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nato il Ottobre 7, 1952

1.Putin, Vladimir, 7 Ott 1952, 09:30, St.Petersburg, RU
Russian politician, taking the office of President on 3/26/2000, replacing [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)

Nato il Ottobre 7 con ascendente Scorpione

2.Costa, Diego, 7 Ott 1988, 07:30, Lagarto (Sergipe), BRAS
Spanish pro footballer (soccer player) who plays for English club Chelsea and [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
3.Dawson, Ronald E., 7 Ott 1928, 09:45, Methuen, MA (US)
American astrologer; wrote when depressed and feeling hopeless. He wrote that [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
4.Galeazzi, Etienne, 7 Ott 1945, 10:00, L'Lle Rousse, So. Corsica
Italian executive, the Secretary of the Football League of Corsica, involved in [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
5.Leber, Georg, 7 Ott 1920, 08:20, Obertiefenbach (Beselich), GER
German politician in the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD). After [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
6.MacInnes, Helen, 7 Ott 1907, 10:05, Glasgow, Scotland
Scottish-American writer, the author of 21 novels of international espionage [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
7.Mayo, Jeff, 7 Ott 1921, 08:00, London, England
British astrologer, author and teacher who was the director and principal of [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
8.Pasini, Elisa, 7 Ott 1967, 08:30, Aversa, Italy
Italian mother who stabbed her 7-year-old daughter, Giulia, and killed herself [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
9.Riley, James Whitcomb, 7 Ott 1849, 09:00, Greenfield IN, USA
American writer known as “The Hoosier Poet“ for writing verse in the dialect of [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
10.Wiatrek, Jacqueline, 7 Ott 1966, 10:00, San Antonio, TX (US)
American accident fatality who was born six hours before Billy Wayne Mutz at [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)

