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Født Oktober 10, 1958

1.Tucker, Tanya, 10 Okt 1958, 02:38, Seminole, TX (US)
American country-western singer who cut her first demo when she was 13. As a [...] (Ascendant Løve)

Født Oktober 10 med ascendant Løve

2.Andric, Ivo, 10 Okt 1892, 01:36:48, Travnik, BIH
Writer of novels and short stories in the Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language, [...] (Ascendant Løve)
3.Beke, Baby Girl, 10 Okt 2011, 03:00, Leopoldsburg, Belgium
Belgian child of noted family, she is the third child of Flemish politician [...] (Ascendant Løve)
4.Charles, Prince of Belgium, 10 Okt 1903, 23:20, Brussels, BEL
Belgian royalty, the son of King Albert I and Queen Elisabeth. The Count of [...] (Ascendant Løve)
5.Eisenhower, Alex, 10 Okt 1980, 03:03, Phoenixville, PA (US)
American noted family, the son of Julie Nixon and David [...] (Ascendant Løve)
6.Giacometti, Alberto, 10 Okt 1901, 01:00, Stampa, SWTZ
Swiss sculptor and painter, known for his unique interpretations of proportion [...] (Ascendant Løve)
7.Grange, Jean-Baptiste, 10 Okt 1984, 02:00, St Jean de Maurienne, France
French Alpine skier who earned a national championship for the slalom on March [...] (Ascendant Løve)
8.Hemingway, Jack, 10 Okt 1923, 02:00, Toronto, ON (CAN)
American noted family, the son of Ernest Hemingway and his wife, Hadley [...] (Ascendant Løve)
9.Kivinen, S. Albert, 10 Okt 1933, 23:15, Ikaalinen, FIN
Finnish scholar, philosopher, and skeptic, an activist member of Finnish [...] (Ascendant Løve)
10.Nazzaro, Manila, 10 Okt 1977, 01:15, Foggia, Italy
Italian beauty queen, voted Miss Italy of 1999. [...] (Ascendant Løve)
11.Poe, Bryce, 10 Okt 1924, 00:44, Wichita, KS (US)
American military, United States Air Force four-star general who served as [...] (Ascendant Løve)
12.Ropke, Wilhelm, 10 Okt 1899, 01:00, Schwarmstedt, GER
German economist, the main spiritual father of the German social market [...] (Ascendant Løve)
13.Sebring, Jay, 10 Okt 1933, 01:05, Fairfield (Jefferson County), AL (US)
American beautician who owned an up-scale salon in Hollywood. He became one of [...] (Ascendant Løve)
14.White, Calvin W., 10 Okt 1890, 00:21, Barry, IL (US)
American astrologer who was a keen student of astrology, a member of AFA in [...] (Ascendant Løve)
15.Wilde, Lee and Lyn, 10 Okt 1922, 23:55, East St.Louis, IL (US)
The Wilde Twins, are twin sisters, who appeared in films of the early to [...] (Ascendant Løve)

