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Geboren am 4. Oktober 1993

1.Downey, Seanna Micaela, 4. Okt. 1993, 17:46, Dallas, TX (US)
American noted family, the daughter of talk show host Morton Downey, Jr. and [...] (Aszendent Fische)
2.Mitchell, Aidan Daley, 4. Okt. 1993, 19:50, Boston, MA (US)
American actor, he played the family’s cross-dressing son in the popular FX [...] (Aszendent Stier)

Geboren am 4. Oktober mit Aszendent Stier

3.Junceau, Barbara J., 4. Okt. 1939, 18:54, Dobbs Ferry NY, USA
American pro astrologer and lifetime spiritual seeker. She has moved from a [...] (Aszendent Stier)
4.Krippner, Stanley, 4. Okt. 1932, 19:00, Edgarton WI, USA
American educator, internationally known for his pioneering work into the [...] (Aszendent Stier)
5.Makkena, Wendy, 4. Okt. 1958, 20:17, New York, NY (US)
American actress and dancer known for her versatility with experience ranging [...] (Aszendent Stier)

Geboren am 4. Oktober

6.Adam, Juliette, 4. Okt. 1836, 23:00, Verberie, FR
French author and feminist. She established a salon which was frequented by [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
7.Allitt, Beverly, 4. Okt. 1968, 09:15, Corby, England
British homicide, a nurse who murdered some of her patients. She may have been [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
8.Baker, Thane, 4. Okt. 1931, 04:15, Elkhart KS, USA
American athlete, an Olympian who won medals in the 1952 and 1956 games in the [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
9.Beckett, Scott, 4. Okt. 1929, 08:23, Oakland CA, USA
American child actor from the age of three who played with Hollywood greats in [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
10.Bergé, Carol, 4. Okt. 1928, 23:00, Manhattan, NY (US)
American poet, highly active in the literary, performing and visual arts [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
11.Bonino, Luigi, 4. Okt. 1949, 09:00, Bra, Italy
Italian ballet dancer in the Egri group, a soloist from 1965. He danced with [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
12.Buckskin Joe, 4. Okt. 1840, 18:00, Magog, QU (CAN)
Canadian-American entertainer, master of sixteen musical instruments, acrobat [...] (Aszendent Widder)
13.Bush, Robert Eugene, 4. Okt. 1926, 03:00, Tacoma, WA (US)
American military, U.S. Marine hero. He won the Medal of Honor after being [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
14.Business: Wikileaks, 4. Okt. 2006, 05:54:19, San Mateo, CA (US)
International organisation which publishes secret information, news leaks, and [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
15.Cheli, Giovanni, 4. Okt. 1918, 05:00, Torino, Italy
Italian ecclesiastic and Roman Catholic theologian. He was the Vatican [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
16.Chevallier, Bernard, 4. Okt. 1912, 20:20, Chartres, FR
French equestrian and Olympic champion who won an individual gold medal in [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
17.Clerc, Julien, 4. Okt. 1947, 17:50, Paris, FR
French chanson and pop singer. [...] (Aszendent Fische)
18.Damiani, Francesco, 4. Okt. 1958, 18:15, Bagnacavallo, Italy
Italian champion boxer, winner of a Gold Medal in the Moscow Olympics 1980 and [...] (Aszendent Widder)
19.Day, Evangeline, 4. Okt. 1903, 03:30, Gardner MA, USA
American astrologer known in the ’30s and ’40s as “the Futurist.“ She had the [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
20.Dollfuss, Engelbert, 4. Okt. 1892, 00:30, Texing, Austria
Austrian politician, the 14th Chancellor of Austria He was assassinated by [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
21.Galt, Melissa, 4. Okt. 1961, 05:51, Hollywood, CA (US)
American noted family, daughter of actress anne baxter & husb b. randolph galt; [...] (Aszendent Waage)
22.Garbelli, Gian, 4. Okt. 1931, 09:00, Milano, Italy
Italian boxer. [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
23.Gaudier-Brzeska, Henri, 4. Okt. 1891, 22:00, St.Jean de Braye, FR
French sculptor with a brilliant five-year career before he was killed in [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
24.Goodman, William, 4. Okt. 1937, 00:15, London, ENG (UK)
British artist, painter, printmaker, and draughtsman. Married twice, one [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
25.Gouin, Félix, 4. Okt. 1884, 05:00, Peypin, FR
French Socialist politician, President of the Provisional Government of the [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
26.Hanratty, James, 4. Okt. 1936, 00:05, London, ENG (UK)
British homicide; a petty criminal, he was illiterate and feeble minded. He was [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
27.Hayes, Rutherford B., 4. Okt. 1822, 21:30, Delaware OH, USA
American politician who was a Congressman in 1865, Governor of Ohio in 1867 and [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
28.Heston, Charlton, 4. Okt. 1923, 07:55, Evanston, IL (US)
American actor with a commanding physical presence and a legacy that includes [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
29.Johnson, Dakota, 4. Okt. 1989, 14:49, Austin, TX (US)
American noted family and the first child of actress Melanie Griffith and actor [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
