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nato il Aprile 17, 1974

1.Beckham, Victoria, 17 Apr 1974, 10:07, Harlow, ENG (UK)
British musician, one of the Spice Girls, called Posh, and wife of noted [...] (Ascendente Cancro)

Nato il Aprile 17 con ascendente Leone

2.Alexander II, Czar of Russia, 17 Apr 1818, 10:00, Moscow, RU
Russian Czar who instigated a decisive break in history with his 3/03/1861 [...] (Ascendente Leone)
3.de Le Rue, Paul-Henri, 17 Apr 1984, 13:40, Lannemezan, FR
French snowboarder, who competed at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, [...] (Ascendente Leone)
4.Duken, Ken, 17 Apr 1979, 13:39, Heidelberg, GER
German actor. [...] (Ascendente Leone)
5.Francis, Clare, 17 Apr 1946, 12:45, Long Ditton, England
British yachtswoman who first gained fame for competing in some of the world’s [...] (Ascendente Leone)
6.Heymans, Gerard, 17 Apr 1857, 11:45, Ferwerd, NETH
Dutch philosopher and pioneer in experimental psychology. He was the son of Jan [...] (Ascendente Leone)
7.James, William (1913), 17 Apr 1913, 12:57, Boston MA, USA
American artist, a painter and violin maker, a grandson of the philosopher [...] (Ascendente Leone)
8.Johnson, Harold Lester, 17 Apr 1921, 13:10, Denver, CO (US)
American astronomer and university professor. Johnson was awarded the Helen B. [...] (Ascendente Leone)
9.Montgomery, Earl, 17 Apr 1921, 13:44, Memphis, TN (US)
American actor. [...] (Ascendente Leone)
10.Niclaus, Georges, 17 Apr 1895, 11:00, Bezons, FR
French astrology publisher. [...] (Ascendente Leone)
11.Schivardi, Gérard, 17 Apr 1950, 13:30, Narbonne, FR
French politician. He contended in the French presidential election of 2007 [...] (Ascendente Leone)
12.Tahir, Karim, 17 Apr 1972, 13:35, Le Chambon Feugerolles, FR
French criminal, a violent bank robber known as “le roi de l’évasion“ (The king [...] (Ascendente Leone)
13.Turkka, Jouko, 17 Apr 1942, 12:55, Tampere, FIN
Finnish stage director, an iconoclast in Finnish theater. Known for having a [...] (Ascendente Leone)
14.Vilanova de Arbenz, Maria Cristina, 17 Apr 1915, 14:15, San Salvador, ELS
The First Lady of Guatemala from 1951-1954, as she was married to the [...] (Ascendente Leone)

Nato il Aprile 17

15.Adamski, George, 17 Apr 1891, 02:07, Bydgoszca, Poland
Polish-American author of “Flying Saucers Have Landed“ and “Inside the Space [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
16.Assouline, Pierre, 17 Apr 1953, 11:10, Casablanca, MOR
French writer and journalist, born in French protectorate Morocco. He has [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
17.Bally, Etienne, 17 Apr 1923, 01:00, Venissieux, France
French Olympian, a track and field athlete, he participated in the the 1948 [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
18.Barbizet, Patricia, 17 Apr 1955, 09:35, Paris, FR
French business leader, who has been Executive Director of Artemis since 1992 [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
19.Bazin, Hervé, 17 Apr 1911, 07:15, Angers, FR
French novelist and author of great popularity whose witty and satirical novels [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
20.Bertorello, Nadi', 17 Apr 1947, 04:00, Bologna, Italy
Italian model and second wife of boxer Nino Benvenuti. [...] (Ascendente Acquario)
21.Bilba, Jim, 17 Apr 1968, 03:45, Pointe a Pitre, GUAD
French basketball player who won the Euroleague with Limoges CSP in 1993, and [...] (Ascendente Pesci)
22.Boussac, Marcel, 17 Apr 1889, 06:00, Châteauroux, FR
French entrepreneur, best known for his ownership of the “Maison [...] (Ascendente Toro)
23.Bretécher, Claire, 17 Apr 1940, 16:30, Nantes, FR
French artist, a cartoonist and caricaturist whose work has appeared in French [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
24.Broquedis, Marguerite, 17 Apr 1893, 08:30, Pau, FR
French tennis player, who competed at the 1912 Olympics at Stockholm where she [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
25.Broussier, Jacques, 17 Apr 1914, 20:30, Brussels, BEL
Belgian poet and astrologer. He wrote “The Little Sentimental Zodiac“. He died [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
26.Brown-Sequard, Charles, 17 Apr 1817, 04:00, Port Louis, Mauritius
