr 1970, 12:40, Somain, FR
French stage and film actress, born in a “ch’ti“ family (Northern France). She [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
20.Borgel, Keven, 5 apr 1972, 07:35, Marseille, FR
French racehorse trainer based in Marseille. [...] (Ascendant Stier)
21.Bouchez, Elodie, 5 apr 1973, 19:50, Montreuil, FR
French actress living in Los Angeles. She had two children (born in 2002 and [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
22.Boutter, Julien, 5 apr 1974, 21:40, Boulay Moselle, FR
French tennis player. At the 2002 Australian Open, Boutter defeated No. 2 seed [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
23.Brookes, F.T., 5 apr 1873, 10:30, Paris, France
British occultist and writer. Well educated in Paris, he became interested in [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
24.Buttner, François, 5 apr 1917, 12:00, Paris, FR
French general, a specialist in airborne weaponry. He died in Montpellier on 21 [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
25.Camilleri, Terry, 5 apr 1947, 09:35, Gozo, ITALY
Maltese-born Australian actor, who has also worked variously overseas in the [...] (Ascendant Tweelingen)
26.Canham, Emily, 5 apr 1997, 13:07, Kettering, ENG (UK)
English internet personality, a blogger and YouTuber who posts videos featuring [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
27.Carelsen, Fie, 5 apr 1890, 11:00, Amsterdam, NETH
Dutch actress, married from 1913 to 1920 to Jean-Louis Pisuisse. She died in [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
28.Cavallari, Simona, 5 apr 1971, 13:00, Rome, ITALY
Italian film, theatre, and television actress. She made her acting debut in [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
29.Chazelle, Ervan, 5 apr 1984, 09:00, Lyon, FR
French horse racing jockey. [...] (Ascendant Stier)
30.Claus, Hugo Maurice, 5 apr 1929, 21:00, Brugge, BEL
Belgian writer, painter, producer, journalist, actor, also experimental poet, [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
31.Corman, Roger, 5 apr 1926, 14:00, Detroit, MI (US)
American writer and motion picture director known for his numerous low-budget, [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
32.Cour, Pierre, 5 apr 1916, 01:00, Brunoy, FR
French songwriter, who wrote a number of successful songs in the 1950s, 1960s [...] (Ascendant Steenbok)
33.Cullinane, Michael, 5 apr 1959, 07:58, Winchester, MA (US)
American accident victim who fell to his death 9/14/1982 in San Francisco, CA. [...] (Ascendant Tweelingen)
34.Davis, Bette, 5 apr 1908, 21:00, Lowell, MA (US)
American actress, one of the most outstanding stars of Hollywood’s history. By [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
35.Demouy, Vanessa, 5 apr 1973, 05:45, Montreuil, FR
French model, stage actress, occasionally film actress and singer. Primarily [...] (Ascendant Vissen)
36.Diergarten, Hans, 5 apr 1913, 12:00, Schalksmühle, GER
German Nazi military, a Obersturmbannführer (Lieutenant Colonel) with the [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
37.Dominiri, Marco, 5 apr 1963, 17:45, Rome, Italy
Italian homicide victim, kidnapped by unknown persons 4/26/1970. His body was [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
38.Dupre, Jules, 5 apr 1811, 20:00, Nantes, FR
French painter, one of the chief members of the Barbizon school of landscape [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
39.Eberhart, Richard Ghormley, 5 apr 1904, 12:00, Austin, MN (US)
American poet. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for Selected Poems. He died [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
40.Ernst, Prince of Saxony, 5 apr 1831, 15:15, Dresden, GER
Prince of the House of Wettin, as the fourth child of Johann, King of Saxony, [...] (Ascendant Maagd)
41.Fältskog, Agnetha, 5 apr 1950, 12:35, Jönköping, SWED
Swedish singer, a member of the 70s supergroup ABBA. [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
42.Ferguson, Marilyn, 5 apr 1938, 22:45, Grand Junction, CO (US)
