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Short Report - Love, Flirtation, and Sex
for Family Distress 11476 [Adb], born on 5 February 1950
Text by John Townley, Copyright © Astrodienst AG 2016
Ascendant in Scorpio *Sun in Aquarius *Sun in the Third House *Moon in Virgo *Moon in the Tenth House *Venus in Aquarius *Venus in the Third House *Mars in Libra *Mars in the Eleventh House

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This report is a short edition of the Love Horoscope. It is meant as a sample and advertisement for the full version of the Love Horoscope which can be ordered from Astrodienst as a bound report of about 20 - 30 pages. In the short edition, only a few, but nevertheless important aspects of your natal chart are considered.

The report was generated with the following birth data: Female, born on 5 February 1950 at 1:15 am in Brookline MA, Alaska.

Your sun sign is Aquarius. This is the sign in which the Sun is in your birth chart. Your Ascendant is in Scorpio, and your Moon is in Virgo.

Partner references are set for a relationship with a man. Explanation

Enjoy your love horoscope!

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Ascendant in Scorpio

With this position, you are likely to be quite secretive about your emotions at first.

You reserve the disclosure of your true feelings for those who are close to you, those whom you can trust with the full intensity of your emotions. Once involved with a lover, your physical passions are very strong.

Sexuality at its best totally involves and overtakes you. For this reason you may be attracted to some unconventional kinds of sex in which you control or are controlled by the situation.

Your feelings are very intense, but that can backfire if the affair does not work out. If that happens, try not to hold a grudge against your former lover - some affairs just don't work out, and neither of you is to blame.

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Sun in Aquarius

You are a very understanding lover, with a special ability to be helpful when a partner is having emotional difficulties.

You can enjoy a wide variety of sexual experiences, and if you limit yourself to one partner, that person should enjoy lovemaking as a continuously changing adventure, however affectionate.

You are not the type to be tied down intellectually or emotionally, so you must have a partner who respects your freedom.

Achieving the kind of communication you want requires contact on many levels with your partner, so a close relationship will develop slowly.

Although you find sex by itself naturally satisfying, you are quite capable of carrying on a love affair without any sexual contact at all.

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Sun in the Third House

Most people need the physical presence of their partner in order to carry on a love affair, but you are quite capable of conducting an affair at a distance.

You have a more vivid imagination and greater potential for sexual fantasy than most. For this reason, you would do well to choose a partner who is fairly open and not afraid to talk about sex.

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Moon in Virgo

You have very specific standards about what you want in a lover, and you tend to be cautious in selecting one.

Also you are particular about the surroundings when you make love, for you are not comfortable just anywhere or at any time.

Try not to be too possessive of your partner or, if you must be, find someone who will be absolutely faithful to you.

You are very good at helping your partner and others straighten out personal problems, and you give down-to-earth advice on how they can better fulfill themselves.

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Moon in the Tenth House

Maintaining status in your social affairs is central to your lifestyle, and your reputation as a lover is important to you.

You are often able to turn a love relationship to your advantage in other areas, so that you enjoy and profit from the connection. Just make sure that love is always the primary goal of the relationship.

External events may play a large role in shaping your love life, in the form of unavoidable separations from a desired partner or a new relationship springing up suddenly and unexpectedly. There is little you can do to prevent this, so just relax and enjoy what fate provides.

In general you prefer a dynamic and future-oriented partner whose energies kindle your own.

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Venus in Aquarius

You seek special styles and unusual varieties of love and partners who have similar interests.

You need a lot of action in order to be mentally stimulated in a relationship, so your affairs may become quite complicated and multifaceted.

Similarly, you may be tempted to get involved in several relationships at once. This can be a stimulating experience, but it could prevent you from becoming involved with any one partner in a truly deep and lasting relationship.

If you can overcome and rise above the problems of cross-conflicts and jealousies you have the capability of openly and honestly sharing your love among several partners, which will enrich and enlarge the experience for all.

