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Gémeos-Astrológicos do Astro-Databank

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Nasceu a Outubro 9, 1852

1.Fischer, Emil, 9 Out 1852, 12:00, Euskirchen, GER
German chemist, perhaps the most outstanding chemist of all times. In 1902 he [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)

Nasceu a Outubro 9 com ascendente Sagitário

2.Ashton, Joseph William, 9 Out 1933, 11:40, Sheffield, England
British politician, a Member of Parliament returned at General Election [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
3.Barthès, Yann, 9 Out 1974, 11:40, Chambéry, FR
French journalist and TV host of Spanish descent, he has been presenting “le [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
4.Galvin, Robert W., 9 Out 1922, 11:49, Marshfield WI, USA
American business executive credited with turning Motorola, Inc. from a family [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
5.Girod, Francis, 9 Out 1944, 13:25, Semblançay, FR
French film director, actor and screenwriter. He directed 20 films between 1974 [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
6.Manaudou, Laure, 9 Out 1986, 12:05, Villeurbanne, FR
French swimmer, born to Jean-Luc Manaudou and Dutch Olga Schippers. Laure began [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
7.McFadden, Joe, 9 Out 1975, 13:05, Glasgow, Scotland
Scottish actor, seen in “The Crow Road“ with Valerie Edmond in 1996. McFadden [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
8.Orion, 9 Out 1858, 12:50, Melton Mowbray, England
British astrologer and magazine writer who went by the name [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
9.Quimby, Deborah Ann, 9 Out 1963, 12:59, Fitchburg MA, USA
American missing person presumed dead. One day in 1977, young Deborah put on [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
10.Savannah, 9 Out 1970, 11:18, Hawthorne CA, USA
American porno star, a blonde goddess with huge (enhanced) breasts and a fame [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
11.Wilkinson, Dot, 9 Out 1921, 11:45, Phoenix, AZ (US)
American softball player and bowler who is a member of the halls of fame of [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)

Nasceu a Outubro 9

12.Abitbol, David, 9 Out 1964, 01:30, Rehovot, ISRL
Israeli-Canadian internet personality, founder of the popular blog [...] (Ascendente Leão)
13.al-Hakim, Tawfiq, 9 Out 1898, 04:00, Alexandria, EGYPT
Egyptian writer. He is one of the pioneers of the Arabic novel and drama. He [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
14.Alden, William Livingstone, 9 Out 1837, 12:55, Williamstown MA, USA
American journalist, a humorous writer and the London Times correspondent, as [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
15.Altinoglu, Alain, 9 Out 1975, 17:10, Alfortville, FR
French chef conductor and classical music teacher of Armenian [...] (Ascendente Peixes)
16.Anderson, Kenny, 9 Out 1970, 01:37, Queens NY, USA
American athlete, pro basketball player, a guard for the Boston Celtics and [...] (Ascendente Leão)
17.Aoki, Rocky, 9 Out 1938, 12:45, Tokyo, Japan
Japanese businessman, former CEO of Benihana restaurants, a one-time Olympic [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
18.Arboleya, Maximiliano, 9 Out 1870, 22:00, Pola de Laviana, SPAIN
Spanish priest, sociologist and activist Catholic Spaniard, was one of the [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
19.Arias Schreiber, Diomedes, 9 Out 1888, 02:30, Lima, PERU
Peruvian lawyer, jurist, diplomat and politician. He was Minister of Justice [...] (Ascendente Leão)
20.Benjamin, Burton, 9 Out 1917, 07:00, Cleveland OH, USA
American television executive, producer and director of the CBS Evening News [...] (Ascendente Libra)
21.Beyondananda, Swami, 9 Out 1946, 18:10, Brooklyn (Kings County), NY (US)
American Swami Beyondananda, AKA Steve Bhaerman, is serious about laughter. [...] (Ascendente Touro)
22.Blessed, Brian, 9 Out 1936, 04:50, Mexborough, ENG (UK)
British actor of stage, screen and TV, often noted for his aggressive [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
23.Boisrond, Michel, 9 Out 1921, 06:00, Châteauneuf en Thymerais, FR
French film director and writer. His work spanned five decades, from the 1950s [...] (Ascendente Libra)
24.Bok, Edward William, 9 Out 1863, 18:30, Helder, Netherlands
Dutch-American writer, the Editor-in-Chief of “Ladies Home Journal“ from [...] (Ascendente Touro)
