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Nació el Mayo 16, 1925

1.Allen, Garth, 16 May 1925, 02:04, Bruning, NE (US)
American astrologer, a siderealist and senior editor of “American Astrology.“ [...] (Ascendente Piscis)

Nació el Mayo 16 con ascendente Piscis

2.Cantor, Jetty, 16 May 1903, 02:30, Den Haag, NETH
Dutch Jewish actress, violinist and singer. Her mother Sophia de Jong (5 [...] (Ascendente Piscis)
3.MacLean, David John, 16 May 1953, 03:10, Cromarty, Scotland
Scottish politician, a Member of Parliament returned at General Election on [...] (Ascendente Piscis)
4.Schneider, Willy, 16 May 1903, 02:00, Branau, Austria
Austrian medium known with his younger brother, Rudi, for trance phenomena [...] (Ascendente Piscis)
5.Tauber, Richard, 16 May 1891, 01:30, Linz, Austria
Austrian-born actor and operatic tenor, considered by some to be one of the [...] (Ascendente Piscis)
6.Uslar Pietri, Arturo, 16 May 1906, 02:00, Caracas, VEN
Venezuelan intellectual, lawyer, journalist, writer, television producer and [...] (Ascendente Piscis)

Nació el Mayo 16

7.Abelin, Pierre, 16 May 1909, 11:45, Poitiers, FR
French politician and political actiivist, a champion for centrist principles [...] (Ascendente Leo)
8.Acampora, Enzo, 16 May 1947, 08:40, Naples, Italy
Italian financial astrologer and author [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
9.Acuña, Jason, 16 May 1973, 19:15, Pisa, ITALY
American actor, stunt performer, professional skateboarder, and television [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
10.Armetta, Henry, 16 May 1887, 10:00, Palermo, Italy
Italian-American actor who arrived in U.S. as a stowaway at 14. He worked as a [...] (Ascendente Leo)
11.Aston, Alfred, 16 May 1912, 01:10, Chantilly, France
French athlete, soccer player [...] (Ascendente Acuario)
12.Baggio, Sebastiano, 16 May 1913, 08:15, Rosa, Italy
Italian ecclesiastic, he was ordained a priest in 1935, moving up through the [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
13.Baglioni, Claudio, 16 May 1951, 04:20, Roma, ITALY
Italian singer and musician. His various works include the official Anthem for [...] (Ascendente Tauro)
14.Barnes, Rosemary, 16 May 1946, 12:00, Nottingham, ENG (UK)
British politician, a Member of Parliament returned at the General Election of [...] (Ascendente Leo)
15.Baskett, Alijah, 16 May 2014, 08:02, Los Angeles Cedars Sinai Hospital, CA (US)
American noted family, the second child and first daughter of American football [...] (Ascendente Géminis)
16.Bell, Stuart, 16 May 1938, 19:30, High Spen, England
British politician, a Member of Parliament returned at General Election [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
17.Benoit, Joan, 16 May 1957, 13:30, Portland MA, USA
American road runner, a premier woman runner whose practice of some 120 miles a [...] (Ascendente Virgo)
18.Bernabei, Ettore, 16 May 1921, 01:30, Florence, Italy
Italian journalist, editor and broadcasting executive, he was director of RAI. [...] (Ascendente Acuario)
19.Bigiaretti, Libero, 16 May 1905, 06:00, Matelica, Italy
Italian writer, a novelist and poet. He began his career as an apprentice to a [...] (Ascendente Géminis)
20.Binger, James Henry, 16 May 1916, 20:00, Minneapolis, MN (US)
American lawyer and business executive at Honeywell, Inc. Although he began his [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
21.Bronfman jr., Edgar, 16 May 1955, 18:17, New York, NY (US)
American businessman, second of five children of Ann (Loeb) and Edgar Miles [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
22.Buchabki, Jorginho, 16 May 1970, 07:14, São Paulo, Brazil
