来自 Astro-Databank 资料库的Astro-双胞胎


1.Dushku, Eliza, 30 1980, 13:31, Boston, MA (US)
American actress who began performing professionally at age 11 when her first [...] (上升点 金牛座)


2.Adams, John A., 30 1958, 13:00, Utrecht, Netherlands
Dutch-American musician, a talented Dutch performer reminiscent of John Denver. [...] (上升点 金牛座)
3.Keck, Pat, 30 1955, 12:46, Arlington, MA (US)
American artist and sculptor. More than 50 pieces of her artwork were featured [...] (上升点 金牛座)
4.Mussolini, Alessandra, 30 1962, 13:00, Rome, ITALY
Italian noted family and actress, the eldest daughter of Romano Mussolini, the [...] (上升点 金牛座)
5.Riley, Jack, 30 1935, 14:18, Cleveland OH, USA
American actor, writer, voice-man, mostly comedy. He wrote and performed with [...] (上升点 金牛座)


6.Angelini, Annagemma, 30 1933, 17:50, Zucchi, Italy
Italian journalist and musical critic. Died of cancer of pancreas [...] (上升点 巨蟹座)
7.Beers, Katie, 30 1982, 04:40, Bay Shore, NY (US)
American kidnapping victim, was kidnapped in New York in 1992 at age 9, by a [...] (上升点 人马座)
8.Benik, Anthony Charles, 30 1930, 10:00, Chicago IL, USA
American spiritualist minister who was a seminary student prior to entering [...] (上升点 宝瓶座)
9.Bogguss, Suzy, 30 1956, 12:15, Aledo IL, USA
American Country-Western singer with a big hit, “Fear of Flying.“ Her album, [...] (上升点 白羊座)
10.Bongrand, Michel, 30 1921, 02:00, Colombes, France
French businessman and executive, a marketing consultant who specializes in [...] (上升点 天秤座)
11.Boury, Roger, 30 1925, 23:30, Isbergues, France
French soccer player. [...] (上升点 天秤座)
12.Bowles, Paul, 30 1910, 15:00, Jamaica NY, USA
American writer, novelist, musician, composer and critic who is often [...] (上升点 双子座)
13.Broad, C. D., 30 1887, 23:00, Harlesdon, ENG (UK)
English epistemologist, historian of philosophy, philosopher of science, moral [...] (上升点 室女座)
14.Burmyn, Lynne, 30 1944, 06:35, Boston MA, USA
American astrologer who had a chart service she called “Womynscope.“ Burmyn had [...] (上升点 人马座)
15.Cousteau, Philippe Pierre, 30 1940, 17:50, Toulon, FR
French oceanographer and cinematographer, the younger son and chief protégé of [...] (上升点 巨蟹座)
16.D' Agoult, Marie, 30 1805, 12:00, Frankfurt/Main, GER
French author, known also by her pen name, Daniel Stern. She entered into an [...] (上升点 白羊座)
17.Davis, Skeeter, 30 1931, 08:00, Sparta KY, USA
American musician with a career that was always eventful. The eldest of seven [...] (上升点 摩羯座)
18.de Lambert, Charles, 30 1865, 03:30, Funchal, PORT
Portuguese aviator. De Lambert was the first person in France to be taught to [...] (上升点 天蝎座)
19.Dean, Geoffrey, 30 1935, 16:30, Eltham (South London), ENG (UK)
British-Australian astrologer, a Ph.D, analytical chemist and a sci-fi writer. [...] (上升点 巨蟹座)
20.Della Valle, Diego, 30 1953, 03:20, Casetta D'Ete, Italy
Italian designer of high fashion, a clothing industrialist. After receiving a [...] (上升点 天蝎座)
21.Dongen, J.A. van, 30 1887, 11:00, Haarlem, NETH
Dutch gynaecologist, art collector, librarian and writer on medical history. [...] (上升点 双鱼座)
22.Elizabeth, Princess (1740), 30 1740, 07:30, London, ENG (UK)
British royalty, a grandchild of George II and sister of George III. Princess [...] (上升点 摩羯座)
23.Ferrell, Mattias, 30 2006, 02:05, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American child of noted parent, actor and comedian Will Ferrell and his wife [...] (上升点 天蝎座)
24.Fleiss, Heidi, 30 1965, 09:05, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American businesswoman, a chic and attractive brunette known as the notorious [...] (上升点 宝瓶座)
25.Fontane, Theodor, 30 1819, 16:30, Neuruppin, GER
German novelist and poet who is considered the first master of modern realistic [...] (上升点 巨蟹座)
26.Gevers, Marie, 30 1883, 16:45, Edegem, BEL
Belgian novelist. Very early in life, she composed bucolic poetry, encouraged [...] (上升点 巨蟹座)
27.Goudey, Linda, 30 1949, 10:42, Newton MA, USA