25.Borges, Marcello O. (1913), 9 Out 1913, 06:05, São Paulo, BRAS
Brazilian engineer who graduated with his degree in civil engineering in 1938. [...] (Ascendente Libra)
26.Boyesen, Jens, 9 Out 1920, 21:15, Oslo, NOR
Norwegian diplomat and politician of the Labour Party. From 1955 to 1963 he was [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
27.Bresse, Jacques Charles, 9 Out 1822, 22:00, Vienne, France
French engineer and specialist in mathematics. He wrote a text on Applied [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
28.Cameron, David (1966), 9 Out 1966, 06:00, London, ENG (UK)
British politician, elected Leader of the Conservative Party in December 2005 [...] (Ascendente Libra)
29.Caparezza, 9 Out 1973, 16:15, Bari, ITALY
Italian rapper who debuted in 1997 at the Sanremo Festival under the name [...] (Ascendente Peixes)
30.Carrère d'Encausse, Marina, 9 Out 1961, 05:35, Paris Arrondissement 8, FR
French TV presenter of the national medical program, radiologist and [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
31.Castelli, Victor Gerard, 9 Out 1952, 07:25, Montclair NJ, USA
American ballet dancer with New York City Ballet in 1971, creating parts for [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
32.Charles X, King of France, 9 Out 1757, 07:00, Versailles, FR
French royalty, the fourth child of the Dauphin Louis and grandson of Louis XV, [...] (Ascendente Libra)
33.Chisholm, Sally, 9 Out 1947, 06:00, Ponca City OK, USA
American musician, violist for the Pro Arte Quartet, founder of the [...] (Ascendente Libra)
34.Clostre, Adrienne, 9 Out 1921, 16:40, Thomery, FR
French composer. She won the Grand Prix de Rome in 1949, the Grand Music Prize [...] (Ascendente Peixes)
35.Cooper, Jane Marvel, 9 Out 1924, 09:15, Atlantic City, NJ (US)
American poet. Cooper joined the faculty of Sarah Lawrence College, in 1950, [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
36.Cotton, Aime Auguste, 9 Out 1869, 09:17, Bourg En Bresse, France
French scientist, a physicist and member of the Academie des Sciences, and an [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
37.Croisille, Nicole, 9 Out 1936, 08:00, Neuilly sur Seine, FR
French singer and actress, who appeared in 24 films between 1961 and 2005 and [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
38.Daloz, Lucien, 9 Out 1930, 15:35, Syam, FR
French clergyman, the archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Besançon, [...] (Ascendente Peixes)
39.Del Grande, Elia, 9 Out 1975, 02:40, Varese, ITALY
Italian homicide; age 22 when he killed his family. Elia was a problem from [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
40.Delorme, Danièle, 9 Out 1926, 04:00, Levallois Perret, FR
French film actress and producer, the daughter of noted painter and resistance [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
41.Dreyfus, Alfred, 9 Out 1859, 15:00, Mulhouse, FR
French military officer whose charge of treason and subsequent exile to Devil’s [...] (Ascendente Aquário)
42.Edward, Duke of Kent (1935), 9 Out 1935, 02:05, London, ENG (UK)
British royalty, the son of George, Duke of Kent. [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
43.Ellis, Ruth, 9 Out 1926, 18:41, Rhyl, North Wales
Welsh homicide. An unwed mother at 17, she made a short marriage in 1950 and [...] (Ascendente Touro)
44.Entwistle, John, 9 Out 1944, 18:00, London, ENG (UK)
British musician with the rock group “The Who,“ big in the ’60s and ’70s. He [...] (Ascendente Áries)
45.Faber, Peter, 9 Out 1943, 17:30, Schwarzenbach am Wald, GER
Dutch film, theatre, and television actor. [...] (Ascendente Áries)
46.Finch, Robert, 9 Out 1925, 21:30, Tempe, AZ (US)
American Republican politician. He was a Marine officer during the Korean War [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
47.Foy, Glenn A., 9 Out 1917, 05:13, Hutchinson KS, USA
American Jungian psychotherapist [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
48.Friedrich Wilhelm, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, 9 Out 1771, 10:30, Brunswick, GER
German prince and Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg and Oels. Nicknamed “The Black [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
49.Gall, France, 9 Out 1947, 07:30, Paris, FR
French and international popular “yé-yé“ singer, daughter of Robert Gall, [...] (Ascendente Libra)
50.George, Heinrich, 9 Out 1893, 08:00, Stettin, GER
