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Born on February 19, 1946

1.Silkwood, Karen, 19 Feb 1946, 21:50, Longview, TX (US)
American activist who put herself in grave danger when she reported unsafe [...] (Ascendant Libra)

Born on February 19 with ascendant Libra

2.Breton, André, 19 Feb 1896, 22:00, Tinchebray, FR
French writer, poet, essayist and critic known as one of the founder of [...] (Ascendant Libra)
3.Doucet, Jacques, 19 Feb 1853, 21:00, Paris, France
French pioneer and leader in haute-couture. Patron. He died on 30 October 1929 [...] (Ascendant Libra)
4.Feuillade, Louis, 19 Feb 1873, 21:00, Lunel, FR
Prolific and prominent French film director from the silent era. Between 1906 [...] (Ascendant Libra)

Born on February 19

5.Abell, Sam, 19 Feb 1945, 14:46, Toledo (Lucas) OH, USA
American photographer, has worked for National Geographic Society since 1970. [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
6.Allendy, René, 19 Feb 1889, 10:00, Paris, FR
French astrologer, psychanalyst and physician (homeopath). Together with René [...] (Ascendant Taurus)
7.Andrew, Prince (Duke of York), 19 Feb 1960, 15:30, London, ENG (UK)
British royalty, the son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the Duke of [...] (Ascendant Leo)
8.Arcaro, Eddie, 19 Feb 1916, 15:30, Cincinnati OH, USA
American richest and most famous jockey who has been called the greatest of all [...] (Ascendant Leo)
9.Ashkenazi, Jordana, 19 Feb 1981, 10:36, Newcastle, AUSTL
Australian singer, actress, model, television host, radio presenter and disc [...] (Ascendant Aries)
10.Aubert, Louis F., 19 Feb 1877, 05:30, Parame, France
French composer and music theorist. Aubert died in Paris, [...] (Ascendant Capricorn)
11.Bergese, Micha, 19 Feb 1945, 16:45, Garmisch, Germany
German ballet dancer and choreographer who first studied music, then dance. He [...] (Ascendant Leo)
12.Boccherini, Luigi, 19 Feb 1743, 10:00, Lucca, Italy
Italian virtuoso, an eminent cellist and one of the leading composers of the [...] (Ascendant Taurus)
13.Boileau, Pierre P., 19 Feb 1811, 12:00, Metz, France
French scientist, a mathematician, inventor and author. He was a researcher in [...] (Ascendant Gemini)
14.Brennan, Barbara, 19 Feb 1939, 07:30, Drummond, OK (US)
American holistic healer, author of several books, and founder of the Barbara [...] (Ascendant Pisces)
15.Carpentier, Daniel, 19 Feb 1927, 00:25, Hirson, FR
French soccer player. [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
16.Chamoux, Bruno, 19 Feb 1931, 00:30, La Roche, France
French mountain climber, well known for his adventurous exploits. He was [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
17.Corman, Louis, 19 Feb 1901, 13:00, Roubaix, FR
French physician and psychiatrist, former chief medical officer of the adult [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
18.Curtis, Jackie, 19 Feb 1947, 16:10, New York, NY (US)
American drag performer, Warholian superstar, actor, playwright, poet, and [...] (Ascendant Leo)
19.Deray, Jacques, 19 Feb 1929, 10:15, Lyon, France
French director from 1960. He played minor roles on stage and in film before [...] (Ascendant Gemini)
20.Dills, Ralph, 19 Feb 1910, 04:00, Rosser TX, USA
American politician, California Senator who introduced a bill to the Senate to [...] (Ascendant Capricorn)
21.Dufilho, Jacques, 19 Feb 1914, 02:00, Begles, France
French stage and screen actor and comedian. His first film was released in [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
22.Dumont, Koa, 19 Feb 2011, 05:00, Los Angeles CA, USA
American noted family member, he is the third child and third son born to No [...] (Ascendant Capricorn)
23.Evans, Chris, 19 Feb 1847, 11:20, ,
American outlaw, a notorious desperado of his period, a bandit, train robber [...] (Ascendant Gemini)
24.Evans, Harold J., 19 Feb 1921, 09:00, Franklin, KY (US)
American plant physiologist. He died in Lake Oswego, Oregon on 20 October [...] (Ascendant Aries)
25.Falco, 19 Feb 1957, 13:15, Wien, AUS
Austrian pop and rock musician and rapper. Falco’s first hit was “Der [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
26.Flohn, Hermann, 19 Feb 1912, 02:30, Frankfurt am main, Germany
German meteorologist, author. [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
27.Frankenheimer, John, 19 Feb 1930, 13:15, Malba, NY (US)
American film-maker; director. First becoming interested in film while in the [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
28.Gorter, Evert, 19 Feb 1881, 01:00, Utrecht, NETH
Dutch pediatrician, professor in Utrecht and Ghent, biochemist and author. In [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
29.Grigolo, Vittorio, 19 Feb 1977, 16:30, Arezzo, ITALY
Italian opera singer. [...] (Ascendant Leo)
30.Gulzar, Phoenix Chi, 19 Feb 1999, 18:42, London, England
British noted family, the daughter of singer Scary Spice and her husband, [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
31.Hedin, Sven, 19 Feb 1865, 04:02, Stockholm, Sweden
Swedish explorer and map maker who provided the first maps and information [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