American writer and publisher of journals. As the author of “Aquarian [...] (Ascendant Boogschutter)
43.Ferry, Jules, 5 apr 1832, 02:45, Saint-Dié, FR
French statesman and republican, Prime Minister of the Third Republic. He was a [...] (Ascendant Steenbok)
44.Fiessinger, Charles, 5 apr 1857, 14:00, Mutzig, FR
French doctor who worked at the ’’Monts du Jura’’ in Oyonnax from 1870, and [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
45.Fleetwood, Nick, 5 apr 1996, 12:53, Austin, TX (US)
American comedian and social media star who became known for his eponymous Vine [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
46.Friis, Erik J, 5 apr 1913, 17:30, Oslo, NOR
Norwegian (later American) editor and publisher. In 1929 he emigrated together [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
47.Galian, Laurence, 5 apr 1954, 13:15, Manhattan, NY (US)
American Sufi, who is a dervish of the Halveti-Jerrahi Order from Istanbul, [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
48.Gonson, Claudia, 5 apr 1968, 05:09, Boston MA, USA
American musician, she is considered the brains and the voice behind the [...] (Ascendant Ram)
49.Gorshin, Frank, 5 apr 1933, 22:15, Pittsburgh, PA (US)
American actor, an accomplished impressionist and comedian in the ’60s and [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
50.Guglielminetti, Amalia, 5 apr 1881, 15:00, Turin, ITALY
Italian poet and writer. She died on 4 December 1941 from complications [...] (Ascendant Maagd)
51.Hart Nibbrig, Ferdinand, 5 apr 1866, 05:30, Amsterdam, NETH
Dutch painter and theosophist. He was the fifth son of the merchant in sugar [...] (Ascendant Ram)
52.Hawthorne, Nigel, 5 apr 1929, 07:00, Coventry, ENG (UK)
British stage and film actor who gained admiration in his early ’50s. He [...] (Ascendant Stier)
53.Hemingway, Mary Welsh, 5 apr 1908, 05:00, Walker, MN (US)
American journalist, a reporter who joined Time-Life corporation in 1940 and [...] (Ascendant Vissen)
54.Hershberger, Gary, 5 apr 1964, 16:33, Inglewood, CA (US)
American actor and writer who played Mike Nelson on the cult TV show, “Twin [...] (Ascendant Maagd)
55.Hertoghe, Eugène, 5 apr 1860, 16:30, Antwerp, BEL
Belgian physician, surgeon and pioneer in thyroid function research, known for [...] (Ascendant Maagd)
56.Herzog, Roman, 5 apr 1934, 08:54, Landshut, GER
German politician the CDU candidate (Christian Democratic Union) endorsed by [...] (Ascendant Tweelingen)
57.Hislop, Joseph, 5 apr 1884, 20:30, Edinburgh, SCOT (UK)
Scottish rich-voiced, handsome operatic tenor who made his debut in 1914 at the [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
58.Hoover, H. M., 5 apr 1935, 14:15, Louisville (Stark County), OH (US)
American sci-fi author, novelist for children. [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
59.Hubert, Annie, 5 apr 1941, 10:30, Montevideo, UR
French food anthropologist, among the few researchers in this field in France. [...] (Ascendant Tweelingen)
60.Imany, 5 apr 1979, 18:30, Martigues, FR
French pop-soul singer of Comorian descent, formerly model she grew up with 7 [...] (Ascendant Maagd)
61.Irvine, Richard, 5 apr 1910, 05:00, Salt Lake City, UT (US)
American art director, nominated for an Academy Award in the category Best Art [...] (Ascendant Vissen)
62.Karajan, Herbert von, 5 apr 1908, 22:30, Salzburg, AUS
Austrian conductor, pianist and recording artist, the controversial icon of the [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
63.Keith, Arthur Berriedale, 5 apr 1879, 05:50, Portobello, SCOT (UK)
Scottish constitutional lawyer, scholar of Sanskrit and Indologist. He became [...] (Ascendant Ram)
64.Kekkonen, Antero, 5 apr 1946, 09:30, Kotka, FIN
Finnish television personality, politician, and M.P. Married once, his wife [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
65.Kimmel, Eleanora, 5 apr 1923, 20:08, Straubing, GER
German-American astrologer who studied astrology in Denver, Colorado and [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
66.Le Mesurier, John, 5 apr 1912, 03:00, Bedford, ENG (UK)