Brazilian youth of 18, suspected of the murder of his parents on 12/24/1988, [...] (Ascendente Géminis)
23.Califano, Christian, 16 May 1972, 11:45, Toulon, France
French rugby player, a member of the French rugby team 1999, playing as [...] (Ascendente Leo)
24.Carey, Harry Jr., 16 May 1921, 05:00, Nr Saugus CA, USA
American actor and noted family, the son of star Harry Carey. His films [...] (Ascendente Tauro)
25.Carlson, Tucker, 16 May 1969, 10:07, San Francisco, CA (US)
American political news correspondent and conservative host for the Fox News [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
26.Carol, Martine, 16 May 1920, 16:00, Saint-Mandé, FR
French actress, popular, tantalizing leading lady of the ’50s in several films [...] (Ascendente Libra)
27.Chabannes-Curton, Octave Pierre Antoine Henri de, 16 May 1803, 06:00, Paris, FR
French admiral, colonial administrator and politician, who died in Paris on 7 [...] (Ascendente Géminis)
28.Chacon, Antonio, 16 May 1869, 23:00, Jerez de la Frontera, SPAIN
Spanish flamenco singer. He died 21 January 1929 [...] (Ascendente Capricornio)
29.Charbonier, Jean-Jacques, 16 May 1956, 12:00, St.Gaudens, FR
French anaethetist- intensive care doctor, and author (NDE). [...] (Ascendente Leo)
30.Chien, Nicole, 16 May 2006, 12:12, Muntinlupa City, Philippines
Filipina daughter of noted parent, her mother is singer/actress Lea Salonga who [...] (Ascendente Leo)
31.Clydesdale, Victoria Elizabeth, 16 May 1990, 17:08, Stirling, SCOT (UK)
Scottish child murder victim in the Dunblane school massacre. She was shot and [...] (Ascendente Libra)
32.Collins, Lynn, 16 May 1977, 10:00, Houston, TX (US)
American actress who made television appearances in series such as ’’True [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
33.Courtine, Robert, 16 May 1910, 13:00, Paris, FR
French food writer, who also wrote under the pen names “La Reynière“ and [...] (Ascendente Virgo)
34.Courtois, Julie, 16 May 1813, 13:00, Bruges, BEL
Belgian physicist and conjurer, who co-founded the Théâtre Grandsart-Courtois [...] (Ascendente Virgo)
35.Cuypers, Pierre, 16 May 1827, 03:00, Roermond, NETH
Dutch architect, sculptor and conservator of monuments. Cuypers designed [...] (Ascendente Aries)
36.Dirkens, Jean, 16 May 1926, 05:47, Tournai, Belgium
Dutch professor and educator of psychology at the University of Mons and at [...] (Ascendente Géminis)
37.Dolcenera, 16 May 1977, 15:00, Scorrano, ITALY
Italian singer, songwriter and actress, who rose to fame in 2003, after winning [...] (Ascendente Libra)
38.Douis, Yvon, 16 May 1935, 10:45, Les Andelys, FR
French soccer/football player. He played for Lille OSC (1953–1959), Le Havre AC [...] (Ascendente Leo)
39.Escada, Alain, 16 May 1970, 11:15, Bruxelles, BEL
Belgian political activist, right-wing national catholic. [...] (Ascendente Leo)
40.Esslinger, Helma, 16 May 1942, 05:00, Stuttgart, Germany
German Beauty Queen, winner of the Miss World contest. [...] (Ascendente Tauro)
41.Even, André, 16 May 1918, 05:00, Pont Aven, FR
French artist, painter. [...] (Ascendente Tauro)
42.Fabi, Niccolò, 16 May 1968, 01:15, Rome, ITALY
Italian singer-songwriter, who rose to national fame after competing in the [...] (Ascendente Acuario)
43.Fautrier, Jean, 16 May 1898, 16:30, Paris Arrondissement 8, FR
French painter and sculptor. He was one of the most important practitioners of [...] (Ascendente Libra)
44.Findlay, Arthur, 16 May 1883, 01:00, Glasgow, SCOT (UK)
Scottish writer, accountant, stockbroker and Essex magistrate, as well as a [...] (Ascendente Capricornio)
45.Fiorello, Rosario, 16 May 1960, 14:30, Catania, ITALY