Født Oktober 10

16.Barrett, Gloria, 10 Okt 1884, 10:32, Sheboygan WI, USA
American astrologer who, interested in the field since youth, began teaching [...] (Ascendant Skytte)
17.Bordewijk, Ferdinand, 10 Okt 1884, 05:00, Amsterdam, NETH
Dutch writer of magic realistic novels and short stories, poet and lawyer. With [...] (Ascendant Vægt)
18.Brode, Beth, 10 Okt 1977, 11:12, Haverhill MA, USA
American homicide victim, age 15 when she was beaten to death with a baseball [...] (Ascendant Skytte)
19.Burini, Renzo, 10 Okt 1927, 10:00, Palmanova, ITALY
Italian soccer player and coach. He made his debut for the Italy national [...] (Ascendant Skorpion)
20.Buys Ballot, Christophorus, 10 Okt 1817, 23:00, Kloetinge, NETH
Dutch meteorologist and chemist, the founder of the weather pro-casting Dutch [...] (Ascendant Krebs)
21.Cardinal, Paul, 10 Okt 1932, 17:45, Brussels, Belgium
Belgian astrologer and author of astrological books. He is a restaurant owner [...] (Ascendant Tyr)
22.Chauvin, Remy, 10 Okt 1913, 22:00, Toulon, France
French scientist and parapsychologist, an authority on animal behavior and [...] (Ascendant Krebs)
23.Chenal, Joël, 10 Okt 1973, 16:50, Moûtiers, FR
French alpine skier, he won a silver medal in the giant slalom at the Torino [...] (Ascendant Fisk)
24.Churchill, Winston S., 10 Okt 1940, 04:40, Chequers, England
British noted family, the grandson of Sir Winston Churchill. His mom remarried [...] (Ascendant Jomfru)
25.Clavell, James, 10 Okt 1924, 09:50, Sydney, Australia
Australian-American writer, the best-selling author of “Tai-Pan“ and “Noble [...] (Ascendant Stenbuk)
26.Daille, Marius, 10 Okt 1878, 22:00, Les Mollettes, FR
French general in the second world war. He became a speaker and internationally [...] (Ascendant Krebs)
27.Daniel, Price, 10 Okt 1910, 05:00, Dayton, TX (US)
American politician, a Democratic U.S. Senator and the 38th Governor of the [...] (Ascendant Jomfru)
28.Dearsley, Ella, 10 Okt 2005, 07:43, Salford, England
British child, the eldest of three children of the same parents, all born at [...] (Ascendant Vægt)
29.Earnhardt, Dale Jr., 10 Okt 1974, 05:33, Concord (Cabarrus County), NC (US)
American race car driver, the son of champion driver Dale Earnhardt who was [...] (Ascendant Jomfru)
30.Enyart, Terry, 10 Okt 1950, 20:25, Ironton, OH (US)
American baseball player, a left-throwing/right-hitting pitcher who played two [...] (Ascendant Tvilling)
31.Eshelman, James A., 10 Okt 1954, 04:10, Rochester IN, USA
American astrological student from 13, a regular contributor to magazines from [...] (Ascendant Jomfru)
32.Giamaria, Daniel, 10 Okt 1948, 07:00, Atlanta GA, USA
American pro astrologer from 1971 and creator of the Astrological Vision Quest [...] (Ascendant Vægt)
33.Girardot, Hippolyte, 10 Okt 1955, 16:10, Boulogne Billancourt, FR
French actor known for his roles in “Le Bon Plaisir“ directed by Francis Girod [...] (Ascendant Vandbærer)
34.Heard, Fats, 10 Okt 1923, 10:15, Cleveland, OH (US)
American jazz musician, drummer. He played with Teddy Wilson, Benny Carter, [...] (Ascendant Skorpion)
35.Hill, Evelyn, 10 Okt 1910, 10:00, Boston MA, USA
American psychologist considered a pioneer in her field. She published a [...] (Ascendant Skytte)
36.Ippolito, Jamie, 10 Okt 1979, 09:53, Boston MA, USA
American youth, the son of Katherine and James Ippolito. He was 12 years old [...] (Ascendant Skorpion)
37.Isabel II, Queen of Spain, 10 Okt 1830, 14:00, Madrid, SPAIN
Queen regnant of Spain from 1843 until 1868. She came to the throne as an [...] (Ascendant Stenbuk)
38.Johnston, Robert Smith, 10 Okt 1918, 07:00, Glasgow, Scotland
Scottish jurist, the Queen’s Counsel in 1955 and a high court judge. He was [...] (Ascendant Vægt)
39.Judge, Peter Daniel, 10 Okt 1959, 21:54, Boston, MA (US)
American phone company sales manager, gay, aids victim. He died on 1 July 1990. [...] (Ascendant Tvilling)
40.Kaufmann, Karl, 10 Okt 1900, 20:00, Krefeld, Germany
German Nazi, he was a member of the Nazi Party from 1922 and served as Party [...] (Ascendant Tvilling)
41.Kemp, Martin, 10 Okt 1961, 07:30, Islington, ENG (UK)
British musician and actor, the bass player for Spandau Ballet, an 80s era [...] (Ascendant Vægt)
42.Kidu, Carol, 10 Okt 1948, 13:00, Brisbane, AUSTL
Australian-born politician with noted spouse. She is the wife of the Chief [...] (Ascendant Vandbærer)
43.King, Goeffrey Mann, 10 Okt 1951, 08:45, Kansas City MO, USA
