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nato il Ottobre 3, 1930

1.Mauer, Michel, 3 Ott 1930, 07:00, Perpignan, France
French business executive, the director, administrator and vice-president of [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)

Nato il Ottobre 3 con ascendente Bilancia

2.Battenberg, Prince Maurice, 3 Ott 1891, 06:45, Balmoral Castle, SCOT (UK)
British royalty, the youngest of four children of Princess Beatrice, youngest [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
3.Begi, Didier, 3 Ott 1961, 07:30, Chaumont, France
French homicide who killed his mistress out of jealousy on [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
4.Berke, William, 3 Ott 1903, 06:00, Milwaukee WI, USA
American film maker, a cameraman until cataracts on both eyes forced him to [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
5.Bosman, Jean-Marc, 3 Ott 1964, 06:00, Montegnee, Belgium
Belgian football player whose name was given to a law that he instigated, that [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
6.Eckersley, Dennis, 3 Ott 1954, 06:15, Oakland, CA (US)
American baseball played, a right-handed pitcher who played with the Cleveland [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
7.Hughes, Emylu Landers, 3 Ott 1913, 07:37, Lone Oak TX, USA
American astrologer and researcher who was listed in the first edition of [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
8.Martel, Garrett Thomas, 3 Ott 1994, 06:22, Leominster, MA (US)
American homicide victim, killed by his father. At about 4:08 PM on January 16, [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
9.Poésy, Clémence, 3 Ott 1982, 06:30, L'Haÿ-les-Roses, FR
French actress widely known for the roles of Fleur Delacour in the Harry Potter [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
10.Warlimont, Walther, 3 Ott 1894, 08:30, Onsnabruck, Germany
German Nazi Major General, Jodl’s deputy in charge of coordinating antipartisan [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
11.Whiting, Terry Owen, 3 Ott 1956, 07:24, Glens Falls, NY (US)
American homosexual male: AIDS. Not sure when he was infected, probably [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)

Nato il Ottobre 3

12.Agarwal, Durga, 3 Ott 1978, 11:14, Calcutta, INDIA
Indian newsmaker, claimed as that country’s first and the world’s second [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
13.Alain-Fournier, 3 Ott 1886, 05:00, La Chapelle d'Angillon, FR
French poet and journalist whose fame rests on one completed novel, “The [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
14.Arabo, Claude, 3 Ott 1937, 09:00, Nice, FR
French fencer, who won a silver medal in the individual sabre event at the 1964 [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
15.Aragon, Louis, 3 Ott 1897, 12:00, Paris, FR
French poet, novelist, essayist, journalist and communist. Prodigiously gifted [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
16.Azar, David, 3 Ott 1954, 03:10, Boston MA, USA
American homicide. Convicted on 7/28/1989 of killing his infant daughter, [...] (Ascendente Leone)
17.Barrau, Théophile, 3 Ott 1848, 04:00, Carcassonne, FR
French sculptor. He was a student of Alexandre Falguière and started at the [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
18.Beckington, Herbert L., 3 Ott 1920, 22:35, Rockford IL, USA
American military who rose to rank of Lieutenant General in the US Marines. A [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
19.Bertrand, Jean, 3 Ott 1907, 21:00, Courban, FR
French aviator, a flying ace in World War II. He died during combat in an air [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
20.Bleiweiss, Nancy, 3 Ott 1949, 02:13, San Francisco CA, USA
American comedienne with a mobile face and blue, saucer-shaped eyes. She began [...] (Ascendente Leone)
21.Bonnard, Pierre, 3 Ott 1867, 10:00, Fontenay aux Roses, FR
French post-impressionist painter and print maker whose works included “The [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
22.Bozano, Lorenzo, 3 Ott 1945, 17:00, Genova, Italy
Italian homicide; kidnapped, raped and killed 13-year-old Milena Sutter in [...] (Ascendente Pesci)
23.Bruhn, Erik, 3 Ott 1928, 11:30, Copenhagen, Denmark
Danish dancer, one of the great ballet dancers of the 20th century who set [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
24.Buckingham, Lindsey, 3 Ott 1949, 01:53, Palo Alto, CA (US)
Guitarist, producer, songwriter and singer with Fleetwood Mac, known for his [...] (Ascendente Leone)
25.Case, Mary, 3 Ott 1910, 08:05, Lancaster PA, USA
American homicide victim killed in her own home by a rapist posing as a [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
26.Case, Paul Foster, 3 Ott 1884, 11:00, Fairport, NY (US)
American occultist and founder of the occult school, the Builders of the Adytum [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
27.Chauvin, Ingrid, 3 Ott 1971, 10:35, Argenteuil, FR
French stage and TV films actress, known for her roles in the series [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
28.Chin, Tiffany, 3 Ott 1967, 00:01, Oakland, CA (US)
American figure skater, who started skating at eight and was the figure skating [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
29.Church, Boone, 3 Ott 2011, 08:35, Nashville TN, USA
American child of noted family, his parents are Eric Church, country singer and [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
30.Cochran, Eddie, 3 Ott 1938, 04:15, Albert Lea, MN (US)
American musician, a guitarist and vocalist with good looks to boot. He died [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
31.Comisso, Giovanni, 3 Ott 1895, 20:20, Treviso, ITALY
an important figure of the Italian literature for the first half of the 20th [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
32.Cristaldi, Franco, 3 Ott 1924, 18:00, Turin, ITALY
Italian film producer, credited with producing (or co-producing) feature films [...] (Ascendente Ariete)
33.Cuvillier, Armand, 3 Ott 1887, 14:00, Paris, FR
French philosophy professor and journalist, specializing in the philosophy of [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
34.d'Oriola, Christian, 3 Ott 1928, 21:00, Perpignan, France
French athlete and six-time Olympic medalist in fencing between the years of [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
35.Dalens, Serge, 3 Ott 1910, 04:30, Albertville, FR
French writer, known for his many novels, including the collection “Signe de [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
36.De Adamich, Andrea, 3 Ott 1941, 12:50, Trieste, Italy
Italian race car driver, Formula One. [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
37.Deniau, Francis, 3 Ott 1936, 10:00, Neuilly sur Seine, France
French ecclesiastic in the Roman Catholic religion. Bishop Francis Deniau was [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
38.Duke, Charles Moss, 3 Ott 1935, 02:54, Charlotte NC, USA
American astronaut; lunar module pilot aboard Apollo 16. He was the tenth man [...] (Ascendente Leone)
39.Durand, Pascal, 3 Ott 1960, 17:50, Montreuil, FR
French politician, leader of the French political party Europe Écologie - Les [...] (Ascendente Pesci)
40.Duse, Eleanora, 3 Ott 1858, 02:00, Vigevano, ITALY
Italian actress who ruled the stage by the early 20th century. A brilliant [...] (Ascendente Leone)
41.Evenepoel, Henri Jacques, 3 Ott 1872, 11:30, Nice, FR
Belgian artist whose most important works are associated with Fauvism. He died [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
42.Ferracini, Elisabetta, 3 Ott 1968, 19:00, Venezia, Italy
Italian host of a TV show; the daughter of Mara Venier. [...] (Ascendente Toro)
43.Fletcher, Darrin, 3 Ott 1966, 18:12, Elmhurst, IL (US)
American baseball player, a left-hitting/right-throwing catcher who played with [...] (Ascendente Ariete)
44.Godard, Michel, 3 Ott 1960, 04:45, Héricourt, FR
French tuba player and jazz musician. On the classical side, Michel Godard [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
45.Grémillon, Jean, 3 Ott 1901, 08:30, Bayeux, FR
French filmmaker, a screenwriter, director and composer; one of the great [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
46.Griefahn, Monika, 3 Ott 1954, 23:08, Mülheim/Ruhr, GER
German politician, co-founder of Greenpeace Germany. [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
47.Horn, Roy, 3 Ott 1944, 23:57, Nordenham, GER
German-American illusionist,, half of “Siegfried and Roy.“ Roy,was mauled and [...] (Ascendente Leone)
48.Horniman, Annie E.F., 3 Ott 1860, 19:35, London, ENG (UK)
British noted family, the granddaughter of the founder of Horniman Tea Company. [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
49.Huet, Paul, 3 Ott 1803, 04:00, Paris Arrondissement 10, FR
French painter and engraver. He was a key figure in the history of landscape [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
50.Jonvelle, Jean-François, 3 Ott 1943, 05:30, Cavaillon, FR
French professional fashion photographer. In 1959, the photographer George [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
51.Kardec, Allan, 3 Ott 1804, 19:00, Lyon, FR
French spiritualist known as the “father of spiritualism in France.“ Kardec was [...] (Ascendente Toro)
52.Knudsen, Conrad Calvert, 3 Ott 1923, 03:30, Tacoma, WA (US)
American executive. [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
53.Lamb, Antonia, 3 Ott 1943, 05:55, New York NY, USA
American singer, astrologer and author of four paperback gothic novels. Two of [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
54.Lefebvre, Jean, 3 Ott 1919, 19:30, Valenciennes, FR
French film actor. He died on 9 July 2004 in Marrakesh, [...] (Ascendente Toro)
55.LePecq, Andree, 3 Ott 1910, 00:51, Laval, France
French artist, tapestry designer, engraver, illustrator and painter. A [...] (Ascendente Leone)
56.MacMartin, John, 3 Ott 1925, 22:10, Glasgow, SCOT (UK)
Scottish artist, sculptor. [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
57.March, Juan, 3 Ott 1880, 23:30, Balearic Island, Spain
Spanish entrepreneur who was a smuggler and owned a tobacco firm in Morocco. [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
58.Martinez, Mario Aburto, 3 Ott 1970, 05:00, Mexica, Mexico
Mexican accused assassin of presidential candidate Louis Donaldo Colosio on [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
59.McKenna, Lori Ann, 3 Ott 1972, 04:09, Holyoke, MA (US)
American singer/songwriter, won a Boston Music Award in late 2004. Her songs [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
60.Meadows, Nathan, 3 Ott 1997, 03:15, Los Angeles CA, USA
American noted family, the son of TV personality Leeza Gibbons and her third [...] (Ascendente Leone)
61.Peterson, Russell Wilbur, 3 Ott 1916, 04:00, Portage WI, USA
American politician and scientist, he was Governor of Delaware from 1969 to [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
62.Petra Dörfert, 3 Ott 1970, 12:05, Stuttgart, GER
German astrologer. MA, she studied german philology and art history at the [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
63.Pick, Svika, 3 Ott 1949, 10:00, Wroclaw, POL
Israeli pop singer and composer. Pick was one of Israel’s leading pop singers [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
64.Prodi, Paolo, 3 Ott 1932, 18:30, Scandiano, ITALY
Italian historian, educator, and author of scholarly works including: “Papal [...] (Ascendente Ariete)
65.Profeta, Michele, 3 Ott 1947, 04:20, Palermo, Italy
Italian suspected serial killer, arrested in Padua 2/16/2001, though [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
66.Reich, Steve, 3 Ott 1936, 18:21, Manhattan, NY (US)
American contemporary avant-garde composer, one of the best-known exponents of [...] (Ascendente Toro)
67.Reichwein, Adolf, 3 Ott 1898, 03:00, Bad Ems, Germany
German educator, a social democratic who became a leading figure in the German [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
68.Renwall, Essi, 3 Ott 1911, 15:02, Oulu, FIN
Finnish artist, a sculptor. Married once, to Ben Renvall from 1933-1943. She [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
69.Ribnick, Gerson, 3 Ott 1925, 04:31, Minneapolis MN, USA
American lobbyist. Employed by Professional Astrologers Inc, he lobbied for [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
70.Rigoli, Rolando, 3 Ott 1940, 10:00, Livorno, Italy
Italian swordsman. He won a fencing gold medal at Monaco Olympics [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
71.Roberts, Luke, 3 Ott 1952, 17:25, Alpha, Australia
Australian visual/performance artist who works under the name of his alter ego [...] (Ascendente Pesci)
72.Saraiva, José Hermano, 3 Ott 1919, 10:30, Leiria, Portugal
Portuguese historian [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
73.Ségard, Norbert, 3 Ott 1922, 04:00, Aniche, FR
French politician, he trained as a physicist and teacher, and came to politics [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
74.Sharpton, Al, 3 Ott 1954, 22:05, Brooklyn (Kings County), NY (US)
American clergyman, a minister and a Democratic activist. Preaching from the [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
75.Skrela, Jean-Claude, 3 Ott 1949, 22:00, Cornebarrieu, France
French rugby player and member of the French rugby team 1999 A wing forward, [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
76.Smith, Bernard, 3 Ott 1916, 19:30, Sydney, AUSTL
Australian art historian, art critic and academic. In 1941, he married his [...] (Ascendente Ariete)
77.Stark, Ray, 3 Ott 1915, 19:30, New York, NY (US)
American film producer and Hollywood talent agent who made over 125 films [...] (Ascendente Toro)
78.Streuvels, Stijn, 3 Ott 1871, 10:00, Heule, Belgium
Belgian-Flemish short story writer and novelist, the most popular writer of his [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
79.Thomas, Carl, 3 Ott 1969, 23:17, Patterson OH, USA
American basketball player: guard, Cavaliers. His twin brother, Charles (11:05 [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
80.Twins, Hicks, 3 Ott 2005, 22:30, Los Angeles CA, USA
American twins born prematurely to noted mother Mo’Nique, actress and model. [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
81.Vidal, Gore, 3 Ott 1925, 10:00, West Point, NY (US)
American playwright, critic, novelist and essayist, one of the great stylists [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
82.von Ossietzky, Carl, 3 Ott 1889, 19:45, Hamburg, GER
German pacifist and the recipient of the 1935 Nobel Peace Prize for his work in [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
83.Westlund, Chris, 3 Ott 1949, 20:50, Glendale (Los Angeles County), CA (US)
Set decorator, worked on television productions and in feature films from 1979 [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
84.Winfield, Dave, 3 Ott 1951, 02:45, St. Paul MN, USA
American baseball player who is a multi-threat natural athlete as he was [...] (Ascendente Leone)
85.Wolfe, Thomas, 3 Ott 1900, 10:00, Asheville, NC (US)
American playwright and novelist who wrote “Look Homeward, Angel,“ 1929, “The [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
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