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Astro-Twins from Astro-Databank

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Born on November 28, 1962

1.Cameron, Matt, 28 Nov 1962, 16:41, San Diego, CA (US)
American musician, a drummer in American rock bands Soundgarden (1986-1997) and [...] (Ascendant Gemini)

Born on November 28 with ascendant Gemini

2.Berger, Michel, 28 Nov 1947, 17:15, Neuilly sur Seine, FR
French singer and songwriter. A member of a noted family, he is the son of Jean [...] (Ascendant Gemini)
3.Dante, Joe, 28 Nov 1946, 16:32, Morristown (Morris County), NJ (US)
American film director, his biggest hit was “Gremlins“ [...] (Ascendant Gemini)
4.Schell, Paul, 28 Nov 1940, 16:00, Budapest, HUN
Hungarian nobility (Schell von Bauschlott), married to German singer Hildegard [...] (Ascendant Gemini)

Born on November 28

5.Alfonso XII, King of Spain, 28 Nov 1857, 22:30, Madrid, SPAIN
Spanish royalty, proclaimed King on 12/29/1874. He married his cousin Maria de [...] (Ascendant Leo)
6.Ballico, Giovanni, 28 Nov 1924, 15:00, Lonigo, Italy
Italian soccer player [...] (Ascendant Taurus)
7.Blake, William, 28 Nov 1757, 19:45, London, England
British artist, writer, engraver, painter and poet; a master in each field. [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
8.Brolin, Molly Elizabeth, 28 Nov 1987, 04:31, Los Angeles CA, USA
American noted family, the daughter of actor James Brolin and his wife, actress [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
9.Brown, Rita Mae, 28 Nov 1944, 04:45, Hanover PA, USA
American author of nine books and several screenplays by 1988, including [...] (Ascendant Libra)
10.Burke, Penny, 28 Nov 1966, 12:12, New York NY, USA
American ballet student from age five. She tried out for the Royal Ballet at [...] (Ascendant Aquarius)
11.Caico, John, 28 Nov 1981, 00:09, Newton, MA (US)
American youth accused along with his teen-age girlfriend of disposing of their [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
12.Canoletti, Grace, 28 Nov 1975, 01:20, Sao Leopoldo, Brazil
Brazilian model who was fourth born of eight girls. She was a redhead who [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
13.Colt (actor), Samuel, 28 Nov 1909, 23:00, New York, NY (US)
American actor and noted family, the son of famous actress Ethel Barrymore and [...] (Ascendant Virgo) Castelbajac, Jean-Charles, 28 Nov 1949, 22:00, Casablanca, MOR
French fashion designer, and, as the Marquis de Castelbajac, a French [...] (Ascendant Leo)
15.De Montaiglon, Anatole, 28 Nov 1824, 15:30, Paris, FR
French historian and librarian. Died on 1 September 1895 in [...] (Ascendant Taurus)
16.Duval, Daniel, 28 Nov 1944, 13:45, Vitry, FR
French film actor, director, and writer. Best known as an actor, Duval has [...] (Ascendant Pisces)
17.Elliott, Kenneth, 28 Nov 1929, 02:00, Dundee, Scotland
Scottish musician, editor and scholar, an authority on early Scottish [...] (Ascendant Libra)
18.Emma, Princess of Netherlands, 28 Nov 2006, 18:00, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dutch royalty, daughter of Princess Anita and Prince Pieter-Christiaan, the [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
19.Engels, Friedrich, 28 Nov 1820, 21:00, Barmen, GER
German co-founder, with Karl Marx, of modern Communism and Socialism After [...] (Ascendant Leo)
20.Falcon, André, 28 Nov 1924, 02:10, Lyon, FR
French actor. He died in Paris, France on 22 July 2009. [...] (Ascendant Libra)
21.Filiger, Charles, 28 Nov 1863, 03:00, Thann, FR
French Symbolist painter. He was one of the artists who associated with Gauguin [...] (Ascendant Libra)
22.Garcia, Aimee, 28 Nov 1978, 19:25, Chicago, IL (US)
American actress, known for her roles as Veronica Palmero on the sitcom George [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
23.Grahame, Gloria, 28 Nov 1923, 03:47, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American actress who won an Oscar as the Best Supporting actress in “The Bad [...] (Ascendant Libra)
