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Astro-Twins from Astro-Databank

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Born on January 3, 1964

1.Scarpa, Daniele, 3 Jan 1964, 03:30, Ca Vid, Italy
Italian winner of two medals at the Atlanta Olympics in the two-man kayak [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
2.Vu-An, Eric, 3 Jan 1964, 23:50, Paris, FR
French dancer and choreographer, born to a father coming from Vietnam. He [...] (Ascendant Virgo)

Born on January 3 with ascendant Scorpio

3.Allen, Deborah, 3 Jan 1967, 02:49, Framingham, MA (US)
American news figure, the “other woman“ in the Stuart homicide case. Chuck’s [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
4.Bangalter, Thomas, 3 Jan 1975, 04:50, Neuilly sur Seine, FR
French musician (electro and house music), son of musician and producer Daniel [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
5.Hampton, Mel, 3 Jan 1952, 04:00, Ogden UT, USA
American minor actor and stuntman in films. [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
6.Hughes, Robert, 3 Jan 1932, 04:20, Pittenweem, Scotland
Scottish politician, a Member of Parliament, Labour representative of the [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
7.Lemmens, Nicholas, 3 Jan 1823, 04:00, Zoerle-Parwijs, Belgium
Belgian musician, a composer and organist who founded a school for organists in [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
8.Martine, Roger, 3 Jan 1930, 02:00, Bellocq, France
French rugby player, one of the best players after WW II. He was selected 25 [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)
9.Myers, Marv, 3 Jan 1924, 03:00, Eugene, OR (US)
American cartoonist, noted for his cartoon collection, “Zodiac Humor,“ which [...] (Ascendant Scorpio)