Italian showman, a comedian, singer, radio, and television presenter. He began [...] (Ascendente Libra)
46.Fonda, Henry, 16 May 1905, 14:00, Grand Island, NE (US)
American actor, a top star of stage and screen for many years. He was [...] (Ascendente Virgo)
47.Fontana, Zoë, 16 May 1911, 00:50, Traversetolo, Italy
Italian fashion designer, founded the house of Haute Couture, Sorelle Fontana, [...] (Ascendente Acuario)
48.Fox, Megan, 16 May 1986, 00:35, Oak Ridge (Anderson County), TN (US)
American actress and model. She began her acting career in 2001, with several [...] (Ascendente Capricornio)
49.François, Jacques, 16 May 1920, 00:15, Paris, FR
French actor, who provided the French voice of Gregory Peck in dubbed films. He [...] (Ascendente Capricornio)
50.Frawley, John, 16 May 1955, 00:40, London, ENG (UK)
British astrologer, the editor of the “Astrologer’s Apprentice“ and a regular [...] (Ascendente Capricornio)
51.Gaillard, Jean-Michel, 16 May 1946, 06:45, Pont St.Esprit, FR
French senior official, who was director general of Antenne 2 (now France 2) [...] (Ascendente Géminis)
52.Gazier, Albert, 16 May 1908, 14:05, Valenciennes, FR
French politician active in the Resistance during WWII’s occupation of France. [...] (Ascendente Virgo)
53.Gonzague, Daniel, 16 May 1930, 04:45, Joinville le Pont, FR
French designer and engraver of postage stamps. [...] (Ascendente Tauro)
54.Gonzales, Jose Luis, 16 May 1933, 11:15, Glendale CA, USA
American drug abuser who stabbed his mom to death while demented with LSD. He [...] (Ascendente Leo)
55.Goossens, Daniel, 16 May 1954, 05:00, Salon de Provence, FR
French cartoonist, who has worked for the magazines Pionniers, Pilote, Fluide [...] (Ascendente Tauro)
56.Griaule, Marcel, 16 May 1898, 19:00, Aisy sur Armançon, FR
French anthropologist known for his studies of the Dogon people of West Africa, [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
57.Grosjean, Julien, 16 May 1983, 23:15, Abbeville, FR
French horse racing jockey. [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
58.Handwerk, Richard, 16 May 1894, 17:00, Bremen, GER
German actor, director and voice actor. [...] (Ascendente Libra)
59.Heidsieck, Charles, 16 May 1822, 11:00, Reims, FR
French Champagne merchant who founded a Champagne firm. Aka “Champagne [...] (Ascendente Leo)
60.Hemmeler, Marc, 16 May 1938, 06:00, Lyon, FR
French jazz pianist and band leader (Marc Hemmeler Trio). He died on 27 August [...] (Ascendente Géminis)
61.Henry, Charles, 16 May 1859, 09:00, Mulhouse, FR
French librarian, editor and a specialist in the history of mathematics, who [...] (Ascendente Leo) Astro-Gemelos 63%

62.Herman, Woody, 16 May 1913, 12:30, Milwaukee, WI (US)
American musician of big bandleader era. In the 1940s, his music was [...] (Ascendente Virgo)
63.Heymann, Danièle, 16 May 1933, 02:00, Paris, FR
French cinema critic who officiates on ’Le Masque et la Plume’ (The Mask and [...] (Ascendente Acuario)
64.Hood, James, 16 May 1948, 06:30, Lesmahagow, Scotland
Scottish politician, a Member of Parliament, Labour representative of the [...] (Ascendente Géminis)
65.Hunt, James Baxter, 16 May 1937, 04:16, Greensboro, NC (US)
American politician who was the 69th and 71st Governor of North Carolina [...] (Ascendente Tauro)
66.Jawer, Jeff, 16 May 1946, 03:35, New York, NY (US)
American professional astrologer, one of the founding members of AFAN and one [...] (Ascendente Aries)
67.Kainz, Kelly, 16 May 1975, 06:10, Liverpool, ENG (UK)
British/Austrian professional dancer. In 1992, she reached a 3rd place in the [...] (Ascendente Géminis)