24.Green, Sarah, 28 Nov 1957, 05:35, Norwood, MA (US)
American movie producer; she produced “Frida,“ the 2002 award-winning film [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
25.Harris, Ed, 28 Nov 1950, 05:32, Englewood, NJ (US)
American actor whose films include “The Right Stuff,“ “Glengarry Glen Ross,“ [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
26.Hart, Gary, 28 Nov 1936, 14:25, Ottawa, KS (US)
American politician, a handsome and charismatic presidential candidate whose [...] (Ascendant Aries)
27.Hitachi, Prince, 28 Nov 1935, 07:57, Tokyo, JAPAN
A member of the Imperial House of Japan, he is the younger brother of current [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
28.Holladay, Terry Ann, 28 Nov 1955, 08:26, Charlotte, NC (US)
American tennis player. [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
29.Hürlimann, Gertrud, 28 Nov 1924, 14:19, Zug, Switzerland
Swiss astrologer, graphologist and natural health practitioner. She authored [...] (Ascendant Aries)
30.Iturbi, Jose, 28 Nov 1895, 21:32:04, Valencia, SPAIN
Temperamental, volatile Spanish-born pianist and conductor whose life and [...] (Ascendant Leo)
31.Jepson, Edgar, 28 Nov 1863, 04:00, London, ENG (UK)
English author. He created primarily mainstream adventure and detective [...] (Ascendant Libra)
32.Kaldera, Raven, 28 Nov 1966, 20:50, Silver Spring, MD (US)
American writer, poet and mythologist. He is a transgendered intersexual born [...] (Ascendant Leo)
33.Kerr, David, 28 Nov 1990, 19:52, Glasgow, SCOT (UK)
Scottish child murder victim in the Dunblane school massacre. He was shot and [...] (Ascendant Leo)
34.Lange, Hope, 28 Nov 1933, 05:25, Redding CT, USA
American actress who made her stage debut at 12 in “The Patriots,“ 1945. The [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
35.Lauer, Thijs, 28 Nov 2006, 09:37, New York, NY (US)
American child, son of broadcaster Matt Lauer and wife Annette, their third [...] (Ascendant Capricorn)
36.Levi-Strauss, Claude, 28 Nov 1908, 01:00, Brussels, BEL
Belgian-French social anthropologist and leading exponent of Structuralism. [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
37.Liliane, Princess of Belgium, 28 Nov 1916, 11:28, London, ENG (UK)
British-Belgian Royalty. She married King Leopold III in 1941, six years after [...] (Ascendant Capricorn)
38.Lloyd, Mary Adams, 28 Nov 1873, 18:15, Brooklyn NY, USA
American professional astrologer, writer, teacher and lecturer. She is the [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
39.Matz, Marc, 28 Nov 1949, 11:45, Brooklyn NY, USA
American writer, the author of “Nocturne For a Dangerous Man,“ his first book, [...] (Ascendant Aquarius)
40.Mergener, Peter, 28 Nov 1951, 23:55, Birkenfeld/Nahe, GER
German artist, electronic music composer. For a long time he worked with [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
41.Mill, Laura, 28 Nov 1897, 04:00, Glasgow, Scotland
Scottish psychiatrist and Medical Commissioner of Mental Welfare of Scotland, [...] (Ascendant Libra)
42.Mitford, Nancy, 28 Nov 1904, 18:00, London, ENG (UK)
British writer, known for her witty novels about the English upper classes. Her [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
43.Moravia, Alberto, 28 Nov 1907, 05:00, Roma, ITALY
Italian writer who was fascinated by the improbable and had a Jekyl and Hyde [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
44.Morgan, Barbara, 28 Nov 1951, 13:00, Fresno CA, USA
American teacher and U.S. astronaut who was eighth in the selection process, [...] (Ascendant Pisces)
45.Mountbatten, Edwina, 28 Nov 1901, 07:00, Romsey, ENG (UK)
British noblewoman known as a great lady. She married Lord Louis Mountbatten on [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
46.Newman, Randy, 28 Nov 1943, 20:02, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American songwriter, singer, pianist and conductor who introduced “salon rock“ [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
47.Okun, Arthur M., 28 Nov 1928, 23:20, Jersey city NJ, USA