French physician and physiologist considered the founder of modern [...] (Ascendente Pesci)
27.Chalee, Pop, 17 Apr 1906, 16:15, Salt Lake City, UT (US)
American painter, muralist, performer, and singer. Pop Chalee, which means [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
28.Charles-Roux, Edmonde, 17 Apr 1920, 20:55, Neuilly sur Seine, FR
French editor, writer and reporter, she served as a nurse as well as a [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
29.Conze, Henri, 17 Apr 1939, 09:30, Grenoble, FR
French senior official, who served from 1993 to 1996 as head of the “General [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
30.Coolen, Antoon, 17 Apr 1897, 06:00, Wijlre, NETH
Dutch journalist and writer of rural novels. He was the third of eighth [...] (Ascendente Toro)
31.Costantini, Claude, 17 Apr 1948, 10:30, Paris, FR
French architect [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
32.Delacroix, Claude Etienne, 17 Apr 1939, 20:00, Etterbeek, BEL
Belgian radio entertainer. [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
33.Di Palma, Carlo, 17 Apr 1925, 14:30, Rome, ITALY
Italian cinematographer, renowned for his work on both colour and [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
34.Dinesen, Isak, 17 Apr 1885, 16:00, Rungsted, DEN
Danish writer Karen Blixen who wrote her poetic fiction and autobiography under [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
35.Esiason, Boomer, 17 Apr 1961, 23:43, West Islip, NY (US)
American football player, a quarterback with the New York Jets. He played with [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
36.Felber, Frank, 17 Apr 1968, 19:21, Graz, AUS
Austrian astrologer, author of several books on this item, including asteroids [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
37.Fernandini de Naranjo, Anita, 17 Apr 1902, 12:30, Lima, PERU
Peruvian heiress and politician in the early 1960s. She was the mayor of Lima [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
38.Ferreri, Giusy, 17 Apr 1979, 06:00, Palermo, ITALY
Italian singer-songwriter. In 2008, Ferreri took part in the first Italian [...] (Ascendente Toro)
39.Forrester, Eugene Priest, 17 Apr 1926, 19:00, Watertown (Wilson County), TN (US)
American military, major general. Forrester was the commander of United States [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
40.Gaillard, Roger, 17 Apr 1893, 23:00, Salon de Provence, FR
French film and theatre actor, resident at the Comédie-Française from 1916 to [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
41.Garner, Jennifer, 17 Apr 1972, 10:00, Houston, TX (US)
American actress and film producer. She gained recognition for her performance [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
42.Grosjean, Romain, 17 Apr 1986, 21:53, Genève, SWTZ
Swiss/French racing driver in the Formula One. Born in Switzerland, he also has [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
43.Halvorson, Albertine Ruth, 17 Apr 1917, 00:57, Cut Bank, MT (US)
American astrologer, a member of AFA as of June 1958. Halvorson died in [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
44.Holden, William, 17 Apr 1918, 17:00, O'Fallon, IL (US)
American actor and Academy Award winner, well known from the time of his debut [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
45.Honecker, Margot, 17 Apr 1927, 10:15, Halle (Sachsen-Anhalt), GER
East German politician, a very important member of the political scene in the [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
46.Hrubesch, Horst, 17 Apr 1951, 17:05, Hamm, GER
German football/soccer player and manager. [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
47.Hussey, Olivia, 17 Apr 1951, 06:40, Buenos Aires, ARG
Argentinean-British actress who made her debut at 16, with her elegant, [...] (Ascendente Ariete)
48.Jaffe, Robert M., 17 Apr 1944, 22:23, Cambridge (Middlesex County), MA (US)
American stockbroker and billionaire, colleague of convicted felon Bernard [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
49.Jégo, Yves, 17 Apr 1961, 08:30, Besançon, FR
French politician, member (député) of the French National Assembly for the [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