68.Kempen, Paul van, 16 May 1893, 03:00, Zoeterwoude, NETH
Dutch-German violinist and conductor. He was the son of the goldsmith Josephus [...] (Ascendente Aries)
69.Kiepura, Jan, 16 May 1902, 10:00, Sosnowiec, POL
Polish singer (tenor) and actor. At age 23, Jan was hired for the first time, [...] (Ascendente Leo)
70.Kincaid, Cliff, 16 May 1954, 08:38, Kansas City, MO (US)
American editor of the AIM Report, a twice-monthly newsletter published by [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
71.Kirsch, Hilda, 16 May 1902, 14:14, Berlin, Germany
German-American Jungian analyst and author. [...] (Ascendente Virgo)
72.La Malfa, Ugo, 16 May 1903, 01:00, Palermo, ITALY
Italian politician, and an important leader in the Italian Republican Party. He [...] (Ascendente Acuario)
73.Lacroix, Christian, 16 May 1951, 11:30, Arles, FR
French couturier and fashion designer who was noted for using the old styles to [...] (Ascendente Leo)
74.Lafont, Pierre, 16 May 1797, 08:00, Bordeaux, FR
French actor, born at Bordeaux. Abandoning his profession as assistant ship’s [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
75.Langlois-Glandier, Janine, 16 May 1939, 11:30, Paris, FR
French television director, a specialist in the audiovisual and communication [...] (Ascendente Leo)
76.Ledent (Midam), Michel, 16 May 1963, 20:50, Etterbeek, BEL
Belgian comics author, writing under the pen name Midam, best known for Kid [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
77.Lescaut, Jacques de, 16 May 1939, 19:00, Gent, Belgium
Belgium musician, actor, siderealist astrologer, data collector and publisher. [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
78.Lhote, Henri, 16 May 1903, 19:00, Paris, FR
French author, explorer and ethnographer, an expert on prehistoric cave art who [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
79.Liberace, 16 May 1919, 23:15, West Allis, WI (US)
American musician and entertainer known for his music, his trademark [...] (Ascendente Capricornio)
80.Maldonado, Kirstin, 16 May 1992, 22:00, Fort Worth, TX (US)
American singer, a.k.a Kristy/Kirstie, and member of Grammy Award winning a [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
81.Martin, Billy, 16 May 1928, 15:43, Berkeley, CA (US)
American baseball player and manager, famous for his gutsy all-out baseball [...] (Ascendente Libra)
82.Massironi, Marina, 16 May 1963, 16:00, Legnago, ITALY
Italian actress who has appeared in more than twenty films since 1987. She won [...] (Ascendente Libra)
83.Maximilian, Prince of Liechtenstein‏, 16 May 1969, 19:00, St.Gallen, SWTZ
Liechtenstein royalty, the second son of Prince Hans-Adam II and Princess [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
84.Mehren, Stein, 16 May 1935, 22:20, Oslo, NOR
Norwegian writer and painter. As a writer he has mainly produced poems, but [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
85.Melis, Paolo, 16 May 1929, 20:00, Cagliari, ITALY
Italian boxer. [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
86.Mock, Danny, 16 May 1961, 22:01, Statesville NC, USA
American sports figure, a scout for the Green Bay Packers football [...] (Ascendente Capricornio)
87.Monicelli, Mario, 16 May 1915, 17:45, Rome, Italy
Italian film director and screenwriter who had a modest debut as a co-director [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
88.Montana, Bull, 16 May 1887, 11:00, Voghera, ITALY
Italian screen actor and professional wrestler who was onscreen from 1918. [...] (Ascendente Leo)
89.Moore, Tom, 16 May 1928, 18:55, El Paso, TX (US)
American cartoonist and member of National Cartoonists Society, known for his [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