30.Kaltenbrunner, Ernst, 4. Okt. 1903, 03:15, Ried, AUS
Senior official of Nazi Germany during World War II. An Obergruppenführer [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
31.Kelly, Bob, 4. Okt. 1927, 16:20, Cleveland, OH (US)
American baseball player, a right-handed pitcher with the Chicago Cubs [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
32.Kennedy, Joseph P. III, 4. Okt. 1980, 21:42, Boston, MA (US)
American noted family, the second born twin son of Joseph Patrick Kennedy and [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
33.Kennedy, Matthew R., 4. Okt. 1980, 21:34, Boston, MA (US)
American noted family, the first born of twins to Joseph Patrick and Sheila [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
34.Lauenstein, Tilly, 4. Okt. 1912, 07:45, Homburg am Main, GER
German stage/film/tv actress. She died on 8 May 2002 at age [...] (Aszendent Waage)
35.LeBaron, Marion R., 4. Okt. 1923, 03:30, Schenectady, NY (US)
American nurse and astrologer. A student of Ove Sehested, she joined AFA [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
36.McFall, John, 4. Okt. 1944, 12:55, Glasgow, Scotland
Scottish politician, a Member of Parliament returned at General Election on [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
37.McPherson, John B., 4. Okt. 1917, 11:10, Virginia, MN (US)
American military, lt. general. [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
38.Millet, Jean Francois, 4. Okt. 1814, 20:00, Gruchy, FR
French artist who is best remembered for “The Angelus,“ “The Gleaners“ and “The [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
39.Monro, Hector, 4. Okt. 1922, 22:15, Edinburgh, Scotland
Scottish politician and Member of Parliament, a conservative, returned by [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
40.Moufang, Wilhelm, 4. Okt. 1895, 18:23, Heidelberg, GER
German pro astrologer, data collector and author. He was the co-founder in the [...] (Aszendent Widder)
41.Murphy, Brett, 4. Okt. 1991, 09:10, Worcester, MA (US)
American child actor, this youngster, a creative kid who gets good grades in [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
42.Murray, Yvonne, 4. Okt. 1964, 01:35, Musselburgh, Scotland
Scottish runner who, as a champion of track and field, was also a gold [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
43.Mwakikagile, Godfrey, 4. Okt. 1949, 06:00, Kigoma, TANZ
Tanzanian scholar, writer and specialist in African studies. [...] (Aszendent Waage)
44.Niel, Adolphe, 4. Okt. 1802, 04:00, Muret, France
French military general, a Marshal for Napoleon III. Niel played a decisive [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
45.Olbricht, Friedrich, 4. Okt. 1888, 19:30, Leisnig, Germany
German military man, an anti-Nazi who was a key conspirator in the July 1944 [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
46.Parra, Violeta, 4. Okt. 1917, 23:00, San Carlos, CHILE
Violeta del Carmen Parra Sandoval (best knows as Violeta Parra) was a Chilean [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
47.Paulee, Mona, 4. Okt. 1912, 21:00, Edmonton, Canada
Canadian soprano opera singer, prominent in her time. [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
48.Poe, James, 4. Okt. 1921, 01:00, Dobbs Ferry NY, USA
American writer, one of Hollywood’s most literate writers of screenplays. In [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
49.Pyat, Aime Felix, 4. Okt. 1810, 20:00, Saint-Gratien, France
French writer, a journalist and playwright, and a political communist. Pyat [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
50.Sambora, Ava, 4. Okt. 1997, 00:05, Tarzana, CA (US)
American noted family, daughter of Heather Locklear and Ritchie Sambora. After [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
51.Sarandon, Susan, 4. Okt. 1946, 14:25, New York, NY (US)
American actress, notable in films from her debut in the 1970s. Her films [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
52.Schreiber, Liev, 4. Okt. 1967, 10:30, San Francisco, CA (US)
American actor of stage and screen, he received rave reviews for his work in a [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
53.Sillars, James, 4. Okt. 1937, 16:10, Ayr, Scotland
Scottish politician, Member of Parliament elected on 11/10/1988 in a [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
54.Silverstone, Alicia, 4. Okt. 1976, 15:44, San Francisco, CA (US)
American actress, a star as a teenager in the film “Clueless,“ 1995. Two years [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
55.van Wijk, Nicolaas, 4. Okt. 1880, 10:30, Delden, NETH
Dutch linguist and philanthropist, and from 1913 until his death on 25 March [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
56.Vollenweider, Andreas, 4. Okt. 1953, 07:30, Basel, SWTZ
Swiss musician, composer. Received Grammy award for the New Age record Down to [...] (Aszendent Waage)
57.Widdecombe, Ann Noreen, 4. Okt. 1947, 08:00, Bath, England
British politician, a Member of Parliament returned at General election [...] (Aszendent Waage)
58.Worley, Tessa, 4. Okt. 1989, 15:45, Annemasse, France
French-born Alpine skier she is a two-time winner of giant slalom races in the [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
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