50.Julienne, Rémy, 17 Apr 1930, 23:50, Cepoy, FR
French driving stunt performer, stunt coordinator, assistant director and [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
51.Krafft, Katia, 17 Apr 1942, 20:40, Guebwiller, FR
French scientist, a specialist in the study of volcanoes. Catherine (called [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
52.Kriss, 17 Apr 1948, 01:30, Neuilly sur Seine, FR
French radio-host producer, also known as ’Kriss Graffiti’ or ’la Kriss,’ who [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
53.Lapousterle, Philippe, 17 Apr 1945, 04:00, Montpellier, FR
French journalist and political advisor. [...] (Ascendente Acquario)
54.Larsen, Arthur, 17 Apr 1925, 02:00, San Leandro CA, USA
American tennis player he won a Grand Slam in 1950 and was inducted into the [...] (Ascendente Acquario)
55.Last, James, 17 Apr 1929, 00:30, Bremen, GER
German musician, a bandleader, composer, and arranger. [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
56.Lopez Soba, Elias, 17 Apr 1917, 08:00, Ponce, PR (US)
Puerto Rican musician and pianist, considered the second best native pianist of [...] (Ascendente Toro)
57.Lutz, Joris, 17 Apr 1965, 19:00, Rotterdam, NETH
Dutch actor, presenter, writer and children’s author. Lutz had a relationship [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
58.Magnini, Livio, 17 Apr 1973, 02:00, Milan, ITALY
Italian fencer, guitarist and composer. [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
59.Maïwenn, 17 Apr 1976, 01:25, Les Lilas, FR
French actress and director, daughter of French-Algerian actress Catherine [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
60.Mauchain, Jeanne, 17 Apr 1900, 09:30, Landerneau, FR
French dancer and stripper known as both Doriane Mauchain and “Dodo.“ She [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
61.Maurer, Friedrich, 17 Apr 1901, 03:15, Mannheim, GER
German screen and stage actor who died on 2 March 1980 in [...] (Ascendente Acquario)
62.Maurits, Prince of the Netherlands, 17 Apr 1968, 19:36, Utrecht, NETH
Dutch royal family, the son of Princess Margriets and Prince Pieter van [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
63.McCallister, Lon, 17 Apr 1923, 21:45, Los Angeles CA, USA
American actor who received his first big break in “Stage Door Canteen,“ 1941, [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
64.Mechanicus, Philip, 17 Apr 1889, 06:00, Amsterdam, NETH
Dutch journalist who travelled as a correspondent in the Soviet Union and to [...] (Ascendente Toro)
65.Menichelli, Dora, 17 Apr 1892, 21:00, Rome, ITALY
Italian actress and singer who died in Milan on 25 August [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
66.Monfrais, Pierre, 17 Apr 1917, 07:00, Paris, France
French Chairman and Managing Director of Heudron Dairy,1960-’77 and President [...] (Ascendente Toro)
67.Morgan, J. Pierpont Sr., 17 Apr 1837, 03:00, Hartford, CT (US)
American financier who founded J.P. Morgan and Co. in 1895 and accumulated one [...] (Ascendente Acquario)
68.Murray, Ruben Dinas, 17 Apr 1977, 05:40, Paris, FR
French noted family, son of jazz musician David Murray (sax, clarinet, [...] (Ascendente Pesci)
69.Noyer, Jacques, 17 Apr 1927, 11:00, Le Touquet Paris Plage, FR
French Catholic clergyman who was ordained a priest on 2 July 1950 at the [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
70.Nydahl, Hannah, 17 Apr 1946, 10:13, Struer, DEN
Danish buddhist teacher of kagyu tradition, wife of Ole Nydahl. She died on 1 [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
71.Oquendo de Amat, Carlos, 17 Apr 1905, 04:00, Puno, PERU
Peruvian poet, considered one of the most outstanding exponents of contemporary [...] (Ascendente Ariete)
72.Patrese, Riccardo, 17 Apr 1954, 11:00, Padova, Italy
Italian race car driver of Formula 1 cars. He won the Grand Prix 5/13/1990. [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
73.Paul, Brother, 17 Apr 1939, 04:00, Vinzier, France
French ecclesiastic, a Trappist monk. On 3/17/1996, seven of monks were [...] (Ascendente Pesci)
74.Perego, Paola, 17 Apr 1966, 03:10, Monza, ITALY
Italian television host. [...] (Ascendente Acquario)
