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Gémeos-Astrológicos do Astro-Databank

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Nasceu a Maio 5, 2011

1.Jarecki, Bear Blu, 5 Mai 2011, 07:50, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American child of noted family, his mom is actress Alicia Silverstone and his [...] (Ascendente Gémeos)

Nasceu a Maio 5 com ascendente Gémeos

2.Bardot, Mijanou, 5 Mai 1938, 06:45, Paris Arrondissement 7, FR
French actress, sister of Brigitte Bardot. Married to Patrick Bauchau, she met [...] (Ascendente Gémeos)
3.Chardonnet, Lyne, 5 Mai 1943, 09:00, Paris, FR
French comedienne. [...] (Ascendente Gémeos)
4.Cosmi, Serse, 5 Mai 1958, 07:00, Perugia, Italy
Italian coach of the Perugia Soccer team. [...] (Ascendente Gémeos)
5.Dubroff, Jessica, 5 Mai 1988, 08:29, Hercules, CA (US)
American pilot at the age of seven, aiming to be the youngest pilot to cross [...] (Ascendente Gémeos)

Nasceu a Maio 5

6.Abboud, Joseph, 5 Mai 1950, 19:05, Boston, MA (US)
American designer whose work is described as “updated but not too far out, and [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
7.Albertus, Frater, 5 Mai 1911, 03:42, Dresden, Germany
German alchemist, occultist, author; he founded the Paracelsus Research Society [...] (Ascendente Carneiro)
8.Arnold, James R., 5 Mai 1923, 00:40, Metuchen NJ, USA
American chemist and professor of chemistry, he specialized in analyzing lunar [...] (Ascendente Aquário)
9.Bremser, Cindy, 5 Mai 1953, 15:10, Milwaukee WI, USA
American athlete, an Olympic runner. She had competed in the last two Olympics [...] (Ascendente Balança)
10.Brown, Chris, 5 Mai 1989, 12:30, Tappahannock, VA (US)
American singer-songwriter, dancer and actor. (Photo by Joel Telling; please [...] (Ascendente Leão)
11.Collins, Joyce, 5 Mai 1927, 16:40, Battle Mountain, NV (US)
American jazz pianist, singer and educator. Collins began playing piano [...] (Ascendente Balança)
12.Cowell, Stanley, 5 Mai 1941, 15:45, Toledo, OH (US)
American jazz musician, pianist, composer, and keyboard player. He played with [...] (Ascendente Balança)
13.Efira, Virginie, 5 Mai 1977, 23:05, Bruxelles, BEL
Belgian actress and TV presenter, born to André Efira, Professor of Medicine. [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
14.Elskamp, Max, 5 Mai 1862, 03:00, Antwerpen, BEL
One of the outstanding Belgian Symbolist poets, whose material was the everyday [...] (Ascendente Peixes)
15.Eugénie, Queen of France, 5 Mai 1826, 11:55, Granada, SPAIN
Spanish-French Empress, the wife of Napoleon III, married 1853. She was noted [...] (Ascendente Leão)
16.Faye, Alice, 5 Mai 1912, 00:05, New York NY, USA
American actress and singer, a film queen of the ’30s and ’40s who was called [...] (Ascendente Capricórnio)
17.Flora, Hillary, 5 Mai 1985, 14:12, Albuquerque NM, USA
American mystical child called “the Albuquerque Powerhouse.“ A bright, normal [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
18.Gullans, Charles, 5 Mai 1929, 03:40, Minneapolis MN, USA
American writer, a poet and educator, teaching at UCLA. A noted expert in the [...] (Ascendente Carneiro)
19.Hisle, Larry, 5 Mai 1947, 01:13, Portsmouth, OH (US)
American baseball player, a right-handed outfielder who played with the [...] (Ascendente Aquário)
20.Jomanda, 5 Mai 1948, 13:00, Deventer, NETH
Dutch internationally known psychic, said to have restored sight and healed [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
21.Kaltenbach, Stephen James, 5 Mai 1940, 22:30, Battle Creek, MI (US)
American artist. [...] (Ascendente Sagitário)