American economist and government official, he established what is known in [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
48.Paulin, Thierry, 28 Nov 1963, 14:25, Fort de France, Martinique
French serial killer of elderly women. Between 1986 and 1987, he murdered 31 [...] (Ascendant Aries)
49.Richard, Maria, 28 Nov 1900, 11:00, Florenville, BEL
French supercentenarian, second oldest woman in France, died shortly before her [...] (Ascendant Capricorn)
50.Ring, Thomas, 28 Nov 1892, 18:00, Nurnberg, Germany
German artist, an expressionist painter and graphic designer, philosopher, [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
51.Ritchie, Michael B., 28 Nov 1938, 18:40, Waubeka WI, USA
American film director, noted for “The Couch Trip,“ 1989, “The Golden Child,“ [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
52.Roche, Stephen, 28 Nov 1959, 01:00, Dundrum, IRE
Irish road racing cyclist, he won the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and the [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
53.Röhm, Ernst, 28 Nov 1887, 01:00, München, GER
German homosexual commander of the Nazi Storm Troopers. His discontent and [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
54.Scott, Alexander, 28 Nov 1920, 12:30, Aberdeen, Scotland
Scottish poet and playwright. He died on September 14, 1989. [...] (Ascendant Aquarius)
55.Scott, Hannah Louise, 28 Nov 1990, 22:07, Stirling, SCOT (UK)
Scottish child murder victim in the Dunblane school massacre. She was shot and [...] (Ascendant Leo)
56.Seabrooks, Sherri, 28 Nov 1969, 11:14, Hackensack NJ, USA
American homicide victim, stabbed over 50 times, 40 of the wounds obtained [...] (Ascendant Aquarius)
57.Shaffer, Paul, 28 Nov 1949, 08:00, Toronto, Canada
Canadian musician and composer.He has performed on “Saturday Night Live [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
58.Smith, Anna Nicole, 28 Nov 1967, 03:15, Mexia, TX (US)
American model known for her one-year marriage to the oil tycoon J. Howard [...] (Ascendant Libra)
59.Sollers, Phillippe, 28 Nov 1936, 12:45, Talence, FR
French writer and critic. In 1960, Philippe Sollers participated in the [...] (Ascendant Pisces)
60.Souvignet, Jose, 28 Nov 1966, 05:20, Tours, France
French airline pilot, the first lieutenant of an Air France commercial airplane [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
61.Stella, Martina, 28 Nov 1984, 23:35, Firenze, ITALY
Italian actress, reaching fame while still a delightful teenager. In May 2012, [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
62.Thys, Jean-Louis, 28 Nov 1939, 20:00, Anderlecht, BEL
Belgian politician, a member of the Social Christian Party. He died in Jette, [...] (Ascendant Leo)
63.Twins, Moder/Roberts, 28 Nov 2004, 03:00, Los Angeles CA, USA
American twins, children of noted parents, actress Julia Roberts and Daniel [...] (Ascendant Libra)
64.Vatel, Françoise, 28 Nov 1937, 12:45, Clichy, FR
French actress, began her film career at the age of 16 in Jean Gourguet’s Les [...] (Ascendant Pisces)
65.Vinclair, Jean, 28 Nov 1950, 12:10, Uccle, BEL
Belgian dancer. [...] (Ascendant Capricorn)
66.von Brauchitsch, Eberhard, 28 Nov 1926, 06:00, Berlin-Lankwitz, GER
German industrial manager, convicted and served time for illegal political [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
67.Warfield, Paul, 28 Nov 1942, 11:43, Warren OH, USA
American football player, a wide receiver with the Cleveland Browns and Miami [...] (Ascendant Capricorn)
68.Williams, Matt, 28 Nov 1965, 22:17, Bishop, CA (US)
American baseball player, a right-handed third baseman for the Arizona [...] (Ascendant Leo)
69.Yates, Frances, 28 Nov 1899, 09:18, Southsea, England
British writer, famous author of the Warburg Institute, known for her biography [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
70.Zweig, Stefan, 28 Nov 1881, 02:00, Vienna, AUS
Austrian writer, a novelist, son of a wealthy Jewish textile manufacturer and [...] (Ascendant Libra)