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Venus in the Third House

Love talk and a verbally affectionate lover may be particularly important to you. Compliments and sweet nothings whispered in the ear, as well as dialogue during lovemaking, constitute a significant area of sexual enjoyment.

You should find a lover who is equally knowledgeable about sex and willing to put that knowledge to good use. Your partner should be quite communicative and willing to discuss lovemaking with you.

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Mars in Libra

You are likely to be the one who instigates change within a relationship, and your affairs are seldom static.

Although you may be consciously trying to bring about change in a spirit of honest adjustment and possibly conciliation, you may slip into a pattern of shifting and change for its own sake. Be very sure that something needs to be changed before rearranging.

You are so interested in fairness within a relationship that you will take a back seat if you feel it will serve the interests of equality.

In physical affection, you are very considerate and anxious to please, making a point of knowing what your partner enjoys. Your style is quite active and volatile, and you are at your best with someone who is similarly responsive.

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Mars in the Eleventh House

You expend extra energy in any close personal relationship even if it is not sexual, for you place a high value on loyalty and friendship, both in yourself and in others.

For this reason you prefer a long-lasting affair that has time to develop, rather than newer and less firm attachments.

On a more mundane level, because of your desire for excellence in a relationship, you gravitate toward partners who have a good reputation in such matters. As long as you remember that internal qualities are paramount, this path will be continually rewarding, but if you concentrate on external qualities, you may be just a social climber or trend follower.

In lovemaking itself, you strive for excellence and make every effort to create a graceful aesthetic experience that has substance as well as form.

Astrological Data used for Short Report - Love, Flirtation, and Sex
for Family Distress 11476 [Adb] (female)
born on 5 February 1950 local time: 1:15 am
in Brookline MA, USA U.T.: 06:15
71w07, 42n20 sid. time: 10:29:51

Planetary positions
planet sign degree motion
Sun Aquarius 15°52'58 in house 3 direct
Moon Virgo 16°18'18 in house 10 direct
Mercury Capricorn 20°46'42 in house 2 direct
Venus Aquarius 7°49'57 in house 3 retrograde
Mars Libra 10°44'51 in house 11 direct
Jupiter Aquarius 14°46'00 in house 3 direct
Saturn Virgo 18°14'47 in house 10 retrograde
Uranus Cancer 1°23'42 in house 8 retrograde
Neptune Libra 17°16'16 in house 11 retrograde
Pluto Leo 17°01'45 in house 9 retrograde
True Node Aries 8°35'39 in house 5 retrograde

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Scorpio 22°17'23
2nd House Sagittarius 22°44'51
3rd House Capricorn 28°43'30
Imum Coeli Pisces 5°39'42
5th House Aries 7°11'01
6th House Taurus 2°04'13
Descendant Taurus 22°17'23
8th House Gemini 22°44'51
9th House Cancer 28°43'30
Medium Coeli Virgo 5°39'42
11th House Libra 7°11'01
12th House Scorpio 2°04'13

Major aspects
Sun Quincunx Moon 0°25
Sun Trine Mars 5°08
Sun Conjunction Jupiter 1°07
Sun Quincunx Saturn 2°22
Sun Trine Neptune 1°23
Sun Opposition Pluto 1°09
Sun Square Ascendant 6°24
Moon Trine Mercury 4°28
Moon Quincunx Jupiter 1°32
Moon Conjunction Saturn 1°56
Moon Sextile Ascendant 5°59
Mercury Trine Saturn 2°32
Mercury Square Neptune 3°30
Mercury Sextile Ascendant 1°31
Venus Trine Mars 2°55
Mars Trine Jupiter 4°01
Jupiter Trine Neptune 2°30
Jupiter Opposition Pluto 2°16
Saturn Sextile Ascendant 4°03
Neptune Sextile Pluto 0°15
Pluto Square Ascendant 5°16
Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).

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