American homicide victim who was found asphyxiated in her car 10/04/1993, after [...] (上升点 双鱼座)
28.Gouze-Renal, Christine, 30 1914, 08:30, Mouchard, France
French film producer known in France; her production credits began in 1955. [...] (上升点 摩羯座)
29.Griffith, Thomas, 30 1915, 06:00, Tacoma, WA (US)
American writer and editor. Senior staff editor of Time magazine as of 1963. He [...] (上升点 人马座)
30.Gualco, Giacomo, 30 1936, 02:30, Serravalle Scrivia, Italy
Italian politician, vice-president of his party; convicted of corruption. In [...] (上升点 天蝎座)
31.Haast, William E., 30 1910, 02:06, Paterson NJ, USA
The director of the Miami Serpentarium Laboratories, a facility near Punta [...] (上升点 天蝎座)
32.Hannity, Sean, 30 1961, 10:30, Franklin Square, NY (US)
American conservative talk show host, political commentator and writer, he is [...] (上升点 双鱼座)
33.Heinrich, Prince of Prussia (1781), 30 1781, 23:00, Berlin, GER
Prussian General of the Infantry and Grand Master of the Order of St John. He [...] (上升点 室女座)
34.Janssens, Marcel, 30 1931, 19:00, Edegem, BEL
Belgian cyclist. Janssens won two stages in the Tour de France, and finished [...] (上升点 狮子座)
35.Kern, Heinz, 30 1919, 23:36, Rochlitz-Sachsen, Germany
German author and astrologer; he worked for 36 years in the industrial field. [...] (上升点 天秤座)
36.Kipling, Rudyard, 30 1865, 22:00, Bombay, INDIA
British writer born in India; a poet, novelist and journalist who, more than [...] (上升点 室女座)
37.Kolbenheyer, Erwin Guido, 30 1878, 06:00, Budapest, HUN
Austrian novelist, poet and playwright. Later based in Germany, he belonged to [...] (上升点 人马座)
38.Korolev, Sergey, 30 1906, 21:55, Zhitomir, UA
The lead Soviet rocket engineer and spacecraft designer in the Space Race [...] (上升点 室女座)
39.Koufax, Sandy, 30 1935, 11:30, Brooklyn NY, USA
American baseball star who was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in [...] (上升点 白羊座)
40.Lapparent, Albert de, 30 1839, 06:00, Bourges, France
French geologist, mineralogist and scientist. Lapparent wrote a textbook of [...] (上升点 人马座)
41.Laurent, Jean, 30 1907, 10:00, Maisons Alfort, FR
French soccer/football player. He played for CA Paris, FC Sochaux, Club [...] (上升点 宝瓶座)
42.Leduc, Lucien, 30 1918, 14:00, Le Portel, FR
French soccer player and manager. He died on 17 July 2004. [...] (上升点 双子座)
43.Lopez, Vincent, 30 1895, 04:00, Brooklyn NY, USA
American author and bandleader. He was highly popular on radio and TV for over [...] (上升点 天蝎座)
44.Lord, Jack, 30 1920, 23:42, New York, NY (US)
American actor who made a screen debut in “Project X,“ 1949, and became best [...] (上升点 天秤座)
45.Marr, Sally, 30 1906, 01:17, Jamaica NY, USA
American dancer and comedienne, the mother of comedian Lenny Bruce. With a [...] (上升点 天秤座)
46.McEnery, John W., 30 1925, 20:05, San Francisco, CA (US)
American military, Major General. [...] (上升点 狮子座)
47.Messager, Andre, 30 1853, 06:00, Montluçon, FR
French composer, organist, pianist, conductor and administrator. His stage [...] (上升点 人马座)
48.Michielsen, Thérèse, 30 1926, 19:30, Etterbeek, BEL
Wife of Jacques Brel - he called her Mich - and mother of his 3 daughters. [...] (上升点 狮子座)
49.Mix, Steve, 30 1947, 18:23, Toledo OH, USA
American athlete, a pro basketball player, he was drafted by the Detroit [...] (上升点 巨蟹座)
50.Montico, Antonio, 30 1933, 11:30, Valvasone, ITALY
Italian soccer player. [...] (上升点 双鱼座)
51.Murphy, Tom, 30 1945, 10:03, East Cleveland, OH (US)
American baseball player, a right-handed pitcher with the California Angels [...] (上升点 宝瓶座)
52.Nesmith, Michael, 30 1942, 11:59, Houston, TX (US)
American musician, a member of the music group “The Monkees.“ The group was [...] (上升点 双鱼座)
53.Nicholas, Charlie, 30 1961, 06:45, Glasgow, SCOT (UK)
Scottish professional football player. During his career (1980-1996), he played [...] (上升点 人马座)
54.Noffke, Will, 30 1929, 18:40, Rochester NY, USA
American radio personality and editor of Shared Visions newsletter. He died on [...] (上升点 狮子座)
55.Panisset, Georges, 30 1929, 12:00, Annecy, FR
