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Short Report - Personal Portrait

for Vittorio Feltri [Adb], born on 25 June 1943
Text by Robert Pelletier, Copyright © Astrodienst AG 2017

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Aries *Ascendant in Virgo, Mercury in the Ninth House *Moon in the Seventh House *Sun in the Tenth House *Saturn in the Tenth House *Venus in the Eleventh House

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This report is a short edition of the Personal Portrait. It is meant as a sample and advertisement for the full version of the Personal Portrait which can be ordered from Astrodienst as a downloadable E-Horoscope of about 20 - 30 pages. In the short edition, only a few, but nevertheless important aspects of your natal chart are considered.

As you read your short report, or any other astrological report, keep in mind that the energies interpreted here are your birth potentials. However, you may or may not choose to actualize these energies in the manner described. Your age, sex, socio-economic situation, education, environment, level of development, and many other factors contribute to the ways in which you express your natal energies. Remember, the planets do not compel you to do or be anything. They influence you, but you still have the free will to determine your own life.

The report was generated with the following birth data: Male, born on 25 June 1943 at 12:20 pm in Bergamo, Italy.

Your sun sign is Cancer. This is the sign in which the Sun is in your birth chart. Your Ascendant is in Virgo, and your Moon is in Aries.

Partner references which may occur in the text are set for a relationship with a woman. Explanation

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Sun in Cancer, Moon in Aries

You were born with the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Aries. Cancer indicates that you are imaginative, receptive, fanciful, and possessive. Internally, you are somewhat reserved and shy. You are very easy-going and easily make friends with other people. You are extremely sensitive to psychological injury, and your reaction is to withdraw. You are susceptible to short-term pressure but tenacious on matters of principle. Sun in Cancer gives a tendency to floods of emotion. Outwardly, you appear slightly different from your real nature. People view you as an enthusiastic and impulsive, restless person. You are always changing your opinions and adopting new attitudes. In work and in love you always try to be the initiator or at least the leader. Although you are a passionate person and easily drawn into love affairs, virginity and family ties remain important concepts for you.

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Ascendant in Virgo, Mercury in the Ninth House

At the time of your birth the zodiacal sign of Virgo was ascending in the horizon. Its ruler Mercury is located in the ninth house.

This indicates that throughout your life you will assume a reserved, quiet, analytical, critical, and receptive attitude.

Although you are not an individual with a very strong ambition, you possess the ability to persevere and exert ingenuity.

Some selfishness is noted. However, if you are able to counteract this trait with your natural helpful and sympathetic attitude and address your positive qualities to resolve the problems of others then you will accomplish your highest spiritual duties and your degree of consciousness and perception will be expanded.

You are not afraid to work but you like to do things where you can use intellectual resources rather than mechanical ones. There is some independence here but don't try to be forceful about it because Virgo's natural habitat is one in which the person is led by some powerful authority and where the important decisions are best made by others.

You are very attentive to detail and this makes you a good worker, especially so in those jobs that require a great deal of precision and observation. You have a desire for purity and though you don't mind relating to others there is something that you do dislike: continuous intrusion of your privacy. Business and practicality should be very important in your life. Although we are not advising you to turn against your natural traits, which make you slightly reserved, we would suggest that when in love you let yourself relax and respond so as to be able to return some of the affection you are receiving.

Life will find you in many situations in which you will function as advisor and counsellor; make use of these opportunities to project the power of your creativeness.

Mercury, in this house indicates a devotion to knowledge and a mind which is analytical and inquiring. The position, however, is not unconditionally favorable as it tends to give you a dislike for the more material aspects of life and perhaps puts too much emphasis on the abstract modes of thought. You should try to develop more of the practical side of Virgo and adapt your higher thoughts to practical realizations.

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Moon in the Seventh House

The Moon was found in the seventh house at the time of your birth.

Exciting romance may occur at an early stage in life. We must warn you, however, that unless modified by further interpretations, the partner may have fluctuating affections.

You're also one of those who throughout the relationship manifests a great variety of personality roles and who seldom shows in intimacy his real nature.

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Sun in the Tenth House

The Sun was in the tenth house at the time of birth. The Sun here promises honor, success, and prestige in adult life. Publicly you appear as a vital, proud, powerful person. Your individuality has the need to manifest itself publicly and often to foist its energy on others. You have come to life with a satisfactory physical and moral heredity and you are going to acquire the favorable disposition of many persons of power to assist you in your ascent through life.

Your liabilities include an exaggerated pride, arrogance and a tendency to rely too much on your own resources.

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Saturn in the Tenth House

Saturn was found in the tenth house at the time of birth. This a very challenging position for a person who seeks worldly success. The inhibiting powers of Saturn are expressed in a heavy, cautious, and very serious personality. Many of the limitations that will arise throughout life result from your own psychological disposition which is oriented to narrow bounds. The key to a satisfactory solution of the various problems that will arise throughout life lies in your ability to endure difficulties with patience.

Inwardly there are ambitions, aspirations, and thrift; properly projected these psychological characteristics could yield power, an image of pride, and a perpetual craving for material objects and worldly wealth.

Note: Saturn is technically near the end of house 9 and is therefore interpreted in house 10.

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Venus in the Eleventh House

Venus was found in the eleventh house at the time of your birth. Your aspirations in life are very aesthetically oriented.

You strive for peace and harmony and if it were left up to you the whole world would be more humane, kind, and considerate. In your more personal relationships, Venus gives you the capability of obtaining substantial gain and assistance through your friends, who will desire to assist you with the best of intentions.

Astrological Data used for Short Report - Personal Portrait
for Vittorio Feltri [Adb] (male)
born on 25 June 1943 local time: 12:20 pm
in Bergamo, Italy U.T.: 10:20
9e43, 45n41 sid. time: 05:09:36

Planetary positions
planet sign degree motion
Sun Cancer 2°59'09 in house 10 direct
Moon Aries 10°25'49 in house 7 direct
Mercury Gemini 11°41'20 in house 9 direct
Venus Leo 18°22'02 in house 11 direct
Mars Aries 21°10'46 in house 8 direct
Jupiter Cancer 28°50'24 in house 11 direct
Saturn Gemini 18°17'44 end of house 9 direct
Uranus Gemini 6°20'35 in house 9 direct
Neptune Virgo 29°20'02 in house 1 direct
Pluto Leo 5°51'48 in house 11 direct
True Node Leo 16°53'52 in house 11 retrograde
Planets at the end of a house are interpreted in the next house.

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Virgo 20°29'46
2nd House Libra 14°36'34
3rd House Scorpio 14°08'15
Imum Coeli Sagittarius 18°24'45
5th House Capricorn 23°26'21
6th House Aquarius 24°29'20
Descendant Pisces 20°29'46
8th House Aries 14°36'34
9th House Taurus 14°08'15
Medium Coeli Gemini 18°24'45
11th House Cancer 23°26'21
12th House Leo 24°29'20

Major aspects
Sun Square Moon 7°27
Sun Square Neptune 3°39
Moon Sextile Mercury 1°16
Moon Trine Venus 7°56
Moon Sextile Saturn 7°52
Moon Sextile Uranus 4°05
Moon Trine Pluto 4°34
Mercury Conjunction Uranus 5°21
Mercury Sextile Pluto 5°50
Venus Trine Mars 2°49
Venus Sextile Saturn 0°04
Mars Sextile Saturn 2°53
Mars Quincunx Ascendant 0°41
Jupiter Sextile Neptune 0°30
Saturn Square Ascendant 2°12
Uranus Sextile Pluto 0°29
Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).

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