32.Justice, Victoria, 19 Feb 1993, 00:03, Hollywood, CA (US)
American actress, singer-songwriter, and dancer. She debuted as an actress at [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
33.Kerwin, Joseph P., 19 Feb 1932, 17:49, Oak Park, IL (US)
American astronaut, the Science Pilot aboard Skylab 2, the first U.S. space [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
34.Khashoggi, Nabila, 19 Feb 1962, 19:00, Beirut, LEB
Lebanese daughter of fabulously wealthy Saudi businessman (and reputed arms [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
35.Kirkendall, James F., 19 Feb 1920, 09:45, Omaha, NE (US)
American military, major general. [...] (Ascendant Taurus)
36.Lang, Eric, 19 Feb 1973, 12:03, Hamilton (Butler County), OH (US)
American television and movie actor, best known for his role as Stuart [...] (Ascendant Gemini)
37.Lizon, Philippe, 19 Feb 1956, 14:50, Bruxelles, Belgium
Belgium dancer. [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
38.MacKinnon, Roderick, 19 Feb 1956, 06:25, Melrose, MA (US)
American physician and scientist, shared the 2003 Nobel Prize in chemistry for [...] (Ascendant Aquarius)
39.Mahre, Alexander Ryan, 19 Feb 1984, 01:37, Scottsdale AZ, USA
American noted family, the son of skiing father Phillip Mahre and his wife [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
40.Miranda, Faustino, 19 Feb 1905, 07:00, Gijón, SPAIN
Spanish botanist and phycologist (scientist who studies algae). He published [...] (Ascendant Aquarius)
41.Nichols, Stephen E., 19 Feb 1951, 17:43, Cincinnati OH, USA
American actor whose work has spanned action and martial arts films, comedy, [...] (Ascendant Leo)
42.Nixon, Russ, 19 Feb 1935, 19:10, Harrison, OH (US)
American baseball player and manager, a left-hitting/right-throwing catcher who [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
43.Pancrazi, Pietro, 19 Feb 1893, 13:00, Cortona, ITALY
Italian writer and literary critic. He died 26 December 1952. [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
44.Phillips, Samuel C., 19 Feb 1921, 20:00, Springerville, AZ (US)
United States Air Force four-star general who served as Director of NASA’s [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
45.Pitt, Thomas, 19 Feb 1775, 05:15, Lostwithiel, ENG (UK)
British peer, naval officer and wastrel, best known for bedevilling George [...] (Ascendant Capricorn)
46.Pittman, Lari, 19 Feb 1952, 11:17, Glendale CA, USA
American gay painter of Colombian heritage based in Los Angeles. His work uses [...] (Ascendant Gemini)
47.Pizzey, Erin, 19 Feb 1939, 18:00, Tsingtao Qingdao, China
British writer born in China, author of “Prone to Violence.“ A published poet [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
48.Puharich, Andrija, 19 Feb 1918, 07:35, Chicago IL, USA
American parapsychology investigator and researcher. He researched [...] (Ascendant Pisces)
49.Rosendorfer, Herbert, 19 Feb 1934, 06:45, Bozen, ITALY
German jurist and writer. Between 1967 and 1993, Rosendorfer served as a judge [...] (Ascendant Aquarius)
50.Rossi, Bernard, 19 Feb 1939, 01:00, Nevers, France
French executive involved in the Furiani-Bastia case. He was manager of the [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
51.Ruini, Camillo, 19 Feb 1931, 02:47, Sassuolo, Italy
Italian ecclesiastic, Roman Catholic priest and Cardinal. In 1951 Camillo [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
52.Sandeau, Jules, 19 Feb 1811, 07:00, Aubusson, France
French writer who mainly collaborated with others. He wrote with Emile Augier [...] (Ascendant Aquarius)
53.Scherrer, Jean-Louis, 19 Feb 1935, 16:00, Paris, FR
French couturier (fashion designer). After working for Dior, Yves Saint Laurent [...] (Ascendant Leo)
54.Steiger, Brad, 19 Feb 1936, 07:50, Fort Dodge IA, USA
American writer, an internationally known psychic researcher who has written [...] (Ascendant Pisces)
55.Stoutenborough, Ross, 19 Feb 1953, 10:20, Glendale CA, USA
American chess master who began playing in 1967 and attained the rank of Master [...] (Ascendant Taurus)
56.Stuart, Matthew, 19 Feb 1966, 07:28, Boston, MA (US)
American noted family and youngest brother to CharlesStuart. Matthew helped [...] (Ascendant Pisces)
57.Tanay, Emilie, 19 Feb 1985, 01:40, Rouen, France
French homicide victim, nine-years-old when she inadvertently took poison [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
58.Troisi, Massimo, 19 Feb 1953, 02:00, San Giorgio a Cremano, Italy
Italian actor and film director whose film “Il Postino“ (The Postman) won five [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
59.Virginio, Alessandra, 19 Feb 1965, 10:20, Palmanova, Italy
Italian scientist who works for the airport of Ronchi dell’Adige. She [...] (Ascendant Taurus)
60.Wolf, Pierre-Rene, 19 Feb 1899, 04:00, Rouen, FR
French writer, a humorist and journalist. [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius) Astro-Twins 0%

61.Zaraï, Rika, 19 Feb 1938, 09:30, Jerusalem, ISRL
Israeli singer and writer, she had a successfull career in Europe, in several [...] (Ascendant Taurus)