French ski champion. [...] (上升点 白羊座)
56.Pinay, Antoine, 30 1891, 11:00, St.Symphorien sur Coise, FR
French industrialist and politician. A wealthy manufacturer in the leather [...] (上升点 双鱼座)
57.Quine, Robert, 30 1942, 08:32, Akron, OH (US)
American musician, an influential punk guitarist during the late 20th century [...] (上升点 摩羯座)
58.Rabier, Benjamin, 30 1869, 16:00, La Roche sur Yon, France
French artist, a cartoonist and illustrator, well known in France. He died [...] (上升点 巨蟹座)
59.Ramana Maharishi, 30 1879, 01:00, Aruppukkottai, INDIA
Indian mystic of the Hindu religion who, after a mystical experience at age 17, [...] (上升点 天秤座)
60.Rigaut, Jacques, 30 1898, 02:00, Paris Arrondissement 7, FR
French surrealist poet, part of the Dadaist movement. His works frequently [...] (上升点 天秤座)
61.Scarin, Emilio, 30 1904, 11:00, Udine, ITALY
Italian geographer, specialized in study of human geography. [...] (上升点 双鱼座)
62.Shannon, Del, 30 1934, 03:30, Grand Rapids (Kent County), MI (US)
American singer, one of the early rockers who wrote his own material. He began [...] (上升点 天蝎座)
63.Siné, 30 1928, 03:30, Paris, FR
French cartoonist, his work has appeared in “Paris Match,“ “France Soir,“ and [...] (上升点 天蝎座)
64.Smith, Al E., 30 1873, 03:00, New York, NY (US)
American politician, four-term governor of New York and US Presidential [...] (上升点 天蝎座)
65.Smith, Patti, 30 1946, 06:01, Chicago, IL (US)
American poet, singer, songwriter and punk princess of New York where she [...] (上升点 人马座)
66.Spare, Austin O., 30 1886, 03:53, London, England
British artist, illustrator and editor of “Fortnum“ and “Golden Hind.“ He [...] (上升点 天蝎座)
67.Stark, Andrew, 30 1916, 08:20, Fauldhouse, Scotland
Scottish diplomat, he held many posts representing the British Government [...] (上升点 摩羯座)
68.Steele, Lanny, 30 1933, 00:10, Houston, TX (US)
American jazz pianist, music educator, composer and jazz festival promoter. [...] (上升点 天秤座)
69.Stookey, Paul, 30 1937, 17:45, Baltimore, MD (US)
American musician, a singer and composer, best known as a member of the folk [...] (上升点 巨蟹座)
70.Tamblyn, Russ, 30 1934, 04:00, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American dancer, actor of stage, film and radio. Starting as a child actor, he [...] (上升点 天蝎座)
71.Tanovic, Livina, 30 2000, 14:46, Paris, France
French-born child of noted film director, Danis Tanovic. She is the oldest of [...] (上升点 双子座)
72.Topaloff, Patrick, 30 1944, 14:40, Paris, France
French folksinger. [...] (上升点 双子座)
73.Trudeau, Rachel, 30 1983, 07:11, New York NY, USA
American noted family, second twin born to TV anchor woman Jane Pauley [...] (上升点 摩羯座)
74.Trudeau, Richard Ross, 30 1983, 07:05, New York, NY (US)
American noted family, first born twin of TV anchor woman Jane Pauley and [...] (上升点 摩羯座)
75.Ullman, Tracey, 30 1959, 03:15, Burnham, ENG (UK)
British comedienne, a boisterous, original player on screen, stage and TV. At [...] (上升点 天蝎座)
76.Vandooren, Jules, 30 1908, 21:15, Armentières, FR
French soccer player. He died on 7 January 1985. [...] (上升点 室女座)
77.Verbauwen, Carine, 30 1961, 14:25, Ghent, Belgium
Belgian champion swimmer. [...] (上升点 双子座)
78.Villaggio, Paolo, 30 1932, 14:45, Genova, Italy
Italian comedian, entertainer, author and the younger twin brother of educator [...] (上升点 双子座)
79.Villaggio, Pietro, 30 1932, 15:15, Genova, Italy
Italian University Professor with tenure, very thin, very serious. He is the [...] (上升点 双子座)
80.Vogts, Berti, 30 1946, 07:15, Büttgen, GER
German soccer player, soccer coach. [...] (上升点 人马座)
81.Ward, Fred, 30 1942, 09:23, San Diego CA, USA
American actor who, prior to going into little theater, was a member of the [...] (上升点 宝瓶座)
82.Welch, Walden, 30 1943, 22:13, Stockton, CA (US)
Walden Welch was a California Astrologer and Psychic. His career began at the [...] (上升点 室女座)
83.Woods, Tiger, 30 1975, 22:50, Long Beach, CA (US)
American golfer who is perhaps the best young golfer in history. On April 13, [...] (上升点 室女座)