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The purpose of this bug report form is to report real software bugs and malfunctions. Please use your own intelligence to learn how to use our website. Your own intelligence is the most important help tool available. Don't be afraid to try things out on your own.

A lot of important information is found in the FAQ (Frequently asked questions and answers) area. It is accessible from the left column of the Homepage.

We assume that you also have been to the page 'My Astro', that you have studied the options available on that page, and that you have read the instructions there. Also, we assume that you have used the Info button help buttons on every page where you have a problem, if there are any, and that you have read the help messages which appear when you click an Info button button.

We cannot reply to support requests for problems which originate only from the fact that you did not read the available instructions, FAQ information or did not visit 'My Astro'.

Frequently Asked Questions (and answers):

In order to make sure that our support staff can understand your problem, please write your error report in English or German.
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It is important that Astrodienst staff can reproduce the problem. Please describe the steps necessary to reproduce it. Often it will be necessary to report any single key-press or mouse-click from the moment you access our site until the moment when the problem occurs. Also the method by which you made the first access to the site (Bookmark, Link, typing in our domain name) is very important to report.
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