English actor, well known for his comedic role as Sergeant Arthur Wilson in the [...] (Ascendant Steenbok)
67.Leo, Bessie, 5 apr 1858, 18:47, Salisbury, ENG (UK)
British editor and astrologer. She was devoted to theosophy and introduced to [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
68.Lewis, Zoe, 5 apr 2002, 13:19, Springfield, MA (US)
American child of noted parent, her father is Aaron Lewis, the lead singer of [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
69.Lindemann, Frederick, 5 apr 1886, 14:30, Baden-Baden, GER
German-born English geophysicist, science advisor and minister, 1st Viscount [...] (Ascendant Maagd)
70.Long, Janice, 5 apr 1955, 08:10, Liverpool, ENG (UK)
British former Radio One D.J. whose career faded after she took maternity [...] (Ascendant Tweelingen)
71.Loosli, Carl Albert, 5 apr 1877, 17:30, Bern, SWTZ
Swiss writer and journalist. He was one of the most important intellectuals and [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
72.Marcheschi, Louis Cork, 5 apr 1945, 23:22, San Mateo, CA (US)
American artist. [...] (Ascendant Boogschutter)
73.Maria Amalia, Archduchess of Austria (1724), 5 apr 1724, 19:30, Vienna, AUS
Archduchess of Austria, the last daughter of Karl (Charles) VI, Holy Roman [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
74.Mathijsen, Joris, 5 apr 1980, 07:32, Goirle, NETH
Dutch-born football/soccer player. [...] (Ascendant Stier)
75.McCartney, Michelle, 5 apr 1960, 06:45, Paris, FR
French noted family, daughter of Monique LeVallier (born 5/10/1945) and [...] (Ascendant Ram)
76.McCloskey, Carla, 5 apr 1951, 00:15, Madison, WI (US)
American assistant director on film productions, she is married to actor Leigh [...] (Ascendant Boogschutter)
77.Meier-Parm, Heinrich Christian, 5 apr 1905, 15:08, Hamburg, GER
German writer, a dramatist and writer of novels and short stories, a [...] (Ascendant Maagd)
78.Moriarty, Michael, 5 apr 1941, 18:09, Detroit, MI (US)
American actor and musician, a jazz pianist and singer and composer. Moriarty [...] (Ascendant Weegschaal)
79.Mortier, Marie-Laetitia, 5 apr 1978, 11:00, Maisons Laffitte, FR
French racehorse trainer. [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
80.Mourlet, Michel, 5 apr 1935, 12:00, Bois Colombes, FR
French writer, journalist, film theorist and teacher. He is known for his essay [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
81.Nalbandian, Maggie, 5 apr 1937, 15:00, Plainview (Hale County), TX (US)
American astrologer and teacher. Founder and director of NORWAC and owner of [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
82.Nelson, Scott J., 5 apr 1954, 20:42, Boston, MA (US)
American engineer who took a high-paying job with the Hospital Corporation of [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
83.Parrish, Louis, 5 apr 1927, 16:00, Mansfield LA, USA
American scientist, the foremost authority in the U.S. if not the world on [...] (Ascendant Maagd)
84.Pastinha, Mestre, 5 apr 1889, 04:00, Salvador (Bahia), BRAS
Brazilian mestre (a master practitioner) of the Afro-Brazilian martial art [...] (Ascendant Vissen)
85.Peck, Gregory, 5 apr 1916, 08:00, La Jolla (San Diego County), CA (US)
American stage and film actor nominated for four Oscars, the Best Actor award [...] (Ascendant Tweelingen)
86.Pironti, Félix, 5 apr 1921, 05:00, Marseille, FR
French soccer/football player. He played for Olympique de Marseille [...] (Ascendant Vissen)
87.Planckaert, Willy, 5 apr 1944, 16:00, Gand, BEL
Belgian road cyclist racer, specialized in sprint. He won twice the green [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
88.Pleuer, Hermann, 5 apr 1863, 15:00, Schwäbisch Gmünd, GER
German Impressionist and landscape artist who is best known for his paintings [...] (Ascendant Maagd)
89.Pompidou, Alain, 5 apr 1942, 16:00, Paris, FR
French scientist and politician. A former professor of histology, embryology [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
90.Ponte, Maurice, 5 apr 1902, 08:00, Voiron, FR