Nato il Ottobre 7

11.Abbado, Marcello, 7 Ott 1926, 07:00, Milan, Italy
Italian musician and composer, the brother of conductor Claudio Abbado. Their [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
12.Abbott, Dale, 7 Ott 1965, 23:06, Worcester MA, USA
American homicide suspect, accused of poisoning his wife Jennifer on 3/08/1997 [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
13.Achoui, Karim, 7 Ott 1967, 16:40, Boulogne Billancourt, FR
French lawyer known for his involvement in several cases, which earned him the [...] (Ascendente Acquario)
14.Balding, Janine, 7 Ott 1967, 12:35, Wagga Wagga, AUSTL
Australian victim of kidnapping, gang rape and murder. Janine Balding was born [...] (Ascendente Acquario)
15.Baraka, Amiri, 7 Ott 1934, 05:15, Newark, NJ (US)
American playright and Separatist Black leader, he was born to a social worker [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
16.Barzetti, G. Federico, 7 Ott 1934, 18:00, Guidizzolo, Italy
Italian industrialist, the founder of Barzetti Pastries in 1970. He is known [...] (Ascendente Ariete)
17.Bates, Dick, 7 Ott 1945, 05:30, McArthurOH, USA
American baseball player, a pitcher, he played one game with the Seattle Pilots [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
18.Bauër, Gérard, 7 Ott 1988, 16:00, Le Vésinet, FR
French literary critic and essayist who worked for L’Echo de Paris and Figaro. [...] (Ascendente Acquario)
19.Beloni, André, 7 Ott 1905, 20:30, Chateaubriant, France
French artist [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
20.Bengston, 7 Ott 1945, 14:10, Orofino ID, USA
American hypnotist. [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
21.Bergonie, Jean, 7 Ott 1857, 01:00, Casseneuil, FR
French physician specialist in cancer. The Bergonié Institute ( Regional Centre [...] (Ascendente Leone)
22.Bilal, Enki, 7 Ott 1951, 12:00, Belgrade, RS
French comic book creator and film director, born to a Slovakian mother and a [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
23.Binard, Alain, 7 Ott 1947, 01:30, Cherbourg, France
French homicide; killed his wife. He was known for his sexual problems, his [...] (Ascendente Leone)
24.Boothby, Mark, 7 Ott 1951, 00:40, London, ENG (UK)
British/american actor, director and teacher. [...] (Ascendente Leone)
25.Burns, John Horne, 7 Ott 1916, 23:59, Andover, MA (US)
American writer, the author of three novels. The first, The Gallery (1947), is [...] (Ascendente Leone)
26.Camp, Shannen Crane, 7 Ott 1987, 23:59, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American writer whose books include “The Breakup Artist“, “Finding June“, [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
27.Carmiggelt, Simon, 7 Ott 1913, 23:30, s'Gravenhage,
Dutch writer, journalist, and humorous essayist, who also wrote lyrics and [...] (Ascendente Leone)
28.Costesèque, André, 7 Ott 1903, 22:00, Nantes, FR
French astrologer and writer, author of “Les Correspondances symboliques des [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
29.Crozemarie, Jacques, 7 Ott 1925, 14:15, Paris, FR
French founder and former president of the Association for Research on Cancer [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
30.Dautzenberg, Dirk, 7 Ott 1921, 11:45, Duisburg, GER
German actor and theater director. Since 1960, Dautzenberg participated in [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
31.Dodich, Mark Francis, 7 Ott 1953, 04:53, Canton OH, USA
American pro astrologer, a journal columnist and [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
32.Duby, Georges, 7 Ott 1919, 07:00, Paris, FR
French historian, specializing in the social and economic history of the Middle [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
33.Dutoit, Charles, 7 Ott 1936, 13:00, Lausanne, Switzerland
Swiss musician and conductor of the Berne Symphony Orchestra, Radio Zurich, [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
34.Fabre, Gilles, 7 Ott 1933, 23:30, Blamont, FR
French artist, painter. [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
35.Flament, Marc, 7 Ott 1929, 01:00, Bordeaux, FR
French photojournalist. He died on 17 November 1991. [...] (Ascendente Leone)
36.Flir, Alois, 7 Ott 1805, 11:00, Landeck, AUS
Austrian Catholic priest, politician, publicist and writer. He died on 7 March [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
37.François, Roger, 7 Ott 1900, 20:30, Romans sur isere, France
French athlete, an Olympic weighlifter in the middleclass category. He competed [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
38.Friedrich, Prince of Hesse and by Rhine, 7 Ott 1870, 22:00, Darmstadt, GER
German royalty, the son of Grand Duke Ludwig IV of Hesse and by Rhine and [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
39.Gosselin, Louis Leon Theodore, 7 Ott 1855, 03:00, Richemont, France
French historian and playwright who wrote under the pen name G. Lenotre. He [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
40.Groza, Alex, 7 Ott 1926, 21:45, Martins Ferry OH, USA
American athlete, a basketball star. Groza’s career was erratic due to a [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
41.Guerlain, Jacques, 7 Ott 1874, 02:30, Colombes, FR
French master perfumer. Coming from a long family line Jacques became the third [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
