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Geboren am 12. März 1947

1.Romney, Mitt, 12. März 1947, 09:51, Detroit, MI (US)
American businessman and politician, Republican Party candidate who won the [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)

Geboren am 12. März mit Aszendent Zwillinge

2.Cohen, Rob, 12. März 1949, 09:22, Cornwall on the Hudson, NY (US)
American film director and producer. [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
3.Grimmie, Christina, 12. März 1994, 10:14, Marlton, NJ (US)
Pianist and singer/songwriter of YouTube fame as ’’’zeldaxlove64’’’, known for [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
4.Palizzi, Giuseppe, 12. März 1812, 10:00, Lanciano, Italy
Italian painter of note, the elder brother of painter Filippo Palizzi. He was [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)
5.Stromae (rapper), 12. März 1985, 09:31, Etterbeek, BEL
Belgian rapper born to a Rwandan father (architect) and a Belgian mother. Paul [...] (Aszendent Zwillinge)

Geboren am 12. März

6.Abel, Alfred, 12. März 1879, 23:45, Leipzig, Germany
German film producer and actor, called the “Lewis Stone of German pictures.“ [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
7.Agnelli, Gianni, 12. März 1921, 02:30, Turin, ITALY
Italian industrialist, the head of Fiat since 1966, an auto empire established [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
8.Alfonsin, Raul, 12. März 1927, 14:15, Chascomús (Buenos Aires), ARG
Argentinean politician; a lawyer and a leader, he was elected President [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
9.Annaloro, Gaetan, 12. März 1924, 01:00, Tunis, Tunisia
Tunisian boxer. [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
10.Ariyoshi, George Ryoichi, 12. März 1926, 05:00, Honolulu HI, USA
American politician, he was Governor of Hawaii, a Democrat. Married with three [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
11.Azarian, David, 12. März 1952, 07:15, Yerevan, Armenia
A jazz pianist, Azarian was killed while changing a tire at approximately 9:55 [...] (Aszendent Fische)
12.Bacigalupo, Valerio, 12. März 1924, 02:00, Vado Ligure, Italy
Italian soccer player. He died on May 4, 1949 in a plane crash near Torino, [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
13.Battiston, Patrick, 12. März 1957, 08:30, Amnéville, France
French football player, he belonged successively to the clubs of Metz, [...] (Aszendent Stier)
14.Benveneste, Jacques, 12. März 1935, 14:40, Paris, FR
French immunologist. In 1979 he published a well-known paper on the structure [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
15.Bobet, Louis "Louison", 12. März 1925, 23:00, St Méen le Grand, France
French cyclist and three-time winner of the prestigious Tour de France. He is [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
16.Bottomley, Virginia, 12. März 1948, 22:50, Dunoon, Scotland
Scottish politician, a Conservative Member of Parliament who returned at the [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
17.Brainin, Norbert, 12. März 1923, 23:50, Vienna, Austria
Austrian violinist with the Amadeus Quartet, an outstanding ensemble that was [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
18.Broda, Christian, 12. März 1916, 13:30, Vienna, AUS
Austrian lawyer and politician of the Social Democratic Party of Austria. He [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
19.Brown, Charlie A., 12. März 1939, 08:30, Cedar Rapids IA, USA
American hippie active in the sub-culture interest of the plight of the [...] (Aszendent Stier)
20.Brown, Ken, 12. März 1944, 00:43, Dayton OH, USA
American artist and film and animation teacher at Boston College from 1977. He [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
21.Chechik, Diane C., 12. März 1937, 02:45, Chicago IL, USA
American writer, autobiography book on breast cancer that became a best [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
22.Cintra, Plinio, 12. März 1943, 23:55, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Brazilian judge, representing the court system of Brazil. The son of a [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
23.Clavel, Michel, 12. März 1931, 23:59, Aubervilliers, FR
French boxer, 1953-1958. [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
24.Colin, Joel, 12. März 1949, 17:00, Bernieulle, France