French electrical engineer, business executive and author. He published papers [...] (Ascendant Tweelingen)
91.Reichenberger, Emmanuel, 5 apr 1888, 10:00, Vilseck, GER
German Roman Catholic priest. He died on July 2, 1966 in [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
92.Reinacher, Eduard, 5 apr 1892, 20:00, Strasbourg, FR
Alsatian-German poet, radio playwright, storyteller and playwright, who died on [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
93.Resnik, Judith, 5 apr 1949, 06:52, Akron, OH (US)
American astronaut. An honor student with a B.A. in Electrical Engineering, [...] (Ascendant Stier)
94.Rochet, Waldeck, 5 apr 1905, 01:00, Sainte-Croix, FR
French communist politician. He was General Secretary of the French Communist [...] (Ascendant Steenbok)
95.Rodriguez, Rick, 5 apr 1954, 07:38, Salinas CA, USA
American journalist, working for a metropolitan newspaper as an editor and [...] (Ascendant Stier)
96.Roussel, Albert, 5 apr 1869, 11:00, Tourcoing, FR
French composer who spent seven years as a midshipman, turned to music as an [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
97.Schell, Daniel, 5 apr 1944, 06:10, Ixelles, BEL
Belgian musician and composer. [...] (Ascendant Vissen)
98.Schneidermann, Daniel, 5 apr 1958, 12:25, Neuilly sur Seine, FR
French journalist, who focuses on the analysis of televised media. He is mainly [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
99.Semblat, Charles Henri, 5 apr 1897, 09:00, Saint Sornin, FR
French jockey, winner of the Arc de Triomphe in 1927, riding Mon Talisman, 1931 [...] (Ascendant Tweelingen)
100.Sitter, Aernout de, 5 apr 1905, 06:00, Groningen, NETH
Dutch astronomer. He was the son of Willem de Sitter (6 May 1872, Sneek - 20 [...] (Ascendant Stier)
101.Stockton, Frank, 5 apr 1834, 21:00, Philadelphia, PA (US)
American humorist with an eccentric outlook, author, journalist and novelist of [...] (Ascendant Schorpioen)
102.Storm, Gale, 5 apr 1922, 11:00, Bloomington TX, USA
American actress and wholesome leading lady of minor films in the ’40s. She [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
103.Swinburne, Algernon, 5 apr 1837, 05:00, London, England
British poet of the Pre-Raphaelite movement whose unconventional views and [...] (Ascendant Vissen)
104.Tauran, Jean-Louis, 5 apr 1943, 11:00, Bordeaux, FR
French ecclesiastic, a Roman Catholic Cardinal named in June 2007 as the [...] (Ascendant Tweelingen)
105.Tournant, Arnaud, 5 apr 1978, 16:10, Roubaix, FR
French track cyclist who has won 14 World Championships and won a gold, silver [...] (Ascendant Maagd)
106.Tracy, Spencer, 5 apr 1900, 01:57, Milwaukee, WI (US)
American actor of Broadway and film, widely acknowledged as one of Hollywood’s [...] (Ascendant Steenbok)
107.Turckheim, Charlotte de, 5 apr 1955, 13:00, Montereau Faut Yonne, FR
French actress, screenwriter, comedian and film producer. She has appeared in [...] (Ascendant Leeuw)
108.Ubolratana Rajakanya, Princess of Thailand, 5 apr 1951, 23:28, Lausanne, SWTZ
Thai royalty, the eldest child of King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit. [...] (Ascendant Boogschutter)
109.Victoria, Princess of Hesse and by Rhine, 5 apr 1863, 04:45, Windsor, ENG (UK)
English-born German royalty, the eldest daughter of Louis IV, Grand Duke of [...] (Ascendant Vissen)
110.Wellesley, Henry, 5 apr 1846, 11:00, London, ENG (UK)
British peer and Conservative Party politician who was the son of Lord Charles [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
111.Williams, Cratis D., 5 apr 1911, 07:23, Blaine, KY (US)
American writer, the foremost scholar of and spokesperson for Appalachian life [...] (Ascendant Stier)
112.Zaniroli, Patrick, 5 apr 1950, 12:10, Courbevoie, FR
French sports journalist, rally driver and organizer for 12 years of the [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
113.Zboralski, Anthony, 5 apr 1975, 12:00, Martigues, FR
French hacker, who broke into the communications system of the Federal Bureau [...] (Ascendant Kreeft)
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