75.Pieri, Charles, 17 Apr 1950, 20:00, Bastia, FR
French militant Corsican nationalist, known for his alleged links with Corsican [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
76.Pinchon, Joseph, 17 Apr 1871, 05:00, Amiens, FR
French graphist and illustrator, he created the well-known figure “Bécassine“. [...] (Ascendente Ariete)
77.Poher, Alain, 17 Apr 1909, 08:00, Ablon sur Seine, FR
French politician, speaker of the French Senate for 24 years and twice the [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
78.Raimondi, Gianni, 17 Apr 1923, 21:30, Bologna, ITALY
Italian lyric tenor, particularly associated with the Italian repertory, who [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
79.Reasoner, Harry, 17 Apr 1923, 00:10, Dakota City, IA (US)
American journalist and news anchor, one of the original anchors on the popular [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
80.Robinson, Corey Matthew, 17 Apr 1995, 06:16, San Antonio TX, USA
American noted family, the son of San Antonio Spurs basketball team all-star [...] (Ascendente Ariete)
81.Rodden, Chris, 17 Apr 1992, 10:04, Clarksville, TN (US)
American male born to Silvia and Captain Jonathan Rodden. As a member of a [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
82.Rouvier, Maurice, 17 Apr 1842, 14:00, Aix en Provence, FR
French statesman who had some success in balancing the budget during periods of [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
83.Roy, Patrick (1952), 17 Apr 1952, 00:45, Niort, FR
French television host of game shows. Roy died of cancer of the bones at age [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
84.Rush, Joseph Harold, 17 Apr 1911, 23:00, Mount Calm TX, USA
American research scientist, a physicist and educator who published a number of [...] (Ascendente Sagittario)
85.Schutt, Helen Macpherson, 17 Apr 1874, 03:10, Melrose, SCOT (UK)
Australian philanthropist who supported a number of charitable causes, [...] (Ascendente Acquario)
86.Sciutti, Graziella, 17 Apr 1927, 09:00, Torino, ITALY
Italian soprano singer, an operatic lyric soprano who had her debut in [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
87.Shekhar, Chandra, 17 Apr 1927, 06:15, Ibrahimpatti, INDIA
Eighth Prime Minister of India, in office 10 November 1990 – 21 June 1991. [...] (Ascendente Toro)
88.Shelley, Pete, 17 Apr 1955, 17:00, Leigh, England
British singer, guitarist and founder of the 1970’s British punk band,the [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
89.Simon, Stéphane-Richard, 17 Apr 1972, 17:00, Aubervilliers, FR
French horse racing jockey. [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
90.Sollima, Sergio, 17 Apr 1921, 09:00, Rome, Italy
Italian film director primarily of westerns and crime [...] (Ascendente Cancro)
91.Sosa, Roberto, 17 Apr 1970, 15:35, Mexico City, MEX
Mexican actor of television, theater and film. He graduated acting career with [...] (Ascendente Vergine)
92.Trémeaud, André-Marie, 17 Apr 1903, 18:00, Gex, FR
French senior government official, known for being the target of an [...] (Ascendente Bilancia)
93.Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried, 17 Apr 1985, 04:15, Le Mans, FR
French athlete, a professional tennis player nicknamed Mohammad Ali of tennis. [...] (Ascendente Acquario)
94.Vargas, Chavela, 17 Apr 1919, 23:00, Heredia, CR
Costa Rica-born Mexican singer. She was especially known for her rendition of [...] (Ascendente Capricorno)
95.Westergard, Dan, 17 Apr 1947, 07:25, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American waiter in a San Francisco, CA restaurant. As a hobby, he was a square [...] (Ascendente Gemelli)
96.White, Ruth, 17 Apr 1938, 23:00, Birmingham, England
British healer and a counselor as well as the author of the “Gildas“ [...] (Ascendente Scorpione)
97.Zaccagnini, Benigno, 17 Apr 1912, 04:30, Faenza, ITALY
Italian physician and politician. He was confirmed at the Chambers of Deputies [...] (Ascendente Pesci)
98.Østbye, Rolf, 17 Apr 1898, 04:00, Oslo, NOR
Norwegian engineer and CEO of business and industry, considered one of the [...] (Ascendente Acquario)
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