French homicide; he murdered the husband of his mistress. [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
25.Criscione, Erminio, 12. März 1955, 05:00, Mineo, Italy
Italian homicide: he left his home and killed five people February 1992 in [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
26.d'Annunzio, Gabriele, 12. März 1863, 08:00, Pescara, ITALY
Italian royalty, a prince, writer, poet, dramatist and novelist. The son of a [...] (Aszendent Stier)
27.Delerue, Georges, 12. März 1925, 12:15, Roubaix, France
French composer of music for films which include “The King of Hearts,“ “Julia“ [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
28.Delestraint, Charles, 12. März 1879, 05:00, Biache St Vaast, France
French general, one of the leaders of the secret army of resistance; killed at [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
29.Depetrini, Teobaldo, 12. März 1913, 22:00, Vercelli, ITALY
Italian soccer player and coach from Vercelli in the Province of Vercelli. He [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
30.Di Giacomo, Salvatore, 12. März 1860, 20:00, Nápoles, ITALY
Italian poet, songwriter, playwright and fascist intellectual, one of the [...] (Aszendent Waage)
31.Díaz Ordaz, Gustavo, 12. März 1911, 02:00, Ciudad Serdán, MEX
Gustavo Díaz Ordaz Bolaños was a Mexican politician and member of the [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
32.Donier, Arlette, 12. März 1925, 01:00, Bourg en Bresse, FR
French resistance member, raped and murdered at age 15 by Guy [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
33.Dufy, Jean-Jacques, 12. März 1888, 14:00, Le Havre, France
French painter and designer who helped popularize modern art, especially [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
34.Felici, Ettore, 12. März 1881, 11:30, Segni, ITALY
Italian ecclesiastic, the Papal Nuncio to Ireland. Felici died 5/09/1951, [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
35.Frick, Wilhelm, 12. März 1877, 23:00, Konigsburg, Germany
German civil servant, typical, with a colorless personality. He was a young [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
36.Friedel, Charles, 12. März 1832, 02:00, Strasbourg, France
French chemist and mineralogist, a member of the Academie des Sciences. Friedel [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
37.Galgani, Gemma, 12. März 1878, 18:30, Camigliano, ITALY
Italian Roman Catholic saint, a stigmatist and a dramatic figure. She lived a [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
38.Gill, Corrina Grant, 12. März 2001, 00:36, Nashville TN, USA
American noted family, the daughter of country western singers Amy Grant and [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
39.Gourvennec, Arnaud, 12. März 1976, 19:40, Chambray les Tours, France
French youth, age 13 when he took a fall while playing in his room. His [...] (Aszendent Waage)
40.Grant, Stephanie, 12. März 1970, 05:46, Los Angeles CA, USA
American noted family and alleged daughter of actor Cary Grant and Cynthia [...] (Aszendent Fische)
41.Hannula, Simo, 12. März 1932, 18:15, Konginkangas, FIN
Finnish artist, a painter, graphic designer, and sculptor, whose work is jovial [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
42.Heckel, Pierre, 12. März 1902, 07:51, Sarrengumines, France
French astrologer. [...] (Aszendent Stier)
43.Henry's, 12. März 1931, 04:00, St.Étienne, FR
French acrobat, tight-rope walker and jongleur. He is famous for having spent [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
44.Hodson, Geoffrey, 12. März 1886, 06:55, Wainfleet Lincs, England
British Theosophical writer and clairvoyant in a traditional succession that [...] (Aszendent Widder)
45.Hogg, Norman, 12. März 1938, 04:40, Cumbernauld & Kilsyth, Scotland
Scottish politician, a Member of Parliament, Labour representative returned at [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
46.Jamieson, Charles, 12. März 1952, 18:15, Rutherglen, Scotland
Scottish actor and narrator, working as voice-over in TV, his strongest medium. [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
47.Jarreau, Al, 12. März 1940, 01:20, Wauwatosa WI, USA
American jazz singer, widely known for singing the theme song to the hit [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
48.Jeremy, Ron, 12. März 1953, 04:00, Flushing NY, USA
American entertainer primarily known as a porn star, he has appeared in more [...] (Aszendent Wassermann)