90.Muktananda Baba, Gurudev, 16 May 1908, 05:11:38, Dharmasthala, India
Indian mystic and guru in the traditional style who personally had to struggle [...] (Ascendente Tauro)
91.Nastasi, Alexander, 16 May 1970, 06:50, Heidelberg, GER
German author of motivational books and novels and a life coach. [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
92.Ohayon, Liana Kaarina, 16 May 1937, 13:31, Helsinki, FIN
Finnish actress. She plays sensitive, seductive roles. [...] (Ascendente Virgo)
93.Olmedo, Silvia, 16 May 1976, 12:00, Madrid, SPAIN
Spanish psychologist, sexologist, TV host, producer and author. She has worked [...] (Ascendente Leo)
94.Pausini, Laura, 16 May 1974, 17:00, Faenza, ITALY
Italian pop singer who took top prize as a new artist in the 1993 San Remo [...] (Ascendente Libra)
95.Pennetier, Jean-Claude, 16 May 1942, 01:00, Châtellerault, FR
French pianist. [...] (Ascendente Capricornio)
96.Piette, Jacques, 16 May 1916, 23:59, Issy les Moulineaux, FR
French politician who represented the French Section of the Workers’ [...] (Ascendente Capricornio)
97.Pistarino, Carlo, 16 May 1950, 10:30, Genoa, ITALY
Italian comedian, actor and television writer. [...] (Ascendente Leo)
98.Poniatowski, Michel, 16 May 1922, 04:00, Paris, FR
French politician, a member of the senior branch of Poland’s princely [...] (Ascendente Aries)
99.Quinney, Richard, 16 May 1934, 11:00, Elkhorn, WI (US)
American sociologist, writer, and photographer known for his philosophical and [...] (Ascendente Leo)
100.Rich, Adrienne, 16 May 1929, 15:10, Baltimore, MD (US)
American writer known for intensely personal, political poetry which reflects [...] (Ascendente Libra)
101.Richman, Jonathan, 16 May 1951, 18:40, Boston, MA (US)
American singer/songwriter/musician and founder of the band “Modern Lovers. He [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
102.Rieu, Nicole, 16 May 1949, 20:40, Chaumont, FR
French singer, best known outside France for her participation in the 1975 [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
103.Rivero Jr., Horacio, 16 May 1910, 22:00, Ponce, PR (US)
The first Puerto Rican and Hispanic four-star Admiral, and second Hispanic to [...] (Ascendente Capricornio)
104.Rossi, Andre, 16 May 1921, 14:30, Menton, France
French Civil servant who held many posts as advisor or ‘’attaché,’’ 1947-58. [...] (Ascendente Virgo)
105.Rückert, Friedrich, 16 May 1788, 06:00, Schweinfurt, GER
German poet known for his facility with many different verse forms. A gifted [...] (Ascendente Géminis)
106.Rulfo, Juan, 16 May 1917, 05:00, Sayula, MEX
Mexican writer, screenwriter and photographer. One of Latin America’s most [...] (Ascendente Tauro)
107.Sabatini, Gabriela, 16 May 1970, 06:30, Buenos Aires, ARG
Argentina tennis player: WTA Tour [...] (Ascendente Tauro)
108.Saidy, Anthony, 16 May 1937, 04:35, Los Angeles CA, USA
American physician and chess master, a man dedicated to his two passions, [...] (Ascendente Tauro)
109.Salin, Pascal, 16 May 1939, 16:45, Paris, FR
French economist, professor emeritus at the Université Paris-Dauphine and a [...] (Ascendente Libra)
110.Schott, Franck, 16 May 1970, 07:30, Saint-Paul, REU
French swimmer, specialized in backstroke, he competed for France at 3 [...] (Ascendente Géminis)
111.Smith, Mildred, 16 May 1921, 05:45, Struthers OH, USA
American actress who played Sidney Poitier’s wife in “No Way Out,“ 1950. She [...] (Ascendente Géminis)
112.Soldini, Giovanni, 16 May 1966, 13:50, Milano, ITALY
Italian sailor who rose to international center stage starting in 1991. In [...] (Ascendente Virgo)