42.Himmler, Heinrich, 7 Ott 1900, 15:30, Munich, Germany
German head of the Gestapo police, architect of the concentration camps and the [...] (Ascendente Acquario)
43.Imiela, Arwed, 7 Ott 1929, 15:30, Slawno, POL
German astrologer, impostor, fraud and suspected quadruple murderer, he [...] (Ascendente Acquario)
44.Jaume, André, 7 Ott 1940, 00:30, Marseille, FR
French contemporary and free jazz musician (saxophone, [...] (Ascendente Leone)
45.Johnson, Patricia, 7 Ott 1948, 07:35, Santa Monica CA, USA
American noted family, the daughter of actress Kathryn Grayson and her singer [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
46.Joly, René (singer), 7 Ott 1946, 03:00, Calais, FR
French singer and composer, particularly known for his greatest hit “Chimène“ [...] (Ascendente Leone)
47.Laing, R.D., 7 Ott 1927, 17:15, Glasgow, SCOT (UK)
Scottish psychiatrist, writer, analyst, philosopher and counter-culture cult [...] (Ascendente Pesci)
48.Lavilliers, Bernard, 7 Ott 1946, 19:15, St.Étienne, FR
French singer, songwriter and actor. [...] (Ascendente Toro)
49.Lavoie, Alphee, 7 Ott 1934, 18:48, Grand Isle ME, USA
American astrologer, programmer and author with 34 years experience by 1998. [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
50.Lazlo, Viktor, 7 Ott 1960, 02:10, Lorient, FR
French-Belgian singer of Grenadian and Martiniquan descent. She studied in [...] (Ascendente Leone)
51.Lennon, George, 7 Ott 1911, 20:15, Aberdeen, Scotland
Scottish physician, a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and author of [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
52.Maestrelli, Tommaso, 7 Ott 1922, 06:00, Pisa, ITALY
Italian footballer and manager. He was well known for bringing the first [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
53.Meinhof, Ulrike, 7 Ott 1934, 05:30, Oldenburg, GER
German journalist, left-wing activist and author, later part of the [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
54.Melles, Sunnyi, 7 Ott 1958, 23:50, Luxembourg, LUX
Luxembourg-born German actress. [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
55.Monroe, Vaughn, 7 Ott 1911, 18:06, Akron OH, USA
American singer, musician and bandleader of the ‘40s. His movies include [...] (Ascendente Toro)
56.Mutz, Billy Wayne, 7 Ott 1966, 16:00, San Antonio, TX (US)
American date-twin, born six hours after Jacque Wiatrek and their mothers [...] (Ascendente Acquario)
57.Nimark, Arlene Marcia, 7 Ott 1941, 11:05, Manhattan, NY (US)
American full time practicing astrologer, a specialist in Uranian astrology and [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
58.North, Oliver, 7 Ott 1943, 00:43, San Antonio, TX (US)
American career marine and patriot who was fired from the National Security [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
59.Perrelli, Charlotte, 7 Ott 1974, 19:45, Växjö, SWED
Swedish singer with the dance band “Wisez,“ participates in Swedish TV soap [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
60.Rambaldi, Bruna, 7 Ott 1934, 02:00, Rome, ITALY
Italian wife of Carlo Rambaldi, the winner of several Oscars for Special [...] (Ascendente Leone)
61.Rambaud, Celine, 7 Ott 1968, 21:00, Paris, FR
French dancer. [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
62.Reggiani, Loris, 7 Ott 1959, 01:00, Forli, Italy
Italian race car driver, a noted competitor who ran in the World Championship [...] (Ascendente Leone)
63.Rodney, Caesar, 7 Ott 1728, 00:10, Dover Hundred, DE (US)
American lawyer and politician from St. Jones Neck in Dover Hundred, Kent [...] (Ascendente Leone)
64.Senate Seeiso, Princess, 7 Ott 2001, 06:25, Maseru, LESO
Lesotho royalty, the eldest child of King Letsie III and his wife Queen [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
65.Shearer, Catriona, 7 Ott 1981, 22:45, Edinburgh, SCOT (UK)
Scottish journalist, broadcaster and producer, best known as a presenter for [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
66.Szymanski, Dick, 7 Ott 1932, 06:17, Toledo, OH (US)
American college and pro football player. A center and linebacker for Notre [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
67.Tassi, Attilio, 7 Ott 1941, 08:00, Pieve San Giacomo, Italy
Italian soccer player who died on October 13, 2002 from Lou Gehrig’s [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
68.Thomas, Ben, 7 Ott 1966, 18:30, Hollywood, CA (US)
American news figure as the third husband of Roseanne. He went into her employ [...] (Ascendente Ariete)
69.Tüngler, Andrea, 7 Ott 1961, 07:25, München, GER
German astrologer, working as counselor in Munich. Tüngler passed her studies [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
70.Wallace, Henry, 7 Ott 1888, 19:30, Adair, IA (US)
American politician who served as the Secretary of Agriculture in President [...] (Ascendente Toro)
71.Weber, Jeanne, 7 Ott 1874, 11:00, Keritry, France
French homicide; guilty of infanticide and drug addiction. At 14, she left home [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
72.Yo-Yo Ma, 7 Ott 1955, 18:00, Paris, FR
French-American cellist, praised for his extraordinary technique and rich tone. [...] (Ascendente Ariete)
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