Born on January 3

10.Albuquerque, Lita, 3 Jan 1946, 05:15, Santa Monica CA, USA
American contemporary artist, known by 1978 when sales of her work were [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
11.Aragon, Manuel Gutierrez, 3 Jan 1942, 02:00, Torrelavega, Spain
Spanish film director of ten films, filled with political commentary mixed with [...] (Ascendant Libra)
12.Barbaro, Umberto, 3 Jan 1902, 19:30, Acireale, Italy
Italian film director and screenwriter, he was also a journalist, novelist, [...] (Ascendant Leo)
13.Borge, Victor, 3 Jan 1909, 10:30, Copenhagen, DEN
Danish-American pianist, humorist actor, composer, writer and director, one of [...] (Ascendant Aquarius)
14.Carus, Carl Gustav, 3 Jan 1789, 15:00, Leipzig, GER
German physiologist and painter, who played various roles during the Romantic [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
15.Coleman, Dabney, 3 Jan 1932, 09:40, Austin, TX (US)
American 6 ft. tall mustached character actor of films and TV. He was awarded [...] (Ascendant Aquarius)
16.Conjoined Twins: Obermaier, 3 Jan 1980, 07:23, Chicago IL, USA
American congenitally united babies joined at the top of their heads, otherwise [...] (Ascendant Capricorn)
17.Cumont, Franz, 3 Jan 1868, 01:00, Aalst, Belgium
Belgian archaeologist and philologist. He is the author of “The Astrologers’ [...] (Ascendant Libra)
18.Damien, Father Joseph, 3 Jan 1840, 12:30, Tremelo, Belgium
Belgian Roman Catholic priest who gave his life to the care of lepers in a [...] (Ascendant Taurus)
19.Darrieussecq, Marie, 3 Jan 1969, 08:10, Bayonne, FR
French novelist and psychoanalyst. While finishing her PhD in French [...] (Ascendant Capricorn)
20.Davies, Marion, 3 Jan 1897, 06:00, Brooklyn (Kings County), NY (US)
American actress, more noted as the mistress of William Randolph Hearst for 37 [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
21.Di Lascia, Maria Teresa, 3 Jan 1954, 18:05, Rocchetta S. Antonio, Italy
Italian writer, the author of one novel, “Passage in Shadow,“ which was [...] (Ascendant Leo)
22.Drieu La Rochelle, Pierre, 3 Jan 1893, 06:00, Paris, France
French novelist, journalist and politician, who collaborated actively with the [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
23.Dudley, Nicole Rae, 3 Jan 1995, 14:30, Dallas TX, USA
American second-born twin; her twin brother was born seven days earlier than [...] (Ascendant Taurus)
24.Dupan, Felix, 3 Jan 1802, 09:00, Saint Felix, France
French ecclesiastic, a Roman Catholic priest, prelate, pedagogue. Died [...] (Ascendant Aquarius)
25.Duquemin, Gordon James, 3 Jan 1924, 10:45, Milwaukee WI, USA
American military, a career man who saw action in several arenas, including [...] (Ascendant Pisces)
26.Fini, Gianfranco, 3 Jan 1952, 20:40, Bologna, Italy
Italian politician with MSI from 1979, after working as a professional [...] (Ascendant Leo)
27.Franquin, Andre, 3 Jan 1924, 06:25, Etterbeek, Belgium
Belgian comic strip author. In 1945 he started to work for the publisher [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
28.Gibeau, Yves, 3 Jan 1916, 21:00, Bouzy, France
French writer, a novelist strongly influenced by his origins. Born to a single [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
29.Gibson, Mel, 3 Jan 1956, 16:45, Peekskill, NY (US)
American-Australian actor whose Irish-Catholic family moved to Australia when [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
30.Grossman, Jackson, 3 Jan 2011, 15:17, New York, NY (US)
American child of noted chef, Nikki Cascone and her husband Brad Grossman. [...] (Ascendant Gemini)
31.Guezou, Pierre-Yves, 3 Jan 1943, 13:00, Pleumeur-Bodou, France
French police officer. When an investigation began about the illegal [...] (Ascendant Aries)
32.Hermens, Jos, 3 Jan 1950, 17:30, Nijmegen, NETH
Dutch long-distance runner, also known for his later career as a sports [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
33.Hills, Carla, 3 Jan 1934, 12:32, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American government official and the third woman in US history to hold a [...] (Ascendant Taurus)
34.Hull, Bobby, 3 Jan 1939, 18:00, Belleville, ON (CAN)
Canadian hockey player who played as a forward with the Chicago Black Hawks, in [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
35.Jaubert, Maurice, 3 Jan 1900, 15:51, Nice, France
French musician, a leading film composer of the 1930s. Sparse and subtle, his [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
36.Jovanovic, Pierre, 3 Jan 1960, 08:25, Belgrade, RS
French-Serbian writer, the author of “An Inquiry into the Existence of Guardian [...] (Ascendant Aquarius)
37.King, Cissy, 3 Jan 1946, 18:00, Trinidad, CO (US)
American entertainer, a singer and dancer on the long-running Lawrence Welk [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
38.Klaas, Polly, 3 Jan 1981, 10:41, San Francisco, CA (US)
American homicide victim. While hosting a slumber party for girlfriends at her [...] (Ascendant Pisces)
39.LaBruce, Bruce, 3 Jan 1960, 15:00, Southampton, ON (CAN)