German stage and film actor who worked with theatre director Erwin Piscator and [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
51.Givet, Gaël, 9 Out 1981, 20:40, Arles, FR
French football/soccer player who currently plays for Arles-Avignon in Ligue 2. [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
52.Grenier, Lilly, 9 Out 1863, 17:00, Paris, FR
French artist’s model, portrayed wearing a kimono in several paintings by Henri [...] (Ascendente Áries)
53.Gross, Jim, 9 Out 1936, 01:35, New York NY, USA
American pro astrologer from 1972, creator of the highly successful “Astro [...] (Ascendente Leão)
54.Haby, René, 9 Out 1919, 01:00, Dombasle sur Meurthe, FR
French politician. He had been a prisoner of war during World War II. He was a [...] (Ascendente Leão)
55.Henderson, Elsie Hall, 9 Out 1904, 11:56, Meridian, MS (US)
American astrologer who joined AFA in 1953 and upgraded her membership through [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
56.Henry, Paul-Marc, 9 Out 1918, 16:00, Paris, FR
French diplomat, Ambassador of France to Lebanon 1981-1983. He died on 9 March [...] (Ascendente Peixes)
57.Hershberger, Mike, 9 Out 1939, 07:15, Massillon, OH (US)
American baseball player, a right-handed outfielder with the Chicago White Sox, [...] (Ascendente Libra)
58.Jayne, Charles, 9 Out 1911, 22:43, Jenkintown, PA (US)
American astrologer, a noted siderealist, eclipse expert and author. His books [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
59.Jolivet, Pierre, 9 Out 1952, 16:20, Saint-Mandé, FR
French director, actor and script-writer. His film Zim and Co. was screened in [...] (Ascendente Aquário)
60.Jovine, Francesco, 9 Out 1902, 02:05, Campobasso, ITALY
Italian writer, journalist and essayist Italian. Husband of the pedagogue Dina [...] (Ascendente Leão)
61.Klopp, Onno, 9 Out 1822, 20:30, Leer, GER
German historian, best known as the author of “Der Fall des Hauses Stuart“ (The [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
62.Knappich, Wilhelm, 9 Out 1880, 07:29, Vienna, Austria
Austrian astrologer, an author and historian best known for his historical [...] (Ascendente Libra)
63.Lasserre, Felix, 9 Out 1895, 20:51, Bayonne, France
French rugby player, nicknamed ‘’Chicken.’ In his time, he was the most [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
64.Laue, Max von, 9 Out 1879, 09:30, Pfaffendorf (Koblenz), GER
German theoretical physicist and Nobel Prize winner, 1914. He was the first to [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
65.Lennon, John, 9 Out 1940, 18:30, Liverpool, ENG (UK)
British musician, an icon in popular culture, Lennon became a megastar in the [...] (Ascendente Áries)
66.Lennon, Sean, 9 Out 1975, 02:00, Manhattan, NY (US)
American musician and noted family, the son of rock ’n roll megastar John [...] (Ascendente Leão)
67.Leroy, Oliver-Gilbert, 9 Out 1884, 03:30, Tours, France
French author, parapsychologist and educator. A student of hagiography and a [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
68.Lucas, Susan, 9 Out 1940, 14:00, Chicago IL, USA
American writer, a contemporary novelist and author of “Steropticon“ and “Fat [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
69.Manaudou, Nicolas, 9 Out 1985, 01:15, Villeurbanne, FR
French swimming teacher, the elder brother of Laure and Florent. He coached [...] (Ascendente Leão)
70.Martin, Sevanne, 9 Out 1969, 20:29, Cambridge MA, USA
American actress, daughter of Mary Catherine Bateson and Barkev Kassarjian and [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
71.McCreery, Scotty, 9 Out 1993, 04:14, Raleigh, NC (US)
American country music singer, winner of the tenth season of American Idol on [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
72.McDonald, David, 9 Out 1927, 10:00, Dundee, SCOT (UK)
Scottish architect. [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
73.McPherson, Aimee Semple, 9 Out 1890, 17:00, Ingersoll, ON (CAN)
Canadian-American evangelist, faith-healer, missionary, and celebrity, the [...] (Ascendente Áries)
74.Miller, Will, 9 Out 1976, 01:46, Santa Fe, NM (US)
American suicide, shooting himself in the head 12/27/1992, Santa Fe, MN, age [...] (Ascendente Leão)
75.Mose, 9 Out 1917, 06:00, Saint-Jean-de-Boiseau, FR
French cartoonist. [...] (Ascendente Libra)
76.Müller-Elmau, Eberhard, 9 Out 1905, 07:30, Mainburg, GER
German actor and director, appointed as the third honorary member of the [...] (Ascendente Libra)
77.Naisse, Claude Alain, 9 Out 1948, 10:30, Neuilly sur Seine, France