22.Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor, 5 Mai 1747, 09:00, Vienna, AUS
Austrian-German royalty, the second son of Habsburg Maria Teresa and Emperor [...] (Ascendente Caranguejo)
23.Martin, Del, 5 Mai 1921, 03:24, San francisco CA, USA
American author and lesbian activist, she and partner Phyllis Lyon worked and [...] (Ascendente Carneiro)
24.Marx, Karl, 5 Mai 1818, 02:00, Trier (Rheinland-Pfalz), GER
German-Jewish communist and philosopher who developed the theory of socialism. [...] (Ascendente Aquário)
25.Massu, Jacques, 5 Mai 1908, 09:30, Châlons sur Marne, FR
French general who fought in World War II, the First Indochina War, the [...] (Ascendente Leão)
26.Olof, Theo, 5 Mai 1924, 05:30, Bonn, Germany
German-born Dutch musician, a violinist, and conductor. [...] (Ascendente Touro)
27.Palin, Michael, 5 Mai 1943, 11:45, Sheffield, ENG (UK)
British comedian, actor and writer. As a young man he was an anchorman on [...] (Ascendente Leão)
28.Pivot, Bernard, 5 Mai 1935, 17:00, Lyon, France
French writer, a journalist for a dozen years writing columns that reviewed [...] (Ascendente Balança)
29.Power, Tyrone, 5 Mai 1914, 17:30, Cincinnati, OH (US)
American third generation actor who had it all, looks, talent, charm, drama and [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
30.Reed, Rosey, 5 Mai 1954, 06:30, San Diego CA, USA
American equestrian demonstrator at the 1984 Olympics, Los Angeles. The winner [...] (Ascendente Touro)
31.Rodrigues-Nunes, Fernando, 5 Mai 1956, 17:30, Oleiros, Portugal
French homicide, the killer of his wife and his sister-in-law, before killing [...] (Ascendente Balança)
32.Sattouf, Riad, 5 Mai 1978, 06:55, Paris Arrondissement 14, FR
French writer, cartoonist, comics artist and film director of Syrian descent. [...] (Ascendente Touro)
33.Schawlow, Arthur, 5 Mai 1921, 11:00, Mount Vernon NY, USA
American scientist and professor of physics. He shared the 1981 Nobel Prize [...] (Ascendente Leão)
34.Scholfield, Sy, 5 Mai 1964, 14:15, Brisbane, AUSTL
Australian astrodata collector, astrologer, scholar and webhost who writes [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
35.Sienkiewicz, Henryk, 5 Mai 1846, 18:00, Wola Okrzejska, POL
Polish journalist, Nobel Prize-winning novelist, and philanthropist. He was [...] (Ascendente Escorpião)
36.Souter, Brian, 5 Mai 1954, 03:25, Perth, SCOT (UK)
Scottish entrepreneur, the Director of Stagecoach Bus Company. With his sister, [...] (Ascendente Aquário)
37.Talboom, Edward, 5 Mai 1921, 14:00, Delphos, OH (US)
American football player, running back, Wyoming All-American in 1950. He died [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
38.Tamia, 5 Mai 1975, 15:20, Windsor, Ont. Canada
American R’n’B singer who has worked with Baby Face, Slow James, and Gladys [...] (Ascendente Virgem)
39.Vanier, Nicolas, 5 Mai 1962, 14:10, Dakar, SEN
French adventurist, writer, and moviemaker, his first film was titled “The Last [...] (Ascendente Leão)
40.Walter, Marius, 5 Mai 1927, 03:00, Carvin, FR
French soccer/football player. [...] (Ascendente Aquário)
41.Wynants, Pierre, 5 Mai 1939, 09:15, Saint Josse Ten Noode, Belgium
Belgian restaurateur, the owner of Comme Chez Soi, begun by his dad. He has [...] (Ascendente Leão)
42.Wynette, Tammy, 5 Mai 1942, 01:20, Fulton, MS (US)
American country singer, named the Country Music Association’s Female [...] (Ascendente Aquário)
43.Yothers, Tina, 5 Mai 1973, 16:29, Whittier, CA (US)
American actress perhaps best known for her role in the TV sitcom “Family [...] (Ascendente Balança)