Canadian gay cult figure, underground filmmaker, actor, photographer and [...] (Ascendant Gemini)
40.Lacey, Robert, 3 Jan 1944, 12:55, Guildford, ENG (UK)
British historian and biographer. He is the author of a number of bestselling [...] (Ascendant Aries)
41.Lara, Adair, 3 Jan 1952, 07:10, San Francisco CA, USA
American newspaper columnist and bookwriter, a twin, born second with the first [...] (Ascendant Capricorn)
42.Leone, Sergio, 3 Jan 1929, 00:30, Rome, Italy
Italian film director for four decades. He is best known for westerns made in [...] (Ascendant Libra)
43.Levang, Neil, 3 Jan 1932, 23:48, Adams ND, USA
American pro musician, guitar player and member of the Lawrence Welk [...] (Ascendant Libra)
44.Lip, Telma, 3 Jan 1962, 17:30, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Brazilian transvestite from the time he was a teen, considered a rival to [...] (Ascendant Gemini)
45.Macke, August, 3 Jan 1887, 13:30, Meschede, GER
German painter who was a leader of Der Blaue Reiter (“The Blue Rider”), an [...] (Ascendant Gemini)
46.Martin, George, 3 Jan 1926, 14:29, London, ENG (UK)
English record producer, arranger, composer, conductor, audio engineer and [...] (Ascendant Gemini)
47.McAuliffe, Leon, 3 Jan 1917, 01:00, Houston, TX (US)
American Western swing musician famous for his steel guitar solos with Bob [...] (Ascendant Libra)
48.McConaughey, Vida Alves, 3 Jan 2010, 00:13, Malibu, CA (US)
American noted family, the daughter and second child of actor Matthew [...] (Ascendant Libra)
49.McHugh, James T., 3 Jan 1932, 06:21, Orange, NJ (US)
American ecclesiastic, the Most Reverend McHugh, coadjutor Bishop of the [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
50.Monier, Charles, 3 Jan 1920, 17:30, St maurice, France
French aviator. [...] (Ascendant Cancer)
51.Mosse, Gerald, 3 Jan 1967, 05:00, Marseille, France
French jockey, winner of the Arc de Triomphe in 1990, riding Saumarez. It is [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
52.Mossoux, Nicole, 3 Jan 1956, 01:30, Brusseles, Belgium
Belgian dancer and choreographer. [...] (Ascendant Libra)
53.Moura, Vasco da Graça, 3 Jan 1942, 11:15, Porto, Portugal
Portuguese poet, and translator as well as politician and administrator for the [...] (Ascendant Pisces)
54.Muller, Johannes von, 3 Jan 1752, 18:00, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Swiss writer, scholar and public official who was the most important Swiss [...] (Ascendant Leo)
55.Muno, Jean, 3 Jan 1924, 09:00, Molenbeek St.Jean, BEL
Belgian novelist, birth name Robert Burniaux, pen name Jean Muno, writing in [...] (Ascendant Aquarius)
56.Negri, Pola, 3 Jan 1897, 21:00, Lipno, POL
Polish-American actress, one of the most famous stars of the silent screen for [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
57.Netter, Robert, 3 Jan 1927, 14:00, Epernay, France
French scientist, a biologist. A Director (1967-78), and General director [...] (Ascendant Gemini)
58.Nissel, Siegmund, 3 Jan 1922, 02:00, Munchen, Germany
German musician who specialized in the art of the violin. He was a member of [...] (Ascendant Libra)
59.Nobuhito Takamatsu, Prince, 3 Jan 1905, 19:28, Tokyo, JAPAN
Japanese royalty, the younger brother of Emperor Hirohito and 5th in line for [...] (Ascendant Leo)
60.Parisi, Angelo, 3 Jan 1953, 12:00, Arpino, ITALY
French-Italian athlete, he specialized in judo. He won the gold medal in the [...] (Ascendant Aries)
61.Pavia, Automne, 3 Jan 1989, 06:20, Péronne, FR
French judoka. She won the bronze medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the [...] (Ascendant Sagittarius)
62.Rauh, Joseph Louis, 3 Jan 1911, 20:00, Cincinnati, OH (US)
American organization official, civil rights and civil liberties lawyer. He was [...] (Ascendant Leo)
63.Russell, John, 3 Jan 1921, 00:05, Los Angeles, CA (US)
American actor, best-known for playing Marshal Dan Troop in the successful ABC [...] (Ascendant Libra)
64.Schumacher, Michael, 3 Jan 1969, 13:43, Hürth, GER
German racing driver. Schumacher is a seven-time Formula One World Champion and [...] (Ascendant Taurus)
65.Seymour, Percy, 3 Jan 1938, 08:00, Kimberley, South Africa
British astrophysicist and astronomer born in South Africa. He developed a [...] (Ascendant Aquarius)
66.Siffre, Michel, 3 Jan 1939, 10:10, Nice, FR
French underground explorer, adventurer and scientist. His many achievements [...] (Ascendant Pisces)
67.Siivola, Markku, 3 Jan 1945, 23:25, Helsinki, Finland
Finnish physician and psychiatrist, he is interested in [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
68.Smith, Patricia E., 3 Jan 1949, 11:55, New York NY, USA
American nurse whose death was an unresolved mystery. Her body was found [...] (Ascendant Aries)
69.Stills, Stephen, 3 Jan 1945, 00:15, Dallas, TX (US)
American musician, a vocalist for “Buffalo Springfield“ before joining [...] (Ascendant Virgo)
70.Tolkien, J.R.R., 3 Jan 1892, 22:00, Bloemfontein, South Africa
British linguist born in South Africa, a scholar and famed author of the [...] (Ascendant Virgo)