49.Kane, Jennifer, 12. März 1975, 13:55, Newton MA, USA
American accountant who worked at March and McLennan on the 100th floor of the [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
50.Kerouac, Jack, 12. März 1922, 17:00, Lowell, MA (US)
American writer and poet, the author of 21 books including “The Town and the [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
51.Kirchhoff, Gustav, 12. März 1824, 11:00, Königsberg/Bayern, GER
German physicist who contributed to the fundamental understanding of electrical [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
52.Kirkland, Joseph Lane, 12. März 1922, 00:01, Camden, SC (US)
American labor union official. He served as President of the AFL-CIO for over [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
53.Knappertsbusch, Wilhelm, 12. März 1888, 04:30, Wuppertal-Elberfeld, Germany
German musician, a famous conductor who specialized in [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
54.Lambert, Paul, 12. März 1907, 23:30, Doornik, Belgium
Belgian jazz musician. [...] (Aszendent Skorpion)
55.Luitpold, Prince Regent of Bavaria, 12. März 1821, 01:53, Würzburg, GER
Prince Regent of Bavaria from 10 June 1886 until his death on 12 December 1912. [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
56.MacRae, Gordon, 12. März 1921, 07:15, East Orange NJ, USA
American actor and singer, a popular musical comedy star of the ’50s. He made [...] (Aszendent Widder)
57.Minnelli, Liza, 12. März 1946, 07:58, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American singer and actress who won an Academy Award for “Cabaret“ and an Emmy [...] (Aszendent Stier)
58.Newcomb, Simon, 12. März 1835, 04:00, Wallace, NS (CAN)
Canadian astronomer who, on September 15, 1877, became director of the Nautical [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
59.Péchenard, Frédéric, 12. März 1957, 14:10, Neuilly sur Seine, FR
French police officer and high civil servant with the Ministry of the Interior. [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
60.Perrier, Jean-Louis, 12. März 1956, 19:00, Avignon, France
French homicide; shot his wife to death at Avignon 10/26/1986, 4:30 [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
61.Piccolo, Francesco, 12. März 1964, 14:10, Caserta, Italy
Italian writer, a novelist who won the Piero Chiara Prize 1997. His stories [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
62.Schirra, Walter, 12. März 1923, 16:55, Hackensack, NJ (US)
American astronaut who flew on Mercury 8 in 1962, making six orbits of the [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
63.Schrempp, Loana, 12. März 2001, 08:23, Stuttgart, Germany
German noted family, the daughter of Jürgen Schrempp, the head of [...] (Aszendent Stier)
64.Sharman, Jim, 12. März 1945, 00:10, Sydney, AUSTL
Australian theatre and film director, producer and writer. The son of boxing [...] (Aszendent Steinbock)
65.Summers, Anne, 12. März 1945, 16:00, Deniliquin, AUSTL
Australian feminine activist, one of the first people to lead a women’s [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
66.Taylor, James, 12. März 1948, 17:06, Boston, MA (US)
American singer and songwriter whose introspective and sensitive songs helped a [...] (Aszendent Jungfrau)
67.Vaillard, Pierre-Jean, 12. März 1918, 12:00, Sète, FR
French humourist, cabaret artist, satirical writer, and radio presenter. To [...] (Aszendent Krebs)
68.Van Tassel, George, 12. März 1910, 20:00, Jefferson (Ashtabula County), OH (US)
American UFO enthusiast who, at one time, held a yearly UFO conference at his [...] (Aszendent Waage)
69.Vollenhoven, Benjamin von, 12. März 2008, 08:30, Amsterdam, NETH
Dutch royal family, the third child and second son of Dutch Prince Bernhard and [...] (Aszendent Stier)
70.Wilhelm, Prince of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg, 12. März 1701, 00:30, Gotha, GER
German nobility, a prince of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg and imperial general. Wilhelm [...] (Aszendent Schütze)
71.Wilkerson, Braydon, 12. März 2008, 15:00, Los Angeles CA, USA
American child of noted parents, actress Melissa Joan Hart and her husband [...] (Aszendent Löwe)
72.Young, Andrew, 12. März 1932, 19:50, New Orleans, LA (US)
American Protestant minister, civil rights activist and public official. Young [...] (Aszendent Waage)