American murderer, he was arrested 9/6/1969 at 1:00 AM for stealing a car. [...] (Ascendant Skorpion)
44.Kruger, Paul, 10 Okt 1825, 06:00, Colesberg, SAFR
South African soldier and statesman, noted as the builder of the Afrikaner [...] (Ascendant Vægt)
45.Lambert, Christophe, 10 Okt 1964, 16:55, Fontenay sous Bois, FR
French advertising executive, director of Luc Besson’s films studio “La Cité du [...] (Ascendant Fisk)
46.Lewis, Michael, 10 Okt 1948, 16:00, San Diego CA, USA
American musician. A rock’n roll pro since the age of 15, he dropped out of [...] (Ascendant Vandbærer)
47.Lopez, Mario, 10 Okt 1973, 17:18, Chula Vista, CA (US)
American actor, the young gym-fanatic star of the series “Pacific Blue.“ Mario [...] (Ascendant Fisk)
48.Magaddino, Steve, 10 Okt 1891, 09:30, Castellammare del Golfo, ITALY
Italian-American gangster, one of the elder “dons“ of the American Cosa Nostra [...] (Ascendant Skorpion)
49.Malerba, Franco, 10 Okt 1946, 03:40, Busalla, Italy
Italian astronaut, who became the first Italian citizen in space during the [...] (Ascendant Jomfru)
50.Masarié, Lino, 10 Okt 1912, 13:00, Nurnberg, Germany
German military a decorated member of the Waffen SS under Hitler during WWII. [...] (Ascendant Skytte)
51.Mehnert, Klaus, 10 Okt 1906, 22:00, Moscow, RU
German political scientist and a journalist. As a scholar, he was a prolific [...] (Ascendant Krebs)
52.Merah, Mohammed, 10 Okt 1988, 09:50, Toulouse, FR
French serial killer and terrorist. Merah is the perpetrator of a series of [...] (Ascendant Skorpion)
53.Merisi, Emanuele, 10 Okt 1972, 11:25, Treviglio, Italy
Italian swimmer of the 200m who won a Bronze Medal in the Atlanta Olympics [...] (Ascendant Skytte)
54.Monk, Thelonious, 10 Okt 1917, 21:15, Rocky Mount, NC (US)
American jazz pianist and composer, considered to be one of the world’s most [...] (Ascendant Tvilling)
55.Nansen, Fridtjof, 10 Okt 1861, 11:30, Oslo, Norway
Norwegian scientist and politician. For his exploration of the North Pole, [...] (Ascendant Skytte)
56.Newsom, Gavin, 10 Okt 1967, 05:13, San Francisco, CA (US)
American politician, elected the 42nd Mayor of San Francisco, CA in a run-off [...] (Ascendant Jomfru)
57.Nichols, Sallie, 10 Okt 1908, 07:30, Paradox CO, USA
American Jungian author of a book on the Tarot. Nichols died of cancer in May [...] (Ascendant Skorpion)
58.Nolte, Johann Friedrich, 10 Okt 1809, 07:00, Stadtbergen, GER
German music teacher and organist. He died on 20 August [...] (Ascendant Vægt)
59.Pettet, William, 10 Okt 1942, 21:00, Whittier, CA (US)
American artist. [...] (Ascendant Tvilling)
60.Pinter, Harold, 10 Okt 1930, 14:00, London, ENG (UK)
British writer, a playwright, screenwriter and poet, one of the best-known [...] (Ascendant Stenbuk)
61.Pirie, Jacqueline, 10 Okt 1974, 12:45, Stirling, Scotland
Scottish actress, immensely popular in two of the top TV series of the UK, [...] (Ascendant Skytte)
62.Pronger, Chris, 10 Okt 1974, 09:00, Dryden, ON (CAN)
Canadian professional ice hockey player with the NHL. He has played for the [...] (Ascendant Skorpion)
63.Randall, Edith, 10 Okt 1897, 06:00, Minneapolis MN, USA
American successful teacher of astrology and card symbolism from 1935. She is [...] (Ascendant Vægt)
64.Riebe, Hank, 10 Okt 1921, 19:30, Cleveland, OH (US)
American baseball player, a right-handed catcher with the Detroit Tigers in [...] (Ascendant Tyr)
65.Simon, Claude, 10 Okt 1913, 03:56, Antananarivo, MADA
French novelist often identified with the nouveau roman movement. His work is [...] (Ascendant Jomfru)
66.Spiva, Tam, 10 Okt 1932, 09:25, Minden, LA (US)
American screenwriter and script editor whose most notable work is perhaps his [...] (Ascendant Skorpion)
67.Stevenson, Adlai E. III, 10 Okt 1930, 17:13, Chicago, IL (US)
American politician, the eldest of three sons of Illinois governor Adlai [...] (Ascendant Vædder)
68.Sweeney, Julia, 10 Okt 1959, 06:13, Spokane, WA (US)
American actress and comedienne, a player on “Saturday Night Live.“ Best known [...] (Ascendant Vægt)
69.Tarrant, Chris, 10 Okt 1946, 19:20, Reading, England
British entertainer, well known and a snappy dresser. He became immensely [...] (Ascendant Tvilling)
70.Ure, Midge, 10 Okt 1953, 08:30, Glasgow, Scotland
Scottish musician, a singer, guitarist and keyboard player who founded “Visage“ [...] (Ascendant Skorpion)
71.Verdi, Giuseppe, 10 Okt 1813, 20:00, Roncole, Italy
Italian musician and composer who became known as the Grand Old Man of Italian [...] (Ascendant Tvilling)