French racketeer who continued to cheat many people even after the media warned [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
78.Otmane, Ahmed, 9 Out 1961, 23:40, Aix en Provence, FR
French bandit, nicknamed “Mabrouk“ (The Lucky) and “the King of Escape“ after [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
79.Ougier, Jean-Eric, 9 Out 1957, 19:30, Paris, FR
French pyrotechnician who founded his fireworks company ’Fêtes et Feux’ in [...] (Ascendente Touro)
80.Owens, Tom, 9 Out 1944, 08:20, Santa Ana, CA (US)
American astrologer. He was car jacked in Arlington, Texas at 2:10 a.m. on 27 [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
81.Palmer, Michael S., 9 Out 1942, 16:54, Springfield MA, USA
American physician, mystery writer and novelist. As an M.D. and emergency room [...] (Ascendente Peixes)
82.Pavan, Mario, 9 Out 1918, 05:00, Vado Ligure, ITALY
Italian politician, entomologist, nominated minister of the Fanfani [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
83.Piccolo, Ottavia, 9 Out 1949, 03:00, Bolzano, ITALY
Italian theatre and cinema actress who has appeared in 45 films since 1962. She [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
84.Poli, Pietro, 9 Out 1960, 20:00, Cairo Montenotte, Italy
Italian professional rower, the winner of a Gold Medal at Seoul Olympics in [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
85.Pollet, Abel, 9 Out 1873, 14:00, Vieux-Berquin, FR
French criminal, a gang member who was sentenced to death and executed. He was [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
86.Rosewicz, Tadeusz, 9 Out 1921, 09:00, Radomsko, POL
Polish poet, dramatist and writer. Różewicz belonged to the first generation of [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
87.Rossetti, Bruno, 9 Out 1960, 03:00, Troyes, France
French skeet shooter, winner of the bronze medal at Barcelona 1992. Married [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
88.Saint-Saëns, Camille, 9 Out 1835, 07:00, Paris, FR
French composer, organist and pianist who, as a child prodigy, was composing at [...] (Ascendente Libra)
89.Saulnier de la Pinelais, Marie-Nicolas, 9 Out 1836, 21:30, Paris, FR
French marine officer and painter, received the title peintre de la marine in [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
90.Seefried, Irmgard, 9 Out 1919, 02:30, Kongetried, Bavaria
German-Austrian soprano who made her operatic debut in “Aida“ in Aachen, 1940. [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
91.Sessions, Richard A., 9 Out 1987, 05:23, San Antonio TX, USA
American noted family, grandson of FBI Director-designate William S. Sessions [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
92.Shalhoub, Tony, 9 Out 1953, 23:50, Green Bay WI, USA
American actor most famous for playing roles of neurotic men on the TV series [...] (Ascendente Leão)
93.Sharrock, Jan, 9 Out 1942, 06:10, Cairns, Australia
Australian astrologer, a date-twin to writer Michael Palmer. Jan writes that, [...] (Ascendente Libra)
94.Sim, Alastair, 9 Out 1900, 01:00, Edinburgh, SCOT (UK)
Scottish actor in film and on stage, making his debut on stage at the age of 30 [...] (Ascendente Leão)
95.Spelling, Randy, 9 Out 1978, 06:32, Los Angeles Cedars Sinai Hospital, CA (US)
American heir, actor and life coach. He is the brother of Tori Spelling and the [...] (Ascendente Libra)
96.Staudte, Wolfgang, 9 Out 1906, 00:30, Saarbrücken (Saarland), GER
German film director, script writer and actor. He was born in Saarbrücken. His [...] (Ascendente Leão)
97.Tati, Jacques, 9 Out 1907, 03:00, Le Pecq, FR
French actor, writer and director. Born of Russian decent, his father wanted [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
98.Thollot, Jacques, 9 Out 1946, 22:40, Vaucresson, FR
French jazz drummer and composer. He died on 2 October 2014 in Mainneville, [...] (Ascendente Câncer)
99.Tidy, Bill, 9 Out 1933, 17:30, Birkenhead, England
British cartoonist. [...] (Ascendente Áries)
100.Toulousy, Maryse, 9 Out 1955, 06:00, Clermont-Pouyguillès, FR
French sommelier, the wife of chef Dominique Toulousy. [...] (Ascendente Libra)
101.Vanzetta, Giorgio, 9 Out 1959, 05:10, Cavalese, Italy
Italian skier, an Olympic Bronze and Silver medal champion, winning the Bronze [...] (Ascendente Libra)
102.Wessel, Horst, 9 Out 1907, 19:30, Bielefeld, GER
German Nazi activist who was made a posthumous hero of the Nazi movement [...] (Ascendente Gêmeos)
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