113.Sorrentino, Joe, 16 May 1937, 07:00, Brooklyn NY, USA
American jurist, a municipal court judge and crusader for juvenile rights whose [...] (Ascendente Géminis)
114.Spelling, Tori, 16 May 1973, 01:13, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American actress and noted family, the daughter of TV producer Aaron Spelling. [...] (Ascendente Acuario)
115.Stiehr, Charles, 16 May 1947, 23:40, Saginaw, MI (US)
American ecclesiastic, the grandson of a preacher who grew up to become a [...] (Ascendente Capricornio)
116.Sullavan, Margaret, 16 May 1909, 00:05, Norfolk, VA (US)
American actress who reached the peak of her acclaim in the 1943 stage [...] (Ascendente Acuario)
117.Teyssot-Gay, Serge, 16 May 1963, 16:00, St.Étienne, FR
French musician, who was the guitarist of French rock group Noir Désir from its [...] (Ascendente Libra)
118.Thérèse, Princess of France, 16 May 1736, 04:15, Versailles, FR
French ’’princesse du Sang’’ (princess of the blood line), the sixth daughter [...] (Ascendente Tauro)
119.Thomas, Eliza Hope, 16 May 1974, 01:58, Boston, MA (US)
American homicide victim, one of four young girls killed in a yogurt shop in [...] (Ascendente Acuario)
120.Thomas, Thurman, 16 May 1966, 06:33, Houston, TX (US)
American college and professional football player who was a running back who [...] (Ascendente Géminis)
121.Thooris, Yvonne, 16 May 1889, 15:00, Brugge, BEL
Belgian Esperantist. Her father was Albert Thooris, lawyer and member of [...] (Ascendente Libra)
122.Todd, Emmanuel, 16 May 1951, 00:30, St.Germain En Laye, FR
French historian and anthropologist, son of writer and journalist Olivier Todd, [...] (Ascendente Capricornio)
123.Tortorella, Davide, 16 May 1961, 17:50, Milan, ITALY
Italian television writer and lyricist. [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
124.Tough, Janette, 16 May 1947, 08:00, Queenzieburn, SCOT (UK)
Scottish entertainer who has a stage act called “The Krankies,“ in which she [...] (Ascendente Géminis)
125.Trejo, Danny, 16 May 1944, 05:18, Maywood, CA (US)
American actor who has appeared in numerous Hollywood films, often as villains [...] (Ascendente Tauro)
126.Triplets, Torres, 16 May 2015, 22:52, Corpus Christi, TX (US)
American identical triplets delivered by C-section at Corpus Christi Medical [...] (Ascendente Capricornio)
127.Tyrmand, Leopold, 16 May 1920, 18:17, Warszawa, POL
Polish-Jewish novelist, writer and editor. Tyrmand emigrated from Poland to the [...] (Ascendente Escorpio)
128.Valcarcel Mavor, Carlos, 16 May 1921, 09:00, Cieza, SPAIN
Spanish historian, official chronicler of the city of Murcia and father of [...] (Ascendente Cáncer)
129.Van Hoddis, Jakob, 16 May 1887, 04:45, Berlin, GER
German-Jewish expressionist poet, born Hans Davidsohn, of which his pen name [...] (Ascendente Géminis)
130.Villain, Maurice, 16 May 1900, 09:20, Argenton sur Creuse, FR
French theologian, historian. [...] (Ascendente Leo)
131.Vinh-Tung, Rodolphe, 16 May 1974, 23:45, La Tronche, FR
French wakeboarder, a World Games Champion, who spent his childhood in Tahiti [...] (Ascendente Capricornio)
132.Wäckerle, Hyazinth, 16 May 1836, 22:00, Ziemetshausen, GER
German educator and dialect poet. He died 2 February 1896 in [...] (Ascendente Sagitario)
133.Wilson, Charles, 16 May 1909, 06:00, Glasgow, SCOT (UK)
Scottish educator and administrator. A political scientist, he was appointed [...] (Ascendente Géminis)
134.Winger, Debra, 16 May 1955, 17:15, Columbus, OH (US)
American actress whose films include “Urban Cowboy,“ 1980, “An Officer and a [